• atmosjump_gold_vaporpuffs_com How to use Atmos Jump Vaporizer

    Hi Guys,

    Today we’re going to show you How to use Atmos Jump Vaporizer. We are going to start by looking at the device and how to charge it.


    When you receive the unit your initial charge will be for six hours. This condition is a must to the battery for future lifespan. we recommend using a laptop or computer to charge or a standar wall adapter.

    When the Atmos Jump battery is running low the Led indicator light will flash 8 times. After three low battery notifications the Jump will shut off to recharge.

    To recharge the Atmos Jump, can be charged through the micro USB connection located at the bottom of the device.


    When attached to the charger, the charging indicator light will shine red to indicate the devices accepting a charge.

    This light will stop shining when the device is fully charged. Regularly the Atmos Jump will take up to four hours to fully charge, but only charged the Atmos Jump until the red light turns off.

    Now let’s load the Atmos Jump with our product!

    Turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise, take off the mouthpiece revealing the heating chamber.

    When placing your product into the chamber break it up with your hands fill the chamber to the top and pack it down lightly. Then turn the mouthpiece clockwise to secure it back over the heating chamber.




    Once your dry herbs are packed into the heating chamber press the power button three times very quickly, the indicator light will shine yellow to show the unit is heating.

    Once the temperature reaches about 400ºF/204ºC,  the indicator light will shine green.

    Now it’s time to inhale slowly!

    The Atmos Jump will automatically shut off after four minutes, this is the device’s safety duration to reactivate the heating element simply click the power button three times very quickly and that’s all there is to keep using the Atmos Jump.


    Happy Vaping! 🙂

  • Review: Hidrology9 Vaporizer

     Hi Tech Vaporizer Hidrology9



    Hidrology9 .There is always a plus to know that a company that puts a huge amount of money in Investigation and Design. A great accomplish will come with a product like this one Hidrology9, but also you have to be a vaporizer user and connected with the needs of the users.Buying the Hydrology 9 definitely worth every dollar that you can spent on it!

    Let me tell you why.

    The Hydrology9 is a well built product full of Glass and Metal, it is made using space grade and anti-rust materials. The body is space grade aluminum alloy, the oven is ceramic with a built in stir stick. Looks very tough. In order to seal the unit you need to twist the base and the cap together with the glass water tube between them. Doing this really gives you the feel of how strong build is. The mouthpiece cover is magnetic and sits in place very securely.

    Below the mouthpiece is a system, that helps to prevent water from leaking upwards when the device. Also if is upside down or being rotated on an angle to reload. The lid and the mouthpiece itself are both detachable which allow for very easy maintenance of the vaporizer. Beautiful masterpiece giving it a superior and highly good looking.

    Inside the chamber the liquid filtration helps to give you a cleaner and smoother inhalation created by layers of filtering, first the vaporization itself then the inhalation of the vapor through water. Aesthetically that the most of the prettiest vaporizers I’ve ever seen.

    Due to the work they put in this vaporizer is superb!


    There is more!

    The Hydrology9 has LED lights to help guide you and notify you of the device current status and temperature settings. Built into the side of the water vaporizer is an air intake hole. A computer chip helps to control the temperature integrity and allows the device to maintain your chosen heat setting. The heating chamber uses conduction heating. The lid for the oven has a stir stick which you can turn during your session to create a more even heat distribution.

    As a result, big round of applause to the designer of this well made vaporizer!


    Therefore, pack your favorite Herbs, adjust the vents and temperature and you are ready to Puff!

    Since the vaporizer industry become starting to get boring, besides a few mentions. As a conclusion, this guys rock the industry with innovation pushing the boundaries.

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Get To Know Herbal Vapes

    Almost every day I get questions and people asking, what is the difference between vaping dry herb and smoking it? Is there even a difference? What are the benefits from vaping dry herb as opposed to smoking it? Well, question no more what the difference between vaping and smoking is! Getting to know your herbal vape pen and how it works is a wonderful way to keep a close eye out for your health and enjoy your vaping experience to its full potential.

    First things first, how in the heck does the pen actually work? Luckily the explanation is fairly simple. The first type of pen, which seems to be the most common to vape with is a vape/combustion pen, like the Snoop Dogg G Pen. Herbal vape pens like these work in one of two ways. The first option you have when using the pen is to use it as a combustion pen by setting the dry herb directly in the heating chamber on the coils. By doing this, the coils will combust the dry herb into a vapor/smoke. The second option you have in using a combustion/vape pen is to place a steel mesh screen in the heating chamber just above the coils. Placing a mesh screen will allow the dry herb to sit above the coils and just be vaped by the heat instead of also being heated up by direct contact to the coils.

    The second type of commonly used vape pen is a convection vape pen, like the Titan-I Vaporizer. Pens that are convection vape pens are more likely to be a higher quality product to vape with. These pens work by blowing hot air into the heating chamber as opposed to using a coil to heat the herb. Convection vape pens essentially work like a mini convection oven. The hot air being exuded into the heating chamber will heat up the herb enough to vape, but it will not heat the herb up as hot as it would be if the herb were being lit with fire. In doing so, the process of vaping your dry herbs will not release any carcinogens and allow a true vaporization.

    A lot of people get confused while vaping, they expect there to be a big cloud of smoke much like using a water pipe. However, when vaping there should be little to no vapor. Also, the smell should be very minimal if any. Since the vaping process is much less harsh than burning dry herb, the smell is diluted and discrete. The reason there is little to no smoke is that when you are vaping you are essentially “skipping the middle step” of smoking. When you vaporize dry herb what you are inhaling is almost a completely gaseous state as opposed inhaling smoke. Therefore, your body and lungs do not need to process out the smoke and carcinogens that they would have inhaled if you were to be burning your dry herb.

    The fact that this step is skipped with vaping means that the process of vaping dry herb is a far more healthy option. Your lungs will be able to be properly cleared and dilated by the THC without having to clear your lungs of the debris from smoking as well. Vaping your dry herb (especially with a convection vape pen) has the ability to drastically improve your lung health due to the lack of carcinogens and the ability to increase the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation. When it comes down to it, smoking is great and can have its health benefits. However, vaping is far superior!

    Happy Vaping!

  • Dry Herb Vapes For Any Budget!

    We know deciding which dry herb vaporizer to buy can be a total headache. Information out there is limited and reviews are just all over the place. We’ve also know we can help! So we’ve done all the research and we’ve pain stakingly tried countless models (I know; we have truly suffered) to bring to you our master list of the best dry herb vapes for any budget. So let’s get to it! Check out our list below to find the best vape for you!

    1. The Titan II (Tw0) Vaporizer Dry Herb Kit


    The Titan II Vaporizer Dry Herb Kit is just perfect for any vaper on a budget! It’d conduction heating system works better than any other pen in its price range. We know there are cheaper models, you can an Ago G5 for just $34.95. But those pens do need replacement pieces where the Titan II will continue to work for the full life of its battery! For just $84.95 you’ll have years of great dry herb vaping!

    2. The Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer By Ciggo



    For just a few dollars more than the Titan II you can upgrade to The Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer by Ciggo! This ultra discreet kit is perfect for anyone looking for a more precise vaping experience. Using the Herbstick Deluxe’s OLED screen you can tell the exact temp your vape is currently at and set it to your exact temperature preference. The best part? It’s just $129.95!

    Happy Vaping!