Despite its age, the Matrix S Vaporizer is completely revolutionary! The Matrix S has the unique ability to vaporize both e-Liquid and dry herbs, making it an all-in-one vape unlike any other. With two completely different atomizers, the Matrix S can be used with a wick atomizer for e-Liquid, or instead can be filled with ground dried herb and used with the other coil. As the Matrix S uses 14— line batteries, in one of three possible sizes, the battery case can be adjusted to fit accordingly. This gives it some flexibility, both in battery capacity and in physical dimensions.

Matrix S Vaporizer

The Matrix S is also equipped with a variable voltage system, with three different options of 3.4 V, 3.7 V, and 4.0 V. To change between different voltages, simply press the power button five times, and the button light with change color. Short-circuit and overcharge protection is also included, safeguarding your battery and vaporizer against damage!

Scoring the Matrix S Vaporizer

Design: 7.75/10
This is an odd one. The Matrix S looks like a ray gun you’d find on a zeppelin. The copper patina looks great, but the overall design has a few too many bells and whistles. The telescoping design is quite smooth, and the matched color scheme really adds to the overall look.

Functionality: 8/10
Both the dry herb and e-Liquid forms of this vaporizers work exceedingly well, providing great power and performance. The capacity is a bit low, as is expected with the smaller 14000s as opposed to 18000s or 26000s.

Customization: 9.5/10
This is an amazing device, and it’s extremely surprising there’s nothing else like it available. The ability to use the same mod with both dry herbs and e-Liquid is absolutely incredible, letting you cut down on what you have to fill your pockets with! It’s especially perfect for trips where you want to carry as little as possible!

Build Quality: 8.5/10
Complete metal construction and high-quality internal components make this a strong and reliable mod.

Overall Score: 8.5/10
The Matrix S Vaporizer fills a unique niche in the world of vapes. A single vaporizer for both dry herbs and e-Liquid is unique, and the Matrix S pulls it off well.