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Lost Mary MO5000 - Yummy (Gami)

$21.00 $16.99

Flavor: Yummy (Gami) Puffs per Device: 5000 E-liquid contents: 13mL per Disposable...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Mango Peach

$21.00 $16.99

Flavor: Mango Peach Puffs per Device: 5000 E-liquid contents: 13mL per Disposable...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Watermelon Ice

$21.00 $16.99

Flavor: Watermelon Ice Puffs per Device: 5000 E-liquid contents: 13mL per Disposable...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Strawberry Watermelon Ice


Size: 32 × 25 x 95 mm E-liquid Capacity: 10...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Miami Mint


Size: 32 x 25% 95 mm E-liquid Capacity: 10 ml...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Pineapple Apple Pear

$21.00 $16.99

Flavor: Pineapple Apple Pear Puffs per Device: 5000 E-liquid contents: 13mL per...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Triple Berry Ice


Lost Mary MO5000 Triple Berry Ice: A Frosty Symphony of...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Strawberry Ice


Size: 32 × 25% 95 mm E-liquid Capacity: 10 ml...
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Lost Mary MO5000 - Strawberry Kiwi Ice


Embark on a compelling journey with the Lost Mary MO5000...
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Lost Mary is a new bright line of trendy disposable vapes from Elf Bar. The high quality of this manufacturer is already familiar to many people. Users have already managed to try some models and their irresistible flavors. They are leaving good comments about the rechargeable vapes. These disposables are easy to maintain. Brand new trendy designs entice with their interesting shapes and very bright colors.

The relief on the surface of the device, matte or shiny coating, distinguishes some models. 

Young people are in step with the times. They are eager to try something new, especially the trendy disposable vape. Which quickly replaces regular cigarettes. That's just the smell of burnt tobacco, which everyone turns away. 

Vaping is a light, airy vapor when the liquid is heated, without any chemical or toxic substances.

Lost Mary mo5000: the benefits of the device

Like the previous models, the Lost Mary mo5000 is a popular single-use vape filled with 5% salt nicotine liquid, only synthetic. In terms of strength, it is more average. Active users will like the design of the vape - in the form of a long semicircular stick with a soft silicone coating. The compact size is convenient to hold in your hand or put in your pocket. The cartridge is made qualitatively and does not spill. 

The combination of flavors has a surprisingly incompatible name and flavor. We are sure you will appreciate a few intense flavors. You get great pleasure in every cell of your body with each puff, as if touching something beautiful, airy, and fragrant. 

A distinctive feature of the Lost Mary mo5000 is that the composition of the liquid consists of synthetic nicotine. It dramatically affects the vaper's throat, while the vaporizer and mesh coil provides a thick, dense vapor.

Lost Mary mo5000: flavors

  • Black Mint – black ice with mint flavor;
  • Blueberry Raspberry Lemon – an unusual combination of sour lemon Kurt with raspberry and blueberry filling;
  • Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate – a cocktail of blue pomegranate and wild berries;
  • Cherry Lemon – the delight of sugar lemon and ripe cherry;
  • Citrus Sunrise – yogurt delight with orange peel;
  • Energy – and invigorating tumbler drive;
  • Ginger Beer – spicy gingerbread with the aroma of hop beer;
  • Grape Jelly – unconventional jelly candy with the bright taste of earthy grapes;
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava – mouth-watering fruit salad, on the exhale with sourness of passion fruit; 
  • Lemon Sparkling Wine – exploding bubbles of limoncello with a boozy aroma; 
  • Mango Peach – sweet crisps of juicy peach and mango;
  • Mango Peach Watermelon – the taste of an unusually delicious doughnut with a fruity glaze and the color of red watermelon;
  • Pineapple Apple Pear – aromatic honey pear in the arms of sweet pineapple and alkaline apple;
  • Watermelon Cherry – cherry pudding on a pillow of juicy summer watermelon;
  • Watermelon Ice – an icy glass of sweet watermelon sorbet;
  • Yummy – is a tender flavor of cream and fruit dessert.

Mo5000 lost Mary: your perfect purchase from us.

Our store is always ready to provide you with a vast selection of e-cigarettes. To buy products in our store, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Visit our website and choose the product you want.
  2. Add the selected item to your cart and proceed to checkout.
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  4. Confirm your order.

We offer our customers favorable conditions, such as fast delivery and a range of products mo5000 Lost Mary.

We have many positive feedbacks from our customers who are satisfied with the quality of our products. We are constantly developing and improving the quality of our products and services. 

Our prices for e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories are competitive and affordable for a broad audience. We also offer special offers and discounts on certain products to make the purchase even more profitable for our customers.

If you have any questions or need help selecting products, our experts are available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.

Thank you for choosing our store. We will be glad to see you among our customers!

We want to inform you that disposable vapes contain salt nicotine, a substance that is widely recognized for its addictive properties and potential harm to your overall well-being.


Yes, you can travel with the Lost Mary MO5000, a compact and portable vaping device. However, it is crucial to be aware of and comply with the local regulations and restrictions regarding vaping devices and e-liquids in the specific areas you plan to visit. Here are some key points to consider when traveling with the Lost Mary MO5000:

  1. Check Local Regulations: Before traveling, research and understand the regulations regarding vaping in your destination. Some countries or regions may have specific laws or restrictions on using vaping devices or e-liquids. It is essential to comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues or device confiscation.
  2. Air Travel: If you plan to travel by air, you must check the airline's policies regarding vaping devices. Most airlines allow passengers to bring vaping devices in their carry-on luggage, but they are typically prohibited in checked baggage due to safety concerns. For screening, airport security may require placing your vaping device and e-liquids in a clear plastic bag.
  3. E-Liquid Restrictions: Some countries may restrict the size or quantity of e-liquids you can bring. Ensure you comply with these limitations to avoid any customs or security checkpoints issues. It is advisable to carry e-liquids in travel-sized bottles within the permitted limits.
  4. Be Mindful of Others: When using your Lost Mary MO5000 in public spaces during your travels, respect others around you. Some places may have specific rules about vaping in public areas, so be aware of any designated smoking or vaping zones to avoid conflicts.
  5. Battery Safety: When traveling, it is essential to ensure the safety of your Lost Mary MO5000's battery. Carry it in a protective case or cover to prevent accidental activation or damage. Avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures or leaving it in direct sunlight for extended periods.

Remember, regulations and restrictions may vary from location to location, so it's crucial to research and adhere to local guidelines when traveling with the Lost Mary MO5000. By being aware of and following these regulations, you can enjoy your vaping experience while staying compliant with local laws.

The Lost Mary MO5000 is a disposable vaping device that provides users with a convenient and hassle-free experience. It is specifically designed for individuals seeking a portable and user-friendly vaping solution. Here are some critical details about the Lost Mary MO5000:

  1. Disposable Design: The Lost Mary MO5000 is a one-time-use vaping device, meaning it is not intended for long-term use or recharging. Once the e-liquid is depleted or the battery is drained, the device should be appropriately disposed of and replaced with a new one. This disposable nature eliminates the need for maintenance, refilling, or replacing coils, making it a convenient option for vapers who prefer a simple, easy-to-use device.
  2. Portability: The Lost Mary MO5000 is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. Its small size allows users to carry it comfortably in a pocket, purse, or bag, making it suitable for on-the-go vaping. Whether traveling, commuting, or simply moving from place to place, the Lost Mary MO5000 can be easily carried along, ensuring your vaping device is readily available whenever you desire.
  3. Ease of Use: The Lost Mary MO5000 is designed to be user-friendly, especially for those new to vaping. It features a draw-activated mechanism, meaning there are no buttons or complicated settings to navigate. To use the device, inhale through the mouthpiece, and the device will automatically activate, delivering a smooth and satisfying vape. This simplicity makes the Lost Mary MO5000 an excellent choice for beginners or vapers who prefer a straightforward, hassle-free experience.
  4. Pre-filled with E-liquid: The Lost Mary MO5000 comes pre-filled with e-liquid, eliminating the need for users to refill their devices manually. This pre-filled design ensures that users can start vaping immediately without any additional steps or preparations. The specific flavors and nicotine strengths available may vary, allowing vapers to choose their preferred option based on their taste preferences and nicotine requirements.

Overall, the Lost Mary MO5000 is a disposable vaping device that prioritizes convenience, portability, and ease of use. Its compact size, pre-filled e-liquid, and simple draw-activated mechanism make it a suitable choice for those who prefer a hassle-free vaping experience without needing maintenance or recharging.

Absolutely! The Lost Mary MO5000 is equipped with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to recharge it for multiple uses until the e-liquid is depleted. This feature provides convenience and extended usage.

When the battery level of your Lost Mary MO5000 is low, connect the device to a power source using the provided charging cable or a compatible charging device. Allow it to charge until the battery reaches full capacity. It's important to note that only the battery is rechargeable, and the e-liquid cannot be refilled once it's finished.

Embrace the flexibility of recharging your Lost Mary MO5000 device, enabling you to enjoy vaping for an extended period. To ensure optimal performance and maximize the device's lifespan, follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper charging and usage.

No, you cannot refill the Lost Mary MO5000. The Lost Mary MO5000 is a disposable vaping device pre-filled with e-liquid. We designed it for single-use, and you should properly dispose of it once the e-liquid is depleted.

The Lost Mary MO5000 offers convenience and ease of use with its pre-filled e-liquid. It eliminates needing to handle or fill the device with your e-liquid. Our team carefully calibrated the pre-filled cartridges to deliver optimal performance and flavor.
We recommend responsibly discarding the device when you use the e-liquid entirely in the Lost Mary MO5000. Proper disposal helps minimize environmental impact and ensures a fresh and hygienic vaping experience with each new device.

If you prefer a vaping device that allows for refilling, you can explore other available options. However, it's important to note that the Lost Mary MO5000 is specifically designed as a non-refillable device. Attempting to refill it may result in damage or malfunctions.
Embrace the hassle-free and disposable nature of the Lost Mary MO5000, which provides a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience without needing refilling or maintenance.