• Cloud chasing Ecig Vapor Causes Similar Effects to Normal Air

    Do you continue to wonder about the safety of your vaporizer? With all of the hog wash in the media it can feel tough to always think you’re doing the right thing by switching to vaping. There also seems to be very few helpful studies around. All you hear is your neighbor from two doors down telling you that eLiquid is twice as dangerous as cigarettes and your mother fearing the sight of your vaporizer (I’ve actually had that one happen to me many a times.) New research posted in Toxicology in Vitro should keep those doubting fears from entering your mind again though.

    British American Tobacco and MatTek Corporation’s scientists banded together to do a series of tests to find out just what negative effects ecig vapor has on airway tissue compared to typical analog cigarette smoke. According to spokesman Dr. Murphy ‘By employing a combination of a smoking robot and a lab-based test using respiratory tissue, it was possible to demonstrate the ability to induce and measure aerosol irritancy and to show that the different e-cigarette aerosols used in this study have no cytotoxic effect on human airway tissue.’ In other words, they used a robot as well as respiratory tissue to test just what effects ecig vapor will have on your respiratory system. Their results are a huge step forward for the vaping community.


    In a 6 hour period they essentially submerged two sets of cells. One with smoke and the other with ecig vapor. The cells affected by smoke in those 6 hours reduced their viability by 88%, which is nearly complete cell death. The ecig vapor effected cells showed no loss in viability. In fact, their results were extremely similar to the results of the control group that was only exposed to normal air.

    While there is still more research to be done this study is a huge win for the vaping community. It may be too soon to say ecig vapor is completely safe, but there is now no shadow of a doubt in my mind that it is safer than cigarette smoke.


    Happy vaping!