• Guide: How to Use the Dragon Mechanical Mod

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Dragon Mechanical Mod. We’ll start off by giving a brief introduction to the parts of the Dragon Mechanical Mod and then move onto showing you how it works.

    What is the Dragon Mechanical Mod?

    Made entirely out of copper in order to increase conductivity, the Dragon Mechanical Mod is a fully analog mod sized for 18650 batteries.


    • Threading Connection – At the top of the Dragon is a 510 threading connection that can be removed by twisting it counter-clockwise. Your atomizer will connect to this part. On the inside, a silver plated contact can be found.
    • Battery Tube – This is where your battery will go. It can be accessed by removing either cap at the top or bottom.
    • Firing Button – Found at the bottom, the Dragon’s firing button works a little differently than most. Rather than having a spring that requires you to hold the button down, it’s just pushed in or left out, without the need for you to hold it down. With this new firing button idea, the Dragon also has a lock mechanism which is activated by twisting the firing button to the right while it is in the off position.

    How To Use The Dragon Mechanical Mod

    • Insert the Battery

    Remove the firing button by twisting it counter clockwise. Then, insert your battery with the positive side facing the atomizer side. Re-attach the firing button.

    • Attach Your Atomizer

    Now, grab your atomizer and attach it to the threading connection at the top. While connecting, make sure the firing button is not pushed in.

    • Begin Vaping

    Now with everything connected, push in the firing button. The vaping process should start, and everything should come naturally at this point.

    Thanks for Reading Our Guide on How to Use the Dragon Mechanical Mod!

    We hope we’ve helped you figure out how to get it working.

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  • Guide: How To Use The SMPL Mech Mod

    Welcome to the vapor puffs guide on how to use the SMPL Mech Mod. In this guide, we’ll start off by looking at the individual parts of the SMPL Mech Mod and then move onto showing how to use it.


    What is the SMPL Mech Mod?

    Created as a stripped down, easy to use Mech Mod, the SMPL Mech Mod is a fully analog mod with no adjustable parts and no caps.


    • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the SMPL Mech Mod, it’s got nothing other than a small hole with 510 threading for your atomizer. The atomizer will make a direct connection to the battery that is within the SMPL.
    • Battery Tube – The main body of the SMPL, this will be the tube that holds your battery.
    • Firing Button – The SMPL has it’s own unique firing button, in that it is not a button at all. Instead, it’s a threaded ‘cap’ that has an indent in the center that is used to lock the button down or unlock it.

    How to Use the SMPL Mech Mod

    • Insert the Battery

    Using a coin, or some other small item, twist the firing button counter-clockwise until it is unlocked from the SMPL. Once open, insert your 18650 battery into the SMPL with the positive side leading the way. Re-attach the firing button, but not all the way. Since there’s no ‘formal’ firing button, once it’s pushed in all the way it’ll immediately start sending out voltage.

    • Attach the Atomizer

    Grab your 510 threaded atomizer and line it up with the threading connection at the top of the SMPL. Then, twist the atomizer clockwise until it’s firmly attached to the SMPL.

    • Start Vaping

    Now you can twist the firing button until it’s all the way in. The vaporizing process should begin, and everything should come easily from here. Just like the name says, it should all be very simple.


    Thanks for Reading our Guide on how to Use the SMPL Mech Mod!

    We hope we’ve cleared things up for you, and that you’ve got everything running smoothly.

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  • Guide: How To Use The AR Desert Camo Mech Mod

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the AR Desert Camo Mech Mod. This guide will start by giving a bit of a run down on the parts of the AR Desert Camo Mech Mod before going into a step by step guide on how to make it work.

    What Is The AR Desert Camo Mech Mod?

    The AR Desert Camo Mech Mod is an analog mod covered from top to bottom in vent holes. They’re made for use with 18650 batteries.


    • Threading Connection-Top Cap – Found at the top end, this side has a 510 threaded hole on the outside. When removed, it reveals a Silver and Copper plated surface that will make contact with the battery.
    • Battery Tube – This is the main part of the AR Desert Camo, and it’s where your batteries will go into. It’s covered in vent holes, 20 total.
    • Firing Button-Bottom Cap – On the bottom end is the firing button that will make the second silver and copper plated contact connect to the battery when pushed.

    How To Use The AR Desert Camo Mech Mod

    • Remove the Bottom Cap

    First, we’re going to have to insert the battery into the AR Desert Camo Mech Mod. In order to do that, remove the bottom cap from the battery tube. Now, insert your batteries into the battery tube with the positive end towards the top cap. Afterwards, re-attach the bottom cap to the battery tube.

    • Attach the Atomizer

    Now grab your 510 threaded Atomizer and attach it to the 510 threading connection on the top cap by lining it up with the threading hole and then twisting it clockwise until it’s attached.

    • Begin Vaping

    Once everything is good to go, hit the firing button on the bottom of the AR Desert Camo Mech Mod and hold it down. You should notice your atomizer begin to work, and from here on everything should come naturally.

    Thanks For Reading Our Guide On How To Use The AR Desert Camo Mech Mod!

    We hope we’ve helped you get it working.

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    Happy Vaping!


  • New Mechanical Mod Accessories!

    In our most recent venture into the vast marketplace, we aimed to pick up some new products that enhance those that we already sell. Thus, we’ve picked up new mechanical mod accessories, the Mechanical Mod Carrying Case by AMod and the Trustfire Battery 18350 3.7V Battery.

    We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting items for our customers. If there’s a product you want to see on the site, leave a comment below and if we do add it, you’ll get free VP points that you can use to get a discount on any purchase you make on our site. Just make an account (which will also give you a $5.00 discount on any purchase) and tell us what you’re looking for.

    Trustfire Battery 18350 3.7V Battery

    trustfire 18350 3.7 battery


    The Trustfire 18350 3.7V Battery comes in a two pack. They each have a 900mAh capacity, as is written on their sides. There’s nothing particularly unique about their aesthetics, as they come in just a simple plain gray color. Not like it matters, they’re hidden from sight when in use. Considered by some to be the best battery to use in combination with the Coolfire I, we’re certain that it’ll be a great battery to use with anything.

    Mechanical Mod Carrying Case by AMod


    Vaping isn’t always a solo experience, so sometimes you end up taking your vape of choice out and about into the great world. Keeping your Mechanical Mod in your pocket when you’re out might not be the most sanitary of decisions at all times, or the safest. The AMod Mechanical Mod Carrying Case has you covered here. It’s a two pocket carrying case with a clip at the top, that ties into your belt loop, backpack, or anything else you’d want to connect it to. It’s got a drawstring that tightens and closes the main opening. The smaller pouch is perfectly sized for carrying batteries, extra atomizers, or an eLiquid bottle.