• Guide: How To Use The Vamo V5

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Vamo V5! We’re going to begin by breaking down the components of the Vamo V5 and then move onto showing you how to use it.

    What is The Vamo V5?

    The Vamo V5 is a Vaporizer Battery with an accessible battery chamber, extension tubes, and a LCD Screen that allows you to adjust Voltage and Wattage.



    • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the Vamo V5, this part connects to the Threading Connection that’s found at the end of an atomizer. The Vamo V5 has a second Threading Connection that can be found by removing the ring at the top of the Vamo V5.
    • LCD Screen – This Screen is used to change the Voltage and Wattage of the Vamo V5. The two buttons found under screen will change the values.
    • Power Button – Underneath the LCD Screen, this turns the Battery on, off and begins the vaporization process.
    • Extension Tubes – The Vamo V5 comes with two small tubes that can be connected together in order to allow a bigger battery to be placed inside. The tubes are followed by a small cap.

    How To Turn On The Vamo V5

    The standard method for turning these kinds of vaporizers on or off is to press the power button 5 times consecutively and rapidly. You’ll know it’s been turned on because the power button will flash. The reasoning for this method is to allow a greater temperature output from the Vamo V5 Vaporizer and as a safety function to keep it from turning on without your knowledge.

    How To Use The Vamo V5

    • Insert the Battery

    Remove the extension tubes from the part with the LCD Screen and Power Button. Insert your batteries into the tube and then reattach it to the Vamo main part.

    • Turn On The Vamo V5

    Using the method above, turn on the Vamo V5. You should see the light on the power button flash once it’s on.

    • Attach Atomizer

    Once all that’s done, attach the Atomizer to the Vamo V5 and hold the power button when you’re ready to begin vaping. Everything should come naturally from here.

    Happy Vaping!

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    Originally published April 23 2013, updated August 23 2017

  • Our Two Vamo Mods

    The Vamo mod is an incredibly popular choice amongst eLiquid. Both made as standalone mechanical mods (but included in kits with atomizers), the large size of the Vamo series allows it to have many features and a large battery capacity, two things many Vapers are looking for.

    Vamo V5 Mod Kit


    Made out of polished chrome, the Vamo is a sleek and powerful battery with many options. To start, it’s got two extension tubes, allowing for the use of multiple battery sizes (18350 and 18650) so you can fit your Vamo V5 to the occasion, whether it’s going out for a long trip or just lounging around the house. There’s two variable voltage buttons allowing you to adjust the volts from 3.0 to 6.0 in .1 increments, giving you the ability to customize your vaping experience. The LCD Screen shows every bit of information possible including hit counter, current voltage, battery life, the atomizer’s resistance, amount of time spent vaping. Anything that it can count and figure out, it will. It has a vent at the bottom to keep from overheating and also comes in two different colors, chrome and gunmetal (also referred to as black chrome). The Vamo v5 is 510 threaded so it will work with almost every atomizer.

    Vamo V6 Mod Kit


    The Vamo V6 is of course, the sequel to the Vamo V5. It’s kept most of the same basic features but has now added a variable wattage instead of a variable voltage. Newly added to the Vamo V6 is a silver spring loaded bottom cap, adjustable silver plated contact and a silver plated connection pin. The LCD Screen remains unchanged, still showing all possible information that can be counted (puffs, vaping time, wattage, atomizer resistance). The Vamo V6 also includes a phone charger addon, allowing it to become an on the go battery source for your phone (shown above).

  • Vamo V5 Mod Kit - Chrome Vamo V5 Mod Kit by KSD Review

    KSD’s Vamo V5 Mod Kit is an extraordinarily customizable starter kit. Included are two 18350 batteries, two CE4 Clearomizers, and the centerpiece of the setup, the Vamo V5 mod! It also comes with a charger, and the mod can use 18650 batteries as well!

    What’s the Vamo V5 Mod?

    Vamo V5 Vaporizer - Gunmetal

    If customization is your highest priority, this is definitely the mod for you! The Vamo V5 gives the option of either variable voltage or variable wattage. The voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 to 6.0 volts, and the wattage settings range from 3 to 15 watts. Both of these choices are displayed on the V5’s LCD screen, along with a few other options!

    The connection on this piece is standard 510 threading with additional eGo threads, so it’s usable with a wide assortment of atomizers and tanks. Even beyond all those things, the Vamo V5’s most distinctive feature is by far its adjustable battery compartment. While initially the device accepts either two 18350s or one 18650, by removing one of the tubes and shortening the device it changes to use only one 18350!

    What’s the CE4 Clearomizer?

    The CE4 Clearomizer is a 1.6ml capacity integrated atomizer and tank. Unfortunately, its not rebuildable, but with the two included you should be good to go for several months at least! If you unscrew and clean them, you can get a bit more time out as well. While these are nice, I strongly recommend switching over to a more flexible atomizer and tank such as the Aspire Nautilus or the Kanger Aerotank to really let the Vamo V5 shine!

    Scoring the Vamo V5 Mod Kit

    Design: 9/10
    While I’m personally a fan of the gunmetal, both it and the chrome version of the Vamo V5 are stunning to look at. While it’s definitely hefty, the option of shortening it allows you a lot of flexibility in the style of your vape. The included CE4 Clearomizers are colored to fit the style of the battery, and give the whole kit a solid, metallic look.

    Functionality: 7/10
    The only reason this subscore is so low are the CE4 Clearomizers. While they’re a great short term tank, they lack the strength, flexibility, and reuse of even slightly more complex atomizers. The Vamo V5 itself is very powerful and easy to use, and is even better when used with other tanks.

    Customization: 10/10
    Variable voltage and variable wattage aside, the battery compartment is a unique function that gives this device an added layer of customizability. With the 510/eGo threading to allow use with many tanks, the Vamo V5 is one of the most versatile vaporizers out there.

    Build Quality: 9/10
    With chrome and copper construction, the Vamo V5 is a solid and durable mod.

    Overall Score: 9/10
    This is a great starter kit that includes a mod that would be worth picking up for any vaper! The Vamo V5 is insanely customizable, with options about everything, including the color. The CE4 Clearomizers are a solid starting point and will keep you going long enough to pick up a better tank. With a charger and batteries, this mod kit is ready to go as you soon as you open the box! Be sure to check out our new eLiquid options to get the only other thing you’ll need!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!