Guide: How To Use The EVOD Vaporizer

Welcome to our Guide on how to use the EVOD Vaporizer! We’re going to show you how to use the EVOD Vaporizer and how the individual parts work.

What Is The EVOD Vaporizer?

The EVOD Vaporizer is an eLiquid only vaporizer that comes with two eLiquid vaporizing pens per box. Lets take a look at how it works.

From Top Left to Bottom Right, The Mouthpiece connected to the Liquid Body, Coil unit, Battery Connection, and the Battery.
  • Mouthpiece – This is where your mouth goes. Nothing special here.
  • Liquid Tank – Your eLiquid goes in here.
  • Coil Unit – This part is normally hidden inside the Liquid Tank, it contains the heating coil that will be vaporizing the eLiquid.
  • Battery Connection – This ring will hold the coil and connect to the battery.
  • Battery – This piece will power on and off your EVOD Vaporizer.

How to Turn On The EVOD Vaporizer

For first time users, one of the more confusing parts of using a vaporizer is usually turning it on. The EVOD Vaporizer is turned on or off but pressing the silver button located on the battery 5 consecutive times. You then hold the silver button again to start the vaporization process.

Why is this the method of turning on a vaporizer? For one, it’s a safety feature to make sure you aren’t using it while it’s in your pocket or wasting the battery by just having it on. Second, it allows the vaporizer to reach higher temperatures for a better vaporizing experience.

How To Use The EVOD Vaporizer

  • Fill the Liquid Tank with eLiquid

First thing you’ll need to do is remove the Liquid Tank from the Battery Connection. You’ll do that by turning the Liquid Tank counterclockwise to the battery. Once It’s open, you should see a hole in the center (shown below) that leads to the mouthpiece. You’ll be placing your eLiquid around the center tube, otherwise the eLiquid will come right out of the mouthpiece. Don’t overfill it, you want to make sure that the eLiquid doesn’t go above the tube. Once your done, flip the Battery part you detached earlier and reattach it to the Liquid Tank by lining up the Coil Unit to the inner tube inside the Liquid Tank.

The Tube in the center of the Liquid Body leads straight into the mouthpiece.

  • Turn On The Vaporizer and Begin Vaping

Next, just turn on the EVOD Vaporizer, hold down the silver button, and put the mouthpiece to your mouth and pull. Your vaporizer should be working now and vaping should come easily.

Thanks For Reading Our Guide On How To Use The EVOD Vaporizer!

Happy Vaping! 🙂

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