• My subjective experience of vaping Begginner´s Guide: Your First Vaping Kit

    A Begginer´s Guide: Your first vaping kit, including the six must-have features. Read reviews online and listen to vape enthusiasts. Meanwhile we’ve put this guide together to help new vapers choose their first starter kit.

    Brand New to Vaping

    If you’re brand new to vaping. there are a few new terms that you should understand before choosing your vape starter kit.

    Mouth to lung inhale, this is when vapor is pulled into the mouth first and then inhaled into the lungs second. The same as when drawing smoke from a cigarette.

    Direct to lung inhale, this is when vapor is inhaled straight into the lungs which is the common method for those that are Sub-Ohming.

    Sub-Ohming, technically involves vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.

    Sub-Ohming allows a person to produce more cloud vapor while enjoying a more intense flavor and warmer vape.

    There are quite a few different types of vape devices including Cig- a-likes, which are very basic first generation devices and mechanical mods which are for advanced vapers only.

    Here we’ll cover the two best choices for a beginner the vape pen and the box mod.











    Easy and Safe

    If you have never vaped before then in most cases, the vape pen is a great first device for you!

    They are easy to use mostly designed for a mouth to lung inhales and a compact in size, so are ideal for beginners that are looking to transition from smoking.

    You will also get great flavor and produce decent clouds depending on the specific device and e-liquid that you choose.

    If you have tried vaping or a starter kit and are comfortable with direct lung inhales then you may be better suited to a box mod style.

    They are more powerful and have more advanced features, like variable wattage, they can support both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, and are larger in size than vape pens, and because you can sub-ohm you will enjoy better flavor and bigger clouds.

    As a beginner it’s important that whatever device you choose it is both easy and safe to use.



    These six must-have features will help to ensure this.

    1 – Easy to fill.

    You will be refilling your tank with a liquid a few times a week.

    So you want to starter kit that is easy to refill and mess-free a device that is top fill is the simplest, where a simple unscrew and fill from the top is all that is required.


    2 – Easy to replace coils.

    You will also be replacing your coils once or twice a week so you will want to starter kit for a simple unscrew and replace is all that is required.tanks_vaporpuffs_com


    3 – Sufficient tank capacity.

    You will require a large enough a liquid tank to avoid topping up constantly during the day.

    As a general guidance, if you smoke a pack a day then a two to 3ml. tank should support a full day of vaping.

    If you are closer to two packs a day then a 4ml. to 6ml. tank should be all that is required.



    4 – For long battery life.

    You will need to balance battery life with your size preference. Because the longer the battery life the less compact the device will be.

    As a general guidance. We would suggest that if you smoke a pack a day then a 1,000 milliamp hour capacity should get you through a full day of vaping. If you are closer to two packs a day then you will require at least two thousand milliamp hour capacity.


    usb_vaporpuffs_com5 – Simple to charge.

    The more powerful the device the bigger the batteries and the more battery maintenance is required. For example with many of the Box mods you will need to remove the batteries and charge them separately. However, vape pens typically come with a built in battery and a simple plug in micro USB charger.

    6 – Essential Safety Features.

    Short-circuit protection, to stop the unit from functioning in the case of a shorted atomizer to over discharge protection. Automatically power off when the battery over discharges. Overcharge protection, to terminate the charging process once the device is fully charged. Overheat protection, to stop the unit from functioning before the battery is at risk of overheating.






    There are several other features which are more geared towards intermediate and advanced vapers.

    Such as variable voltage, variable wattage and temperature control.

    These are must-have features for a Begginer´s Guide to your first vaping kit, in our opinion.  But if you would like to find a specific starter kit that is right for you.  Please check out our website for more info.


  • Exploding eCigarettes

    With vaping being a new and relatively uncharted territory in the tobacco world, it is fairly common that people do not quite understand proper care and maintenance of their different mods, atomizers, coils, and batteries. It is understandable that with experience comes a better grasp on how vaping works, however, you should always take it upon yourself to find the best quality vape products and learn how to properly use and take care of them regardless of your experience level of vaping. Being a vaper that does not learn proper care of their set ups could quite possibly end with your vape pen in a disastrous explosion. Thus being said, please educate yourself about your mods and accessories!

    A new story seems to come out almost every month about the horrors of exploding eCigarettes and vape mods. There have been cases of vape pens exploding and setting people on fire, knocking out teeth, blowing off tongues, and many more horrendous scenarios. With all of these crazy stories, you would think that people would learn to go about vaping with more caution and attentiveness to what products they are using with what, but unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. What seems to be causing the most danger is that people are not aware of the fact that these little pieces of plastic and metal can cause a serious situation.

    Having the safety issue being brought to attention is the first step to take in the direction of vaping safely and avoiding exploding vaporizers. The second step to take would be to actually understand what it is that is causing the explosion of eCigarettes. One of the biggest causes of vape pens exploding is improper charging methods. Whether it be using a laptop or Ipad to charge your pen, using an unbranded charger, or just using the incorrect charger altogether, these are all common variables in cases where eCigarettes have exploded. Another common mistake that is made that could cause your vape pen to explode is not using a Sub-Ohm reader while Sub-Ohming and completely overloading your pen. The last of the main reasons why vaping can lead to such a terrible outcome is vaping with damaged batteries.

    All of these scenarios that lead to vape pens exploding could have easily been avoided if vaping instructions were followed and if they took the time to learn how to properly care for their products. Do not use faulty chargers or plug your vape pen into outlets that will give off far more power than a vape pen can handle at one time. Learn about Sub-Ohm vaping before you put yourself into a precarious predicament that could lead to serious injury or death. Make sure that the batteries you are using are compatible with your set-up, there is no type of corrosion anywhere on the battery, and that the batteries are being checked on during charging. The best way to avoid a bad situation and an exploding eCigarette is to be educated about what could go wrong and how to prevent it.

    Happy Vaping!

  • Vaping first aid kit for your convenience Vaping for Convenience: My First-Aid Kit

    One of the greatest complaints former smokers turned vapers have about vaping is that, in some ways, vaping is just too damn inconvenient. On the one hand, this complaint makes some sense. There are a lot more elements to a vaping setup than there are in smoking, and the probability that one of these elements will break down in some way is far greater than the probability that you will run out of cigarettes in a place where you can’t find a convenience store to sell you a pack.

    On the other hand, all one has to do to avoid the inconvenience of vaping is stock up on a bunch of replacement materials, which should be relatively economically efficient, given that vaping overall is so much cheaper than smoking. So what are some vaping must-haves that can significantly increase the convenience of vaping? This is the stuff I’ve assembled in order to make sure I never find any reason to relapse back into smoking.

    1. Good E-liquid

    In reality, stocking up on good e-liquid is not a real necessity. You can always head over to your convenience store and buy some crappy cotton candy flavored e-liquid when you find yourself in a bind. However, you likely vape at least in part because you care about your health (I know I do) and you really don’t know what kind of stuff goes into most e-liquids sold in gas stations or convenience stores. I always like to have a big batch of e-liquid I trust on hand.

    1. Replacement Coils

    Unlike hoarding a bunch of e-liquid, hoarding replacement coils is an actual necessity (well, depending on your vaping setup, of course). Without replacement coils for my Kangertech Aerotank my entire vaping setup would become totally useless once the coil in use burns out, and there are few things that are more likely to make me consider smoking again than the prospect of dealing with nicotine cravings by using a Blu e-cig or whatever e-cig is available at gas stations, convenience stores, and other places other than smoke/vape shops. So trust me and hoard up on replacement coils. A pack of five will often cost about as much as a pack of cigarettes in New York City, so you have no excuse not to.

    1. Battery Charger

    This, of course, is more of a short term issue than running out of replacement coils, but running out of battery life for your vape is pretty annoying and, depending on how bad your nicotine cravings get, might result in you reaching for a cigarette. I usually like to use batteries that can be charged via micro USB, but of course this depends on your setup. If you use a mech mod, you might consider getting a second set of batteries for your convenience.

    1. Backup Tank

    Sometimes, shit happens. Your trusty tank that you have been using for months might suddenly find itself smashed on the concrete pavement, or it might start gargling out of nowhere while you’re on your way out of your house and in a hurry. It’s always a good idea to have one extra tank that you know is working and ready to go for those unexpected (and rare) instances. Who knows how long it will take you to find a replacement?

    So there you have it. I may be a vaping hoarder, but I’ll never have to resort to Blu e-cigs.

    Happy vaping!


  • Variable voltage, variable wattage, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Variable Voltage & Wattage: A Guide to Vaporizer Batteries

    If “volts” bring to mind overhyped electric cars and “ohms” make you think of the sound you make when you meditate, entering the realm of vaping might be a little overwhelming at first. There are about a million options for batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, and everything else under the sun, and nary a useful guide on how to even begin choosing between them. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place. Let me take you through a quick guide to the technical side of vaping. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.

    Volts, Watts, Ohms: What They Are, And Why You Should Care

    There are three important physics concepts at work in a vaporizer (and, for that matter, most electronic devices): voltage, resistance, and their dependent cousin, wattage. Since I assume you haven’t taken a look at an electromagnetism book in a while and need a refresher on what these things are and what they do, let’s get to it.


    Voltage is the core determining quality of a battery. It basically denotes the difference in electric potential between one end of the battery and the other. Electric potential in turn, is the amount of electric energy that a battery may or may not actualize. Usually, and certainly in the context of vaporizers, higher voltage will lead to a higher energy output. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that voltage is a function of the battery. Thus, in order to control voltage, you need the right kind of battery. Voltage is usually measured in volts.

    TL;DR: Voltage is a quality of a vaporizer battery. The higher the voltage, the higher the heat output, all other things being equal.


    Unlike voltage, resistance is a function of the heating unit of each vaporizer. Electrical resistance, analogous to resistance in other contexts, is the degree to which a particular part of an electrical circuit impedes the flow of electrical current. Various materials exhibit different levels of electrical resistance; cotton, for instance, is so high resistance that current cannot flow through it at all, while highly conductive materials used for electrical exhibit very little resistance and thus lead to very little loss of energy along the way. In a vaporizer’s electrical circuit, energy flowing from the battery to the heating coil and back to the battery will encounter an area of increased resistance in the coil, which is made of a high-resistance material, forcing it to slow down and basically crowd up in the area of the coil. This slowed, “crowded” electric energy is what actually heats up the coil. Resistance is usually measured in Ohms.

    TL;DR: Resistance is a quality of the atomizer coil. The higher the resistance, the lower the power output, all other things being equal.


    Wattage, by contrast, is a measure of the “power” of a vape. And for a vape, power is what ultimately determines the temperature to which the e-liquid will be heated. Wattage is directly proportional to voltage, meaning that increasing your vape’s voltage will increase the wattage, and thus the temperature of the vapor. At the same time, it is inversely correlated with resistance; this means that the higher your atomizer’s resistance, the lower the power will be. Remember that, while voltage is a function of your vaporizer’s battery, and resistance is a function of the heating coil, wattage is controlled by either of the other two. Wattage is, by definition, measured in Watts.

    TL;DR: Wattage is an emergent quality of the interaction between the battery and the heating coil of a vaporizer. It is most closely related to the actual temperature of the vapor.

    Variable Voltage v. Variable Wattage v. Fixed Voltage

    So now that we’re all on the same page when it comes to the physics behind vapes, let’s talk about the real thing. There are three main categories of batteries, and they all function a little differently.

    Variable Voltage Batteries


    Variable voltage batteries allow you to adjust the voltage of your atomizer by adjusting how much of the battery’s potential voltage is actually in use. Because of their ease of use and their adaptability, variable voltage batteries are a good idea for most atomizers. With a variable voltage battery you can adjust the voltage within a particular range to suit your personal preference, the type of e-liquid you’re vaping, and the type of atomizer coil you are using.

    Here are a couple of good variable voltage batteries to consider…

    Vision Spinner II

    (3.7V – 4.8V)

    Kanger EMOW Vaporizer Starter Kit

    (which you can always use it with its kit buddy atomizer, or you can switch to a different atomizer whenever you feel like shaking things up a bit)

    …and here are some good atomizers to pair with them:

    Aspire Nautilus

    KangerTech Aerotank

    Variable Wattage Batteries
    MVP 2.0 Starter Kit

    Variable wattage batteries, unlike variable voltage batteries, allow you to adjust the overall heat output of your vaping device. A variable wattage battery does so basically in the same way as a variable voltage battery. The main difference is that while a variable voltage battery can lead to different wattage outputs based on the resistance of the coil even when voltage is kept constant, a variable wattage battery should be able to adjust for changes in coil resistance. It does so by reading the resistance of your coil and then adjusting the voltage accordingly.

    Some people find this preferable to variable voltage batteries precisely for this reason, but the two types of batteries work in basically the same way. Mostly, it’s a matter of personal preference. As with variable voltage batteries, most atomizers/clearomizers/cartomizers will work with these batteries. Since variable wattage batteries are a little easier to use than other types of batteries, you might even find that atomizers that have given your trouble with other types of batteries will work wonderfully with this type of battery.

    Here are a couple of excellent variable wattage batteries to try out…

    Vamo V6 Variable Wattage Mod

    Coolfire II by Innokin

    …and here are a couple of atomizers to try them out with:

    KangerTech Aerotank Turbo

    Aspire Atlantis

    Of course, if you’re undecided between variable voltage and variable wattage, you could always go for a vape that gives you both options, like the iTaste MVP 2.0 by Innokin or the iTaste VV3, also by Innokin. These vaporizers allow you to fine tune either voltage or wattage, depending on what makes more sense to you at any given point. Pretty nifty!

    Fixed Voltage Batteries

    samsung 18650 batteries-2

    Fixed voltage batteries are the weirder category, since they are usually used either by total beginners or by vaping enthusiasts. A regular convenience store cigarette-like e-cig, for example, will contain a fixed voltage battery; that should be pretty self-evident, given that there’s usually no way to adjust anything on it. There are other e-cig kits that use fixed voltages (as well as fixed resistances), and these kits are some of the best kits for vaping beginners.

    The other type of fixed voltage batteries is the type used in mechanical mods, most of which lack a way of adjusting either voltage or wattage. Since people who use mechanical mods will often build their own coils, that is usually where there is some room for adjustment. Different coils will have different resistances, and so will result in different wattages when paired with a fixed voltage battery. Keep in mind, though, that these types of batteries can actually be used with variable wattage mods as well; they are fixed voltage only because they lack a native voltage adjustment. But, as you can see with the new Kanger KBox mod, which uses 18650 batteries, they can definitely be used in appropriate variable wattage mods.

    Here are a couple of fixed voltage setups to get you started if you’re a novice…

    Kanger EVOD Vaporizer Starter Kit

    (this one’s a steal)

    Starbuzz E-Hose Electronic Hookah

    (this one’s if you want to splurge)

    …and here are a couple of more advanced setups:

    Pegasus Mechanical Mod + Samsung 18650-25R 2500mAh Battery + Geyser RDA Atomizer

    Nemesis Mechanical Mod + Trustfire 18350 3.7 V Battery (2 Pack)  + Freakshow (RDA) Atomizer by Wotofo

    How To Get What You’re Looking For

    No-Fuss Vaping

    The best pick if what you’re looking for is the easiest, most hassle-free vaping experience is, hands down, the fixed voltage kit setup. Nothing beats being able to take your vaporizer out of its box, fill it with your favorite e-liquid, and start vaping right away without having to worry about whether you’re going to burn it, not heat it enough, or anything else that could (but probably won’t) go wrong with other types of vapes.

    Verdict: Fixed voltage kits win!

    Highly Customizable Experience

    If adaptability and convenience are what you are ultimately most interested in, you can’t really go wrong with a variable voltage or a variable wattage battery. These batteries will allow you the most latitude in achieving the exact type of vaping experience you are looking for; with a variable voltage battery (and of course also a variable wattage battery), you can go from vaping a slow stream of cool vapor out in public to blowing out satisfying cloud of warm vapor in the privacy of your own home in seconds.

    Verdict: Variable voltage/wattage batteries win!

    Best Clouds

    If huge clouds of delicious vapor are what you’re looking for, your best options are going to be mechanical mods paired with the appropriate battery and a rebuildable atomizer. Of course, this will take a little more work on your part than simply pulling a vaporizer out of a kit and starting to vape, but, hey, at this point you’re probably treating vaping as much as a hobby as it is a relaxing replacement for smoking.

    This is all not to say that variable voltage or variable wattage batteries cannot produce huge clouds, but mechanical mods with fixed voltage batteries can really help you transcend boundaries when it comes to building massive clouds!

    Verdict: Fixed voltage batteries in mechanical mods win this one!

    Was this guide useful? Tell us in the comments, and thanks for reading!

    Happy vaping!