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Packwoods Packspod 5000 Banana Flambe


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: Banana Flambe E-lquid Capacity: 12ml Nicotine Strength:  5% salt...
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Packwoods Packspod 5000 Gelato Freeze


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: Gelato Freeze E-lquid Capacity: 12ml Nicotine Strength:  5% salt...
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Packwoods PacksPod 5000 Jelly Dulce


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: Jelly Dulce E-lquid Capacity: 12ml Nicotine Strength:  5% salt...
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Vaping is now at the peak of popularity. More and more people are switching from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Everyone is confronted with information about how much harm classic cigarettes do. At the same time as electronic cigarettes do not cause as much damage to your lungs.

The device is easy to use. No paper, no tobacco, nothing burns when smoking a vape. Many people have already appreciated the safety of vaping. Since you get pleasure and huge clouds of vapor when smoking an e-cigarette. And the many flavors drive your taste buds crazy. 

Disposable vapes have won the hearts of millions of people. Now it's easy to enjoy smoking thanks to quality e-cigarettes. Without polluting your lungs, get real pleasure from smoking.

Packwoods disposable: what is it?  

The Packwoods disposable is unique among disposable vapes. Very compact device is designed for 5000 delicious puffs with the most delicious flavor. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh.

You can not worry about enjoying vaping, a powerful battery will be enough for a long time. At any time you can recharge it with the USB cable with Type-C output and use the charger. 

Packwoods Packspod is already filled with 12 ml of high quality saline nicotine with a concentration of 5%/50mg. The vape is easily activated by making the first draw. The Packwoods disposable does not require any top off liquids. You just enjoy the great taste and aroma of the thick vapor. Even the people around you will appreciate it. 

Packwoods disposable will be appreciated by supporters of a healthy lifestyle. The harm from them is minimal, but the pleasure is maximum. Manufacturers tried to satisfy all the taste preferences of each vaper. And created a cool line of flavors that you fall in love with the first puff.

Packwoods disposable vape: flavors 

  • Banana Flambe  a banana-flavored gourmet delight using banana flambe;
  • Blue Slurpie the taste of blue frozen raspberries; 
  • Guava Bubblegum spicy-sweet guava with a bubblegum aftertaste 
  • Jelly Dulce a perfect combination of ripe grapes and cooling menthol;
  • Marshmallow Fluff a pleasant sweet delight of marshmallow;
  • Miami Haze juicy ripe watermelon with cold ice cubes;
  • Orange Creamsicle delightful explosion of sweet orange;
  • Rainbow Sorbet an unforgettable experience from the rainbow sorbet of delicious strawberries and mango;
  • Sour Gushers bright flavor with touches of tropical fruits;
  • Unicorn Sherbet tasty ice cream with sweet and sour strawberries and juicy kiwi.

Packwoods packs pods: how to buy on our website?

You will find a wide range of products on our website. You can choose for every taste. Only here can you find your perfect pleasure. And already enjoy the pleasure of steaming some unforgettable cloud of juicy fruit or ice cold. 

To buy Packwoods packs pods means to give your choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle and become the happy owner of the perfect vape. 

Our store Vapor Puffs sells only quality and original Packwoods packs pods. By buying from us you become our regular customer and get nice bonuses. 

On our site everything is easy and automated. All for the convenience of customers. And our couriers will deliver everything very quickly. Delivery is made as soon as possible and anywhere in the world.

To buy Packwoods packs pods is to get a lot of pleasure from smoking without harming your health. And enjoy the exquisite taste you will have every day. 

The flavors of Rackwoods packs pods are rich and pleasant, the ease of draft allows you to release clouds of vapor. And get the relaxation after a puff. Get your perfect e-cig right now at our Vapor Puffs website. Fast delivery right to your door is waiting for you. Payment in any way that is convenient for you.

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