• The Best New Vaporizers!

    Hey guys! It’s just about that time that you start finally having a bit of extra cash after the post holiday empty pockets, so why not buy a new vaporizer? We have tons of great new vapes in that are just calling your name! So there’s no time to waste, let’s get to it!


    1. The Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod (with Phone Charger!)


    We all know that everyone and their mom absolutely loved the Vamo V5 Mod Kit by KSD so you just know the Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod with Phone Charger is going to be amazing! This kit is perfect for any eliquid vaper looking for the latest and greatest variable voltage mod. This kit has some amazing features with variable voltage from 3W to 20W, gorgeous silver plating, 510 threading, an LCD screen that shows you everything you could want to know, plus so much more! At just $59.95 you’ve got to buy one now!


    2. The Herbal Globe Atomizer


    The Herbal Globe Atomizer is the absolute best (not to mention cheapest!) way for anyone with a 510 threaded battery to get into vaping. This ultra sleek little herbal atomizer works with any 510 threaded battery and comes at the tiny price of just $16.95! The globe shape allows for a far larger capacity than it’s predecessors and it’s pyrex glass shell makes it durable despite it’s sleek look. We can’t think of any reasons to not try out the globe!


    3. The Cloud (RDA/RBA) by Wotofo


    The Cloud Re-buildable Atomizer by Wotofo is  one of the sleekest on the market! It has a large 5 ml capacity, always convenient 510 threading, an on/off valve to prevent leaks, adjustable air flow, a silver plated connection pin, and is, of course, fully rebuildable. This is our very first Wotofo product and we’re seriously excited about this atomizer! Pick one up today for just $24.95!


    Happy Vaping!

  • Quirky Products That Are Great For You!

    Ever wonder what you haven’t tried but really should? Well we’ve got you covered! We’ve tried out some great products and have picked out the best of the best of the unique vaporizers out there. Below we’ll link the products we just think you’ll love! These are those quirky products that are great for you! Now Let’s get to it!


    The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah



    Sure, you’ve tried eLiquid but have you tried E Hookah? Starbuzz is one of the most trusted and beloved names in the Hookah game and have now branched out into E Hookah products with The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah! The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah is perfect for anyone looking for a great little party hookah without the hassle of stand up hookah and those pesky hot coals. Just pop in a Starbuzz E Hookah cartridge and start puffing right away!


    The Cool Fire II eLiquid Vaporizer Kit by Innokin

    Cool Fire 2 Vaporizer Kit

    When you see a grenade shaped eLiquid vaporizer you don’t usually initially think “I bet that thing is a really quality product!” Well, you should! The Cool fire II eLiquid Vaporizer by Innokin is, well, cool and also ultra functional. This vaporizer is absolutely one of those quirky products that are great for you. If you’re looking to make a statement with your vape you just can absolutely not go wrong with the Cool Fire II eLiquid Vaporizer by Innokin!


    The Wild Wolf Special Limited Edition Mechanical Mod eLiquid Vaporizer

    Wild Wolf

    Its silver and gold and tough as nails! It’s the Wild Wolf Special Limited Edition Mechanical Mod eLiquid Vaporizer! There are only 1000 of these babies made and while they do look a bit quirky, they’re super fun looking and work great! If you’re looking for a unique looking, super cool, and really fun vaporizer without sacrificing any of the quality or efficiency you just have to get the Wild Wolf before they’re gone!

    Happy Vaping!

  • Don’t Miss Those Final Holiday Deals!

    We know how you feel, its a frantic time of year. You don’t want to miss out on any of those last holiday deals! Below we’ll be listing all of the steals we know you just won’t want to miss. There’s no more time to waste, lets get to the list!


    The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit

    Snoop Dogg G Pen Kit

    The Snoop Dogg G Pen is one of our most popular vaporizers and is currently a total deal! The Snoop Dogg G Pen is marked down to just $64.95 from $84.95 for a limited time! This kit is great for any cool kid you know. The outer shell is adorned with a map of Snoop’s home town, Long Beach California, in the coolest shade of blue. At this price there’s no reason to not keep up with the cool kids with this great little portable vape!


    The Titan I Dry Herb Vaporizer


    This cute little portable vape just has to be the biggest bang for your buck, especially at this reduced price! For a limited time you’ll save a full $45 off of the original price of the Titan I Dry Herb Vaporizer, marked from $129.95 all the way down to just $84.95! This vape has all a serious dry herb vaper could want, 3 adjustable temperature settings, a built in mesh screen, and an absolutely and completely coil-less huge heating chamber. You better get to buying before they’re gone!


    The Kanger EVOD Vaporizer Starter Kit


    The Kanger EVOD Vaporizer Starter Kit is one of the most popular and user friendly eLiquid vaporizers on the market! Right now this great little vape is marked down from $54.95 to $39.95. The best part? Each kit comes with two full ready to vaporizers, talk about a deal!

    Those aren’t all though! Make sure to peak around the site, we’ve got all kinds of deals that will be gone soon!

    Happy Saving!

  • Pegasus Mechanical Mod What Are You Going to Buy this Advent Season?

    If you haven’t heard the advent season is happening here and now at Vapor Puffs! Every day  of December up until Christmas we have a special deal just for you. Below we’ll give you a little sneak peak at the deals to come. Want to be surpised each day? Check us out on our facebook page where we’ll be announcing the advent daily deal every day! Now there’s no more time to waste, check out the deals below and get ready to shop!


    Day 8: The G Pen “G Box” Vaporizer Kit!


    On December 8th, Day 8 of the Advent season, the Grenco Science G Pen “G Box” Vaporizer Kit will be marked down even further to just $49.95! That’s nearly 50% off its original price. This kit is great for anyone looking for a quality wax and essential oil vaporizer that’s ready to go right out of the box!


    Day 9: The Cool Fire I Vaporizer Kit by Innokin!


    On December 9th only the Cool Fire I Vaporizer Kit will be marked down over 20% to just $49.95! This ultra popular Vaporizer Kit is perfect for any beginner looking for quality and a user friendly platform. The Cool Fire I is a great gift for any smoker looking to quit, especially if you couple it with some great Key Stone Vapor eLiquid!


    Day 10: The Pegasus Mechanical Mod Vaporizer!


    On day 10 of the Advent season the Pegasus Mechanical Mod Vaporizer will be marked down to just $39.95! This ultra cool vaporizer is great for any beginner or anyone looking to further their vaporizer collection. This baby is easy enough to use for any newbie and cool enough for any veteran! The Pegasus Mechanical Mod Vaporizer is a must buy for any vaper on your christmas list, especially at this one time only discounted price!


    Happy Vaping and Happy Holiday!