• Fear Mongering: The Media and Vaping

    As we all know, new things are often times overly scary for no good reason. As people we just typically fear the unknown. It’s totally understandable and perfectly natural, that being said, there is a point at which it becomes completely ridiculous. As of November 16th of 2015, that point has absolutely 100 percent been reached by the media when it comes to most major networks take on vaping. Now it’s not just vaping, fear mongering has become all the rage in today’s click bate driven radically overstated media world. No issue at all should be looked into deeper, instead one should just run screaming for the hills. We’re not special, everyone gets the bad end of the stick these days. That being said, vaping actually does seem to get the even worse gnawed off and the lit aflame end of the stick. Case and point, a CNN article by Sarah Ganim and Scott Zamost entitled ever so alarmingly “Vaping: The latest scourge in drug abuse.”

    To begin the article, they heavily imply that the existence of vaporizers is heavily affecting the number of people not only using but over dosing on synthetic drugs. Now, while I could almost understand one arguing that marijuana usage may have risen slightly due to the existence of vaporizers, even there its necessary to note that the vaporizers used for drugs and used for e Liquid and nicotine. The article then goes onto state that these vaporizers are showing up more and more in drug busts and are being used right in front of teachers and parents. Immediately they’re painting a picture of drug use by under aged children and rising amounts of it. Once again, this could be almost excusable (though still heavily exaggerated especially considering they’ve in no way shown that the existence of vaporizers causes more drug use) but they again fail to mention the vast differences between e Liquid and pens and pens used for drug use.

    Not only do they not mention this difference they heavily imply there isn’t one! Right after painting that picture of and under aged toxic drug culture fueled by vaporizers they go on to talking about e Liquid vaporizers in the beginning of the next paragraph. The casual reader would have absolutely no clue there is any difference between the two devices that are completely different animals. But, considering how the article ends, its probably safe to believe the writers don’t even know the difference themselves.

    That, right there, is exactly what we as a community are fighting against. Ignorance. Not only ignorance, but ignorance with an interest in fear. People feed on fear and the media knows it. Big tobacco is also a huge fan of this fear as it will keep smokers smoking rather than weaning them off with vaping. So we must aim to educate all of those around us. We need to show others that these vaporizers we use are helping us, not causing some sort of drug epidemic. Rather than hiding our vapes, giving into the pointless shame put on us by those around us, we need to start educating the public before its too late.

    Happy vaping!

  • Three Box Mods to Buy!

    We all know it’s coming, it’s almost the holiday season! Okay, maybe not yet. It is for me though, considering it is only 102 days until Christmas, after all. And knowing the season for giving is coming up so quick I’ve decided to start picking out those perfect presents. Which this year consists of Box Mods galore for my vaping friends! Also, a lot of Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Palettes for the rest of my friends, for the record. Seeing as how this is a vaping blog I shall focus on the Box Mod side of those purchases though. Now let’s get going with the juicy box mod picks! I’ll list my top three Box Mods to buy below!

    1.Eiffel T1 165W Box Mod By Esige

    vp-eiffel-t1-165w-4 (1)

    The massively powerful Eiffel T1 165W Box Mod By Esige is the perfect box mod for anyone looking for both a high quality powerful box mod and the latest and greatest vaping technology. This Box Mod goes all the way up to 165 watts, is made with an easy to read OLED screen that displays charge status, wattage, voltage, and resistance all at a glance, has a built in 4000 mAh Battery, and functions with a wireless charger you can use for both the vape and your other gadgets. It’s a huge bang for your buck at just $77.95!

    2. IPV D2 75W Box Mod By Pioneer4you


    Looking for an easy to use high quality but affordable box mod? The IPV D2 75W Box Mod By Pioneer4you is definitely the best of the box mods for you! This great little box mod will bring out the best flavors in your juices and is easy enough to use for any newbie. This kit even functions with rechargable 18650 batteries so its ultra convenient to get vaping right away!

    3. The SUBOX Mini Starter Kit by Kanger


    I know, I know. You’ve already seen this kit everywhere, but, you know what? It’s everywhere because its really great! You get a high quality box box plus a high quality tank and a set of coils for just $69.90! It’s too great of a deal to pass up!

    Happy vaping!

  • Dry Herb Vapes For Any Budget!

    We know deciding which dry herb vaporizer to buy can be a total headache. Information out there is limited and reviews are just all over the place. We’ve also know we can help! So we’ve done all the research and we’ve pain stakingly tried countless models (I know; we have truly suffered) to bring to you our master list of the best dry herb vapes for any budget. So let’s get to it! Check out our list below to find the best vape for you!

    1. The Titan II (Tw0) Vaporizer Dry Herb Kit


    The Titan II Vaporizer Dry Herb Kit is just perfect for any vaper on a budget! It’d conduction heating system works better than any other pen in its price range. We know there are cheaper models, you can an Ago G5 for just $34.95. But those pens do need replacement pieces where the Titan II will continue to work for the full life of its battery! For just $84.95 you’ll have years of great dry herb vaping!

    2. The Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer By Ciggo



    For just a few dollars more than the Titan II you can upgrade to The Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer by Ciggo! This ultra discreet kit is perfect for anyone looking for a more precise vaping experience. Using the Herbstick Deluxe’s OLED screen you can tell the exact temp your vape is currently at and set it to your exact temperature preference. The best part? It’s just $129.95!

    Happy Vaping!

  • Two Must Try Dry Herb Vaporizers!

    We all know it, a good dry herb vaporizer can be a real hassle to find. Information isn’t really out there, reviews vary an insane amount, and it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting based on most descriptions alone. Don’t fear though, we’re here to help! Below we’ve put together a list of the two must try dry herb vaporizers of the moment. You’re bound to fall in love with at least one but, let’s be honest, why not just try them both? So there’s really no time to waste! Let’s get to all the dry herb vaping fun with our three must try dry herb vaporizers!


    1. The Titan II (Two) Dry Herb “Vape” Vaporizer


    This little baby from the always reliable Hebe line is our number one must try vaporizer. The Titan II (Two) Dry Herb “Vape” Vaporizer is the perfect dry herb vaporizer for anyone looking for a truly high quality product without spending hundreds of dollars. While it’s 109.95 dollar price tag may seem a bit steep upon first glance, it’s got to be one of the best bargains on the site. It works using a convection system, meaning there are no exposed coils and no possibility of combustion or burning your dry herbs. This system is used by other vaporizers like the Pax that cost double the price or more. On top of that you can control your experience to the degree with the Titan II’s precise temperature control. It truly is our number one must buy dry herb vaporizer.


    2. The Herbal Globe Atomizer


    Not ready for the investment that comes with the Titan II? The Herbal globe atomizer is the absolute perfect way to get your way into dry herb vaping. The Herbal Globe has 510 threading allowing it to work with most batteries. At just $16.95 it’s a must buy dry herb vaporizer for any eLiquid vaper ready to try something new.

    Happy Vaping!