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Coilart Magik 5000 Peach Ice


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: Peach Ice E-lquid Capacity: 15ml Battery Capacity: 700mAh Rechargeable...
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Coilart Magik 5000 Mamba


Save up to 33% !

Flavor:  Mamba E-lquid Capacity: 15ml Battery Capacity: 700mAh Rechargeable Battery....
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Coilart Magik 5000 Lychee Ice


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: Lychee Ice E-lquid Capacity: 15ml Battery Capacity: 700mAh Rechargeable...
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Disclaimer: It contains salt nicotine which is harmful to your health and highly addictive.

One of the main advantages of using electronic cigarettes is that they are safer than classic cigarettes, but keep in mind that they are still harmful and addictive. In addition, since they contain no tobacco and absolutely nothing burns when in use, this reduces the number of harmful substances smokers can inhale.

One benefit of disposable vapes is that they can help people quit smoking. As a result, many people switch to e-cigarettes to gradually reduce their nicotine dose and eventually eliminate the lousy compulsive habit.

E-cigarettes are constantly expanding and refining a large selection of flavors and aromas, making them more appealing to smokers. Unfortunately, some flavors drive your concept of smoking crazy. However, it can help them satisfy the desire to smoke without using regular cigarettes.

A massive plus of e-cigarettes is that they do not leave an odor on your clothes and are not harmful to the environment. So it can benefit people who want to smoke but don't want their surroundings to be uncomfortable with the bad smell.

Using electronic cigarettes is also more cost-effective because they come rechargeable and do not require buying new ones every time. All you have to do is charge the device. And the vape liquids will last a long time. And you don't have to refill anything. The perfect pleasure brings you into a relaxing atmosphere.

Coilart Magik: what is it?

Coilart Magik has an ergonomic design with curved edges that are very comfortable to use while smoking.

The device is minimalist and has a smooth surface that provides a pleasant tactile effect. It also features a convenient connection and limited power for user safety. The Coilart Magik is available in various colors; choose the best fit for your style.

Coilart Magik is a modern and stylish vape with a quality design and high demand. The device contains 15 ml. of 5% salt nicotine, designed for 5000 draws, with a quality mesh coil and an excellent powerful 700 mAh battery. 

Coilart Magik disposable vape: popular flavors

E-cigarettes have become more socially acceptable because they have less the same adverse effects on others than traditional cigarettes. As a result, it may make using e-cigarettes more acceptable in public places.

People are often more interested in the range of flavors typical for use in e-cigarettes. It is because e-cigarette manufacturers constantly expand their product lines and change different flavors that cater to almost any taste preference. Some people choose classic flavors such as tobacco, mint, or fruit, while others prefer exotic flavors with unusual juices. 

The most popular Coilart Magik disposable vape flavors are already available on the market:

  • Aloe Grape - an unexpected solution to combine sweet ripe grapes with thick aloe juice;
  • Aloe Mango - the exoticism of juicy mango flows into a complex, fresh smell of aloe;
  • Cool mint - refreshing ice with the pleasant sweetness of mint;
  • Fruit Mix - fruity Shake;
  • Lush ice - the crunch of dense snow;
  • Lychee Ice - attractive light acidity with a coldness;
  • Mamba - seductive kiss with the taste of mamba gum;
  • Peach Ice - an ice-cold drink with peach pulp;
  • Strawberry Grape - a perfect red mix of hollow grapes and strawberries;
  • Tropical Mix - a tropical wave of protesters

Coil Art Magik: the advantages of buying in our online store


In our online store, you will find the widest selection of products. Only here will you find various new models, juicy flavors, and additional bonuses to your purchases.

Another advantage of buying from us is that it is profitable financially. We offer low prices and promotions that can save you money. And, of course, bonuses on an ongoing basis.

Buying e-cigarettes online can be helpful for those who live in remote areas or have limited access to stores. In such cases, buying online may be the most convenient and affordable way. And courier delivery will quickly get your product right to your home.

We offer more information about Coil Art Magik and its features than stores in real life. So it will help you make an informed choice when buying an electronic device.

Finally, buying e-cigarettes on our online site can be more private than buying in-store. You can easily avoid unpleasant looks from others or embarrassing situations in the store related to the purchase. 

Have a nice day!