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Watermelon Ice - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

Flavor: Watermelon Ice Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml Size: 79x41x19mm. E-liquid Capacity: 9.5ml....
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Blue Razz Ice - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

Flavor: Blue Razz Ice Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml Size: 79x41x19mm. E-liquid Capacity:...
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Watermelon BG (Bubblegum) - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

EB BC5000 Watermelon Bubblegum Dive into a delightful dance of flavors...
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Beach Day - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

Flavor: Beach Day Design: EBC E-liquid contents: 10ml Nicotine Level:...
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Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

EB BC5000 Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice Experience the crescendo of flavor...
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Miami Mint - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

Discovering EB Miami Mint Vape: A Cool and Crisp Journey In...
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Mixed Fruity - BC5000 - EBCreate

$16.99 $11.99

The EBC BC5000 Mixed Fruity stands as a paradigm of...
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Cherry Lemon Mint - BC5000 - EBCreate Frozen Edition

$16.99 $11.99

Brand: EBCreate E-liquid contents: 10ml Nicotine Level: 50mg (5% Nicotine)...
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Snoow Grape - BC5000 - EBCreate Frozen Edition

$16.99 $11.99

The EBC BC5000 Snow Grape Frozen Edition emerges as an...
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Important notice: Effective March 2023, the vaporizers previously identified as Elf Bar in the United States will adopt a new identity due to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

The well-received BC5000 vape units will remain available, preserving their signature high-quality flavors and components. Still, they will bear a new message: “Formulated and Operated by EBCREATE” on their exterior.

EBCREATE Vapes remains devoted to ensuring peerless performance for the adult vaping audience. Explore EBCREATE vapes now.

Do you prefer electronic devices for smoking? Then you will definitely like Elf Bar BC5000. It’s a disposable pod device that will give you pleasure with every puff. This product contains nicotine, but despite this fact, it gives you less harm compared to regular cigarettes. Another advantage is many flavors for men and women that will turn smoking into a relaxing ritual.

Where to buy Elf Bar BC5000? You can order it on our website, which provides many high-quality smoking devices with a modern electronic system.

The construction and characteristics of Elf Bar BC5000

This model has a distinctive metal shell, you will like it if you prefer stylish and reliable things. Aluminum alloy one-piece molding is the best choice for people who want a smooth and friendly touch. The shell is made with metallic gradient color. You can buy it in tender green, yellow, red or purple.

The polymer oil-conducting fibres inside the device provide accessible smoking and a pleasure from every puff. The shell doesn’t get hot in the process of use.

Due to an optimized structure and high-quality materials you can feel the same juice till the end. The power consumption is lower for 24 percent compared to regular electronic devices. It’s possible due to a modern battery (the battery capacity is 650 mAh. You can do up to 5000 puffs with this device. The charging port is universal (Type-C), so you can charge your electronic pod with a laptop, PC, or phone.

The size is relatively compact: 79 х 41 x 19 mm. That’s why you can keep the pod device in your pocket without any problem.

The parameters of nicotine intensity vary from 0 to 5 percent which is optimal for different levels of quitting smoking. Due to that you can low the nicotine strength gradually and without any discomfort.

This is important: the battery may not work correctly when the average temperature is -5 degrees and lower. So if you keep the device at lower temperatures, leave it in a warm place for three days before using it; it will help to restore the battery’s work.

Elf Bar BC5000: flavors list

The flavor list of Elf Bar BC5000 is vast, so you can choose something for yourself or your friends. Also you can experiment with different flavors, the device will bring you an unforgettable vaping experience. Ultra tastes, and ultra puffs won’t leave you indifferent!

You can try blue razz ice, winter berry, sunrise, kiwi and dragon fruit, clear, orange soda, strawberry, mango, and other fruit tastes if you need something fresh and juicy. Do you prefer brutal and spicy flavors? Then try a cube cigar that a lot of men choose.

Elf Bar BC5000: best flavors

Everyone is unique, so you can choose your best Elf Bar BC5000 flavors. One day you can try lemon mint flavor to get fresh and more energetic. Another day try tropical rainbow blast for touching something extraordinary and exotic.

Do you need some summer notes during a cold winter? You will like raspberry and watermelon taste, reminding you about a warm weather and fresh fruits.

On our website you will find the best tastes for Elf Bar BC5000 that you can try any time. We recommend you buy several flavors to change them according to your mood.

Elf Bar BC 5000: where to buy?

This electronic pod device is a perfect gift who prefer high-quality, bright tastes, and safety. Where to buy Elf Bar BC5000? In our online store, we provide you with the finest pod systems and devices, accompanied by an extended warranty, allowing you to accomplish your goal. Let’s talk about some advantages:

  1. This model has a powerful battery that allows you to make 500 and more puffs. You don’t need to charge it whenever you want to smoke.
  2. Safety is essential. The battery won’t blow up, so you can use it without any risk of injuries. The battery isn’t getting warm during the exploitation.
  3. The stylish design. If you love beautiful accessories, this product is for you.
  4. The excellent price from our online shop.
  5. The intense taste till the end. People smoke to consume nicotine, set up their minds, and for pleasure. Bright juicy flavors will be helpful for gourmands.

On our website you can count on a fast and safe delivery of smoking devices. To buy Elf Bar BC5000 call or text us. We will answer and consult you about this model if you still have some questions. We want to see our clients at legal age only. You should be aware of the potential harm of electronic devices, so don’t overdose on smoking and follow the rules of safe exploitation.


Here are the steps to purchase the unique Elf Bar BC5000 from the online vape shop Vapor Puffs:

  1. Visit the Vapor Puffs website to begin your purchase journey.
  2. Navigate to the "Disposables" tab, which lists all available disposable vapes.
  3. Scroll down and specifically select the "Elf Bar BC5000" disposable vape, standing out with its distinctive features.
  4. Now comes the exciting part – choose your preferred flavor and nicotine strength from the diverse options available.
  5. Once you have made your flavor selection, add the Elf Bar BC5000 to your virtual shopping cart.
  6. Proceed to checkout and enter the necessary shipping information, ensuring a smooth delivery process.
  7. Pay for your order securely, and then eagerly await the arrival of your unique Elf Bar BC5000.

The Elf Bar BC5000 offers an extraordinary selection of flavors catering to every vaper's unique preferences. With its 650mAh battery and prefilled vape tank, the Elf Bar BC5000 boasts a lifespan of approximately 5000 puffs, allowing you to enjoy your chosen flavor to the fullest. Whether you're seeking convenience, affordability, or an array of flavors, the Elf Bar BC5000 is the ideal choice for vapers looking to enhance their vaping experience.

There are two primary methods to charge the Elf Bar BC5000, ensuring its optimal functionality and longevity:

  1. USB-C cable charging: The most prevalent and convenient approach for charging the Elf Bar BC5000 involves using a USB-C cable. Simply connect one end of the USB-C cable to the device's bottom port and the other to a USB port on your computer or a power adapter. While charging, the LED light at the bottom of the Elf Bar BC5000 will illuminate red, indicating the charging process. Upon reaching full charge, the LED light will deactivate.
  2. Wireless charger charging: Another viable charging option for the Elf Bar BC5000 involves utilizing compatible wireless chargers. Place the device on the wireless charger, ensuring proper alignment, and initiate the charging process. As the Elf Bar BC5000 charges wirelessly, the LED light at the bottom will display a red hue. Once the charging process is finished, the LED light will no longer emit illumination.

It is crucial to note that when charging the Elf Bar BC5000, it is imperative to avoid chargers that exceed 15 watts. Employing chargers with higher wattage has the potential to cause damage to the device, so it is advisable to exercise caution.

To optimize your charging experience with the Elf Bar BC5000, here are some additional tips:

  1. Refrain from charging the device while actively using it to ensure efficient and uninterrupted charging.
  2. Avoid charging the Elf Bar BC5000 in hot or humid environments, as excessive heat or moisture can negatively impact the charging process and potentially harm the device.
  3. If the Elf Bar BC5000 shows signs of damage or malfunction, it is advisable not to proceed with charging. Instead, reach out to the manufacturer for professional assistance and guidance.

By following these instructions, you can guarantee the secure and efficient charging of your Elf Bar BC5000, enhancing its durability and maximizing its performance capabilities.

The Elf Bar BC5000 distinguishes itself with its impressive 5000mAh battery capacity, surpassing most other Elf Bar models. Consequently, due to its larger battery size, the charging process for the BC5000 is lengthier. On average, it takes approximately 30 -60 minutes to fully charge this particular Elf Bar variant. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that the precise charging time can differ due to various factors, such as the type of power source employed and the level of battery depletion.

To optimize the charging experience for your Elf Bar BC5000, here are some helpful tips:

  1. When charging your Elf Bar, use a USB to Type C charging cable with a 5v1a AC adapter.
  2. Upon completion of the charging process, the indicator light on your Elf Bar will either turn off entirely or undergo a color transition from red to green, indicating that it has achieved a full charge.
  3. Avoid leaving your Elf Bar unattended while charging to ensure safety and prevent potential hazards.
  4. Refrain from using a damaged or incompatible charger, as it may not provide the optimal charging conditions for your Elf Bar BC5000.

If you have any concerns regarding the charging time for your Elf Bar BC5000, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer directly for further information and guidance.