• Guide: How To Use The SMPL Mech Mod

    Welcome to the vapor puffs guide on how to use the SMPL Mech Mod. In this guide, we’ll start off by looking at the individual parts of the SMPL Mech Mod and then move onto showing how to use it.


    What is the SMPL Mech Mod?

    Created as a stripped down, easy to use Mech Mod, the SMPL Mech Mod is a fully analog mod with no adjustable parts and no caps.


    • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the SMPL Mech Mod, it’s got nothing other than a small hole with 510 threading for your atomizer. The atomizer will make a direct connection to the battery that is within the SMPL.
    • Battery Tube – The main body of the SMPL, this will be the tube that holds your battery.
    • Firing Button – The SMPL has it’s own unique firing button, in that it is not a button at all. Instead, it’s a threaded ‘cap’ that has an indent in the center that is used to lock the button down or unlock it.

    How to Use the SMPL Mech Mod

    • Insert the Battery

    Using a coin, or some other small item, twist the firing button counter-clockwise until it is unlocked from the SMPL. Once open, insert your 18650 battery into the SMPL with the positive side leading the way. Re-attach the firing button, but not all the way. Since there’s no ‘formal’ firing button, once it’s pushed in all the way it’ll immediately start sending out voltage.

    • Attach the Atomizer

    Grab your 510 threaded atomizer and line it up with the threading connection at the top of the SMPL. Then, twist the atomizer clockwise until it’s firmly attached to the SMPL.

    • Start Vaping

    Now you can twist the firing button until it’s all the way in. The vaporizing process should begin, and everything should come easily from here. Just like the name says, it should all be very simple.


    Thanks for Reading our Guide on how to Use the SMPL Mech Mod!

    We hope we’ve cleared things up for you, and that you’ve got everything running smoothly.

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  • V3R Flip Mech Mod V3R Flip Mechanical Mod Review

    The V3R Flip Mechanical Mod is an adjustable battery size mech mod. The V3R Flip is thoroughly decorated, with many accouterments and textures all over! Entirely crafted from stainless steel, and with a unique design to change the battery size, the V3R Flip is a gorgeous and elegant mod with features galore.

    What’s The V3R Flip Mechanical Mod?

    V3R Flip Mech Mod

    The stainless steel body and gold-plated contacts are made of high-quality metals. All of the designs are fully embossed, giving this mod a bunch of texture and grip. The locking ring is solid and easy to use, adding to the overall safety of this piece. 510 threading and a floating pin maximize the compatibility of the V3R Flip with atomizers and tanks!  For more information, check out our guide!

    Scoring the V3R Flip Mechanical Mod

    Design: 8.5/10
    Although there are a few too many bells and whistles for my taste, this is a great looking mod. The textured strips of grip on the two larger cylinders is a neat addition, and gives this device a really sturdy feel in the hand. Overall, it’s a good design, but cleaner and simpler is more commonly found right now.

    Functionality: 7.5/10
    Everyone loves gold, but for actual conductivity, nothing beats silver. This is a powerful device, and the lack of extra parts when swapping battery sizes is handy, but if you’re min-maxing watts, go for something silver-plated.

    Customization: 8/10
    With most adjustable battery size mods, there’s an extra ring you have to install or remove. The simplicity of having to carry nothing extra makes this mod a nice improvement from many other mech mods.

    Build Quality: 8.5/10
    The stainless steel is strong and sturdy, and the threading on this mod is clean and smooth. The clean surface stays shiny for a long while, but be sure to clean it to prevent oxidation!

    Overall Score: 8.25/10
    The V3R Flip is a really self-contained mech mod, with multiple battery sizes but no extra parts! It’s a solid device for anyone looking for a gorgeous, powerful mech mod!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Caravela Mech Mod Caravela Mechanical Mod Review

    The Caravela Mechanical Mod, is a silver and gold colored mechanical mod. With a piston-like button and an inscribed logo and serial number, the Caravela is a beautiful and shining mech mod, reminiscent of a brass and silver ship’s compass!

    What’s the Caravela Mechanical Mod?

    Silver-plating on the battery contacts ensures a clean and conductive circuit, giving this mod an added kick! The center pin, silver-plated as well, is also adjustable, greatly increasing the flexibility and reliability of this piece. The center pin is embedded in a 510 threaded connection, maximizing the number of possible atomizers available to you. The bottom-mounted firing button is one of my favorite mech mod button designs, with the space between the button and base. The locking ring also keeps the mod from accidentally firing in your pocket!

    Scoring the Caravela Mechanical Mod

    Design: 9/10
    The Caravela has a clean and shining design, from the logo to the brass accents! This is one of the cleanest looking mech mods available, with no distracting lines or seams in the body.

    Functionality: 9/10
    Silver is hardly more resistive than copper, but the slight change makes a world of difference. If you’re looking for power, the Caravela will certainly be your match!

    Customization: 6.5/10
    Besides the adjustable center pin, the Caravela is built to certain specifications, and within those specifications it will stay.

    Build Quality: 9/10
    The Caravela is a wonderful piece of technology. It’s beautifully crafted, with smooth-as-silk threads and a gorgeous finish that will last for ages! The logo is laser-etched, as is the unique serial number identifying your piece. The Caravela is resilient, but don’t drop it if you want the shine to stay!

    Overall Score: 8/10
    The Caravela Mechanical Mod is an absolutely stunning mod, with incredible performance and a beautiful design! The silver plated contacts and lockable firing ring are the cherry on top, making this piece a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves mechanical mods!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Nemesis Mechanical Mod Review

    The Nemesis Mechanical Mod, by ISK, is a mech mod designed for beauty and strength, both in construction and use. Its stainless steel body is incredibly rugged, able to withstand an enormous amount of abuse. The silver contacts guarantee a clean connection, powering your atomizer as much as is possible! Available in two colors, and with three different size options, the Nemesis is a flexible, clean-cut, and powerful mechanical mod!

    What’s the Nemesis Mechanical Mod?


    The Nemesis is a fairly standard mech mod, with 510 threading and completely mechanical engineering. There are three possible sizes, to accommodate 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries! The silver contacts and stainless steel construction minimize the resistance in the mech mod body, helping this mod provide the maximum power!

    Scoring the Nemesis Mechanical Mod

    Design: 8.5/10
    Unlike many mods with removable rings, the Nemesis’s noticeable lines seem to add to the style of the piece rather than detract from it. The indent at the head cap is rather unintuitive, making it seem at first as through it were about to come off, but with time I’ve grown to like the effect it produces.

    Functionality: 8.25/10
    The lack of a locking ring is rather irksome. This is not a piece to put in your pocket while you’re out on a stroll. On the other hand, if you’re dripping, there’s no reason not to pick up this mod. The power it provides is astonishing, making massive clouds and delicious flavor!

    Customization: 6.5/10
    The ability to change your battery size is quite nice, but that’s the only option afforded to you here.

    Build Quality: 8.5/10
    The Nemesis is incredibly well-built, with solid threads to ensure a good connection, and silver contacts to provide minimal resistance.

    Overall Score: 8/10
    The Nemesis Mechanical Mod is a wonderful mech mod, especially for people using RDAs or who’re looking for a massive punch of power!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!