• Does Vaping Release Formaldehyde?

    If you’re at all attuned to the coverage of e-cigarettes in the media, you will have noticed that the latest research making the rounds in health reporting warns us of the dangers of “Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols.” According to a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers at Portland State University have found that “more than 2% of the total solvent molecules [in e-cigarette liquid] have converted to formaldehyde releasing agents, reaching concentrations higher than concentrations of nicotine.” Given that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, the researchers warn that, at least with respect to that particular class of molecules, vaping is even worse than smoking. Before you throw your vaping device in the trash and run over to the gas station to pick up a pack of Pall Malls, let me propose several objections and try to set your mind at ease.

    First, the high levels of formaldehyde releasing molecules quoted here, and in many publications where the findings of this study have been disseminated, are only present when liquid is heated at high voltage. At low voltage, the researchers acknowledge that no formaldehyde releasing agents were found at all. At “medium” voltages (though these imprecise descriptions are obviously totally useless outside of the context of normal usage, where 3V might well be towards the higher end of possible voltages), it’s anyone’s guess. A logical follow-up to the initial research would be to attempt to assess the voltage, or, better yet, the wattage at which common users vape, and to calibrate the average voltages used in the study to accurately model real-life vaping conditions. This, combined with a method of extracting smoke that would actually accurately mimic human smoking (it is unclear how the vapor was extracted in this study), would actually lend some credibility and context to the results gathered. While this calibration should have been a part of the study to begin with, do the researchers at least plan to address these problems in follow-up studies? It appears not. A remark made to NPR by one of the researchers indicates that he is convinced that regular vapers do in fact use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices at high voltages, primarily because ”as [he] walks around town and look[s] at people using these electronic cigarette devices it’s not difficult to tell what sort of setting they’re using. You can see how much of the aerosol they’re blowing out. It’s not small amounts.” Impeccable adherence to the scientific method, Dr. Peyton.

    Second, both the media and the study itself have failed to justify the implied link between the detection of “formaldehyde releasing molecules” and the actual exposure of lung tissue to formaldehyde. The researchers do admit that “how formaldehyde-releasing agents behave in the respiratory tract is unknown,” yet they proceed to base the entirety of the paper on the premise that there is a 1:1 correspondence between these compounds. What is most striking here is that these molecules are formaldehyde releasing precisely because they only release formaldehyde under specific circumstances. Without further details about exactly which formaldehyde hemiacetals were detected in this study, not much more can be said on the topic, but it suffices to say that their presence does not in any way justify the conclusion that formaldehyde, the carcinogenic agent with all its reactive potential, is released into the lungs as a consequence of vaping, even at a high voltage. A quick look at the literature cited in the footnotes does nothing to alleviate this worry.

    Third, and most damning, I think, is the direct implication of this study: that vaping is potentially even more dangerous than smoking. While it is unclear to me whether that was the initial intent of the researchers, reporting on the study (and it has been extensive) often hints that vaping might not, after all, be better than smoking. Framing the study in those terms is absolutely unconscionable, as it fails to remind the public that even if the numbers somehow turn out to be accurate, vaping is still, as far as we know, not even comparable to smoking in the dangers it poses to the regular vaper.

    In short, this study and the reporting surrounding it appear to basically be another instance of morally motivated blindness to actual scientific shortcomings. So, for now, I would advise patience, and, if you’re at all worried, maybe lowering the power at which you use your vape.

    Happy vaping!

  • The Best New Vaporizers!

    Hey guys! It’s just about that time that you start finally having a bit of extra cash after the post holiday empty pockets, so why not buy a new vaporizer? We have tons of great new vapes in that are just calling your name! So there’s no time to waste, let’s get to it!


    1. The Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod (with Phone Charger!)


    We all know that everyone and their mom absolutely loved the Vamo V5 Mod Kit by KSD so you just know the Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod with Phone Charger is going to be amazing! This kit is perfect for any eliquid vaper looking for the latest and greatest variable voltage mod. This kit has some amazing features with variable voltage from 3W to 20W, gorgeous silver plating, 510 threading, an LCD screen that shows you everything you could want to know, plus so much more! At just $59.95 you’ve got to buy one now!


    2. The Herbal Globe Atomizer


    The Herbal Globe Atomizer is the absolute best (not to mention cheapest!) way for anyone with a 510 threaded battery to get into vaping. This ultra sleek little herbal atomizer works with any 510 threaded battery and comes at the tiny price of just $16.95! The globe shape allows for a far larger capacity than it’s predecessors and it’s pyrex glass shell makes it durable despite it’s sleek look. We can’t think of any reasons to not try out the globe!


    3. The Cloud (RDA/RBA) by Wotofo


    The Cloud Re-buildable Atomizer by Wotofo is  one of the sleekest on the market! It has a large 5 ml capacity, always convenient 510 threading, an on/off valve to prevent leaks, adjustable air flow, a silver plated connection pin, and is, of course, fully rebuildable. This is our very first Wotofo product and we’re seriously excited about this atomizer! Pick one up today for just $24.95!


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  • Vogue V3R Vogue V3R Starter Kit Review

    The Vogue V3R Slim Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a rather interesting possibility for a new vaper. With two complete tank atomizer and battery assemblies, the V3R Starter Kit is perfect for someone trying to quit smoking! Additionally, unlike most starter kits, it comes with eLiquid, ensuring that you’re ready to go when you get the box no matter what! Available in either white or black, the V3R is an extremely slim and sleek e-cig, and it fits perfectly in nearly any pocket or purse. The included eLiquid is in a syringe bottle, making filling the tank a super simple process!

    What’s the Vogue V3R?

    V3R Starter Kit

    The V3R is a unique e-cigarette with a tank atomizer and an automatic battery. There’s no button, no options, all you do is inhale and the vape does the rest! This is great for beginners, and if you want a few spare setups for flavor testing. The automatic system works surprisingly well with different eLiquids, despite different optimal temperature profiles! Also, with the centered wicks, the V3R can be hit from any angle, unlike bottom coil devices.

    Scoring the Vogue V3R

    Design: 7/10
    Combining disposable e-cigs and more advanced mods, the V3R bridges the gap holding many back from quitting traditional cigarettes! The ability to use this vape at any angle allows new vapers more leeway as they learn their device.

    Functionality: 8/10
    This is a fairly good device, although you can’t expect wonders from a fixed output battery. The automatic switch works quite well, and does a good job minimizing dry hits. To make sure, let the wicks soak for a few minutes when filling the tank for the first time.

    Customization: 7/10
    The V3R has a fixed output, and a fairly simple tank. Two setups lets you play around with flavors, however, which is a nice advantage!

    Build Quality: 8/10
    This is a well-built vape, especially at the low price of under ten dollars per setup. It’s not incredible, but for the price, it’s spectacular.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10
    The Vogue V3R Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a great set for a beginner, with two complete setups and eLiquid already in the box! This is also a great kit for anyone looking for a new setup for flavor testing.

    Buy it here!

    Happy Vaping!

  • iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit Review

    The iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit, by Innokin, comes with both a top of the line VV3 battery and five iClear16 clearomizers! The VV3 is a battery with both variable voltage and variable wattage. It’s LED display has a multitude of features, making this one of the most useful regulated batteries available! The five clearomizers also can be used either to try out a bunch of flavors, or to last a long time without needing replacement.

    What’s in the iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit?

    iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit

    Along with the VV3 and the five iClear16s, the iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit comes with a USB charging cable and a USB wall adapter. Like with a lot of USB-charged batteries, using another USB wall adapter like an iPod one can overcharge your battery, reducing it’s life significantly. For that reason, this is a really thoughtful addition to this setup.

    The VV3 has variable voltage from 3.3 to 5.0 volts, in 0.1 volt increments. You can instead adjust the wattage, which ranges from 6.0 to 11.0 watts in 0.5 watt increments. Both of these functions can be accessed via the single fire button. The LCD display on the base of the battery can be used to show either of these settings. It also can read-out a puff-counter and an ohm-reader for circuit testing!

    Scoring the iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit

    Design: 6.5/10
    The iTaste VV3 itself is a bit oddly designed, with a rounded-square shape. It’s not atrocious by any means, but it’s aim is definitely function over form.

    Functionality: 8/10
    This is a high quality battery with a lot of added features. The ohm-reader is extraordinarily useful, especially once you’ve moved into the realm of rebuildables. The puff counter is a nice add-on. I only wish there was a manual ring or some such to adjust the voltage or wattage, but that’s personal preference.

    Customization: 8/10
    The five iClear16 clearomizers lets you fill up immediately with a variety of eliquid! This is great when trying to choose a flavor, especially for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for. The variable voltage and variable wattage let you choose exactly what kind of vape you want!

    Build Quality: 7.5/10
    The VV3 is a well-built battery, with safety features galore. It’s reliable and relatively rugged, given the inherently fragile LCD display.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10
    Innokin’s iTaste VV3 Vaporizer Kit is a wonderful starter kit. It’s extremely flexible, both on the battery side with both VV and VW, and with the five included tanks, you can find the perfect liquid quickly and easily!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!