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    How to use Yocan Evolve Plus

    How to use Yocan Evolve Plus. Inside the box you’ll find: one Evolve atomizer, one Evolve battery, one extra dual quartz coil, one tool, and one USB charger.


    To load the Yocan Evolve plus, unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber. Unscrew the chamber cap and use your wax tool to load a small amount of wax right onto the coil.

    Replace the chamber cap and mouthpiece, click the power button five times to unlock the device, and you’re ready to vaporize!

    The Yocan Evolve plus doesn’t have any temperature control beyond how long you hold down the power button. The device will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of holding down the button, but the dual quartz coils hit hard so you likely won’t have to wait long to get a nice tasty cloud.

    To wrap things up!  Let’s talk about some of the key features of the Yocan Evolve Plus which make it such a stellar device.


    The overall build quality of the Yocan Evolve Plus; this is a wax pen designed to hold up to a fair amount of travel and use, and the coils have been working great for us even after extended use.


    Easy it is to use; this unit features one-button operation and doesn’t use any temperature control, so it’s super easy to get big cloud production.


    The built-in silicone container at the bottom of the Yocan Evolve Plus.

    This is a clever idea! Which allows you to easily transport concentrate material along with the device and help simplify loading on the go.


    The Yocan Evolve Plus is an excellent unit for those seeking a convenient, high-value wax pen which is easy to use and offers efficient satisfying vapor.

    For all you connoisseurs out there, keep´on vapin! 🙂

  • Guide: How to use Hydrology9

    One of Best Hi-Tech Products in the market Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

    Hydrology9 only has one button press it three times to turn it on, you then push it 1 more time and it will start heating up. To change the temperature of the device, it needs to be on. It can be heating up or held at a set temperature. Each time you press it will rise upwards to the next highest setting. The temperature for the 5 preset settings are as followed. Cloudious9 intentionally has the highest setting set to above the point of combustion for those who want a bigger hit.


    Lights on Hydrology9 and Temp Settings

    Blue – 200C– 392F

    Greenish Yellow – 210C – 410F

    Orange – 220C – 428F

    Purple – 230C – 446F

    Red – 240C – 464F



    The Hydrology9 has five preset temperatures that are indicated by 5 different colored flashing lights. Blue is the lowest temperature setting and red is the highest. In order to turn the device on you need to push the power button quickly three times. Then to choose a heat setting you press the power button again once. This will activate the Hydrology9 and begin heating it to the previously set temperature.

    If you want to switch through to a different heat setting you just push the power button again, each time your press it, it will flash a different color. The Hydrology9 will continue to flash one of the five colors until the temperature has reached the current setting. After about 50 seconds the LED lights will stop flashing and will turn solid green. Solid green means the Hydrology9 is ready and you should begin inhalation.

    It is recommended that users leave for 3 to 5 seconds in between each inhalation. This, to allow the oven to get back to the desired temperature. Each session will last 2 minutes, followed by a 60 second cool down. The solid green light will turn flashing blue then solid blue for 60 seconds. After, the blue light turns off you can press the power button to start a new session.

    In case, you are a vaporizer geek that wishes to have the cutting-edge-day and best unit on the market. You’ll want to get your fingers on the Hydrology9.



    The Hydrology9 is built with an internal 2000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery that lasts around 11-15 sessions it 2 minutes per average session, takes two to three hours to get back up to full charge.

    The vaporizer industry become starting to get boring, besides a few mentions. Furthermore, this guys rock the industry with innovation, pushing the boundaries.

    It´s definitely a must! So, pack your favorite Herbs, adjust the vents and temperature. Yes! you are ready to Puff! A big round of applause to the designer of this well-made vaporizer!

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • The Vaping Bandwagon: Basics Of Vaping

    It seems that with every day that comes around more people are hopping on the vaping bandwagon and with the many newcomers comes a lot of uneducated and inexperienced vapers. Now do not get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people who are new to the vaping world and do not know quite as much information as they would like to at first. Everybody does has to start from somewhere, which is completely understandable. However, what is not understandable is the refusal for people to actually learn about the vaping products they are using. So I thought it would be most beneficial to break down vaping and vaporizers in a very “user-friendly” manner so that nobody has an excuse to not learn about their vaporizers.

    The best place to start when breaking down the basics of vaping is by giving a basic definition of vape pens. An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered mechanism that is designed to provide an inhaled dose of nicotine by means of a vaporized solution (eLiquid).  The usually rechargeable battery gives power the heating element inside of the vape pen called the coil. In turn, when the eLiquid makes contact with the coils, it is heated up and the eLiquid is vaporized and ready to be inhaled. Essentially, the battery works as a power switch for the coils to heat up in order to vaporize the eLiquid.

    Now that that is out of the way, the next question seems to be, how exactly is the eLiquid vaporized? Luckily there is a fairly simple explanation. There is a wicking material that is placed in the coils, usually organic cotton. When the wicking material makes contact with the eLiquid it is absorbed thoroughly and will slowly reach the heating coil. The act of taking a hit from the vaporizer will pull the eLiquid through the wicking material to the coil so it can be vaporized. Once the eLiquid reaches a certain temperature (temperatures vary) it will vaporize fully and travel directly from the coil to your mouth so you can finally inhale the product.

    So when it comes down to it, the actual process of vaping is not that hard to comprehend when it is nicely broken down for you. A lot of the time this type of information can usually just be guessed correctly, but it is still nice to have the information laid out simply before you so that there are no looming questions in the air. It makes sense that vaping is rapidly growing in popularity with its easy access and its many health benefits as opposed to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, just as fast as the vaping industry is growing it is also changing. You can never be too up to date on what is happening in the vaping world. If you are new to vaping the best place to start when it comes to keeping up to date with products and fads is to start with the basics, get that down, and then grow from there. Informed vaping is safe vaping.

    Happy Vaping!

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  • Hon Lik Where In The World Is Hon Lik?

    Though the vaporization of all kinds of things has a history that started long before the proliferation of vaping among the population at large, and credit for the invention of the e-cig is somewhat difficult to place, there is one man who is widely acknowledged as the inventor of the specific device that took the world by storm over the past ten years. Hon Lik, a pharmacist from Shenyang in north-east China, filed a patent for “a piezoelectric ultrasound element to vaporise a nicotine solution in a device resembling a cigarette” in 2003. After his father’s death from a smoking-related disease and his failure to quell his nicotine cravings solely through the use of nicotine patches, Hon had been working on devising a nicotine delivery system in which the nicotine could be suspended in a food-grade solution that could then be heated and inhaled, much like cigarette smoke, but far less dangerous. Thus, the electronic cigarette as we know it was invented.

    Ten years after Hon initially filed to patent his invention, Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco, offered him $75 million for his patents. Hon accepted, despite grumblings about his selling out to big tobacco and failing to stick by his stated principle of reducing tobacco use worldwide. Since then, he has been working as a consultant for Fontem, flying around the world and giving talks about the invention of the machine that might well take out Fontem’s parent company. Here, for instance, is his quick address to the Global Forum on Nicotine, held in Warsaw only last week. For the most part, Fontem appears to be using him as a figurehead for their operations in exchange for full control over his patents.

    According to a Guardian article, Hon doesn’t believe his work for Fontem is antithetical to his opposition to tobacco smoking. In Hon Lik’s view, Fontem’s primary interest is the proliferation of vaping, which to him is synonymous with the reduction of smoking, After all, Hon Lik invented electronic cigarettes to curb his own tobacco use, which should make his motives quite clear.

    Things are likely not as cut and dry as this, but one incontrovertible fact that remains is that Hon Lik really did alter the world in a significant, visible way. Sure, the technology for e-cigs can be said to have existed for ages, but it was ultimately his version of it that won out and spread throughout the world. It must be kind of amazing for him to walk down random streets in the United States and see huge numbers of vapers, not to mention vape shops, stores literally dedicated to his invention. And Hon Lik is relatively young and presumably in quite good health – he’s quit smoking, after all – so he might live to see the beginning of a worldwide reduction in smoking, which I think we all can acknowledge is ultimately his goal.

    Happy vaping, Hon Lik!