• Kanger's Aerotank Atomizer Kanger’s Aerotank Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Aerotank Atomizer and Tank by Kanger is an direct upgrade to Kanger’s Protank II. With all the features that make the Protank line such a wonderful series of bottom-fed clearomizers, in addition to an easy to adjust airflow control ring, Kanger’s Aerotank is a wonderful starting clearomizer!

    What is Kanger’s Aerotank Atomizer and Tank?

    Kanger's Aerotank

    Like the Protank II and III, the Aerotank has a 2.5 ml capacity.  It’s refilled through the bottom, and uses the Kanger replaceable atomizer heads to give consistent and easy-to-use performance! The defining feature of this tank is definitely the airflow control ring. After transitioning from a Protank to a rebuildable atomizer, it was difficult for me to return to the limited flexibility of the Protank. The Aerotank has the option of either tightening the draw, leading to much denser and tastier vapor, or opening it up, making huge throat hits much easier. It’s astounding how much this simple option affects the performance of the tank!

    Scoring the Kanger Aerotank Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 7/10
    A bit longer than the Protank II, the Aerotank has a very similar style. The chimney-like drip tip is fairly unique, and I’m actually a fan of it over more wavy ones.

    Functionality: 8/10
    The Aerotank, like Kanger’s other products, is a great clearomizer, with great flavor and vapor production. The exposed Pyrex tank is really great for seeing how much eLiquid you have left, and to prevent overfilling!

    Customization: 8/10
    This is really the major difference between the Aerotank and its predecessors. The adjustable airflow makes all the difference, giving you the option of thick, heady vapor or lighter but larger draws.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The Aerotank is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant Pyrex glass, giving it a shiny appearance and a strong structure! It’s not the most resilient to droppage, but that’s the unfortunate downside of any piece containing glass.

    Overall Score: 7.75/10
    Kanger’s Aerotank Atomizer and Tank is a strict improvement on the Protank II. It combines the simplicity of that device with an adjustable airflow control ring, giving you an added layer of customization! This is a great tank for either a complete beginner or someone looking for a new ADV!

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  • Cloutank M4 Guide: How To Use The Cloutank M4

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Cloutank M4! We’re going to take a look at the individual parts of the Cloutank M4 before going onto showing you how to use it.

    What is the Cloutank M4?

    The Cloutank M4 is a dry herb and wax atomizer with the unique function of having the mouthpiece double as a cleaning tool which pushes used dry herbs/wax out of the heating chamber. Lets take a look at all the parts of the Cloutank M4.



    • Mouthpiece – This is where you’ll be placing your mouth. You can also push down on this to get the used vaporizing materials out of the heating chamber.
    • Heating Chamber – This part is accessed by removing the Threading Connection and is where you’ll be putting the dry herbs and wax.
    • Airflow Ring – This silver ring can be turned in order to change the airflow to the Cloutank M4.
    • Coil Unit – Hidden between the Airflow Ring and Threading Connection is the Coil Unit which will heat and vaporize your dry herbs or wax. It’s connected to the Threading Connection.
    • Threading Connection – This part connects to the battery and is 510 threaded.

    How To Use The Cloutank M4

    • Fill The Heating Chamber

    Remove the Threading Connection by turning it counterclockwise. You should see a steel screen inside which is part of the Heating Chamber. Fill the heating chamber with either dry herbs or wax. We recommend filling the Heating Chamber just about halfway.

    • Reattach the Threading Connection

    Once you’ve filled the Heating Chamber, reattach the Threading Connection by twisting it clockwise until it’s tightly connected. The Airflow Ring being loose might give you the impression that it’s not all the way connected but don’t mind that since the Airflow Ring is supposed to be adjustable.

    • Attach to Battery and Begin Vaping

    Connect the Threading Connection to your Battery. The Cloutank M4 is 510 threaded and requires a 510 threaded battery. Turn on your battery and hold down the power button while pulling from the Mouthpiece. Everything should come naturally from here.

    After each use, make sure to clean the used materials from the Cloutank M4. It’ll keep it working longer and better.

    Thanks For Reading Our Guide On How To Use The Cloutank M4!

    We hope you’ve got a clear understanding of how the Cloutank M4 works.

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  • Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank is an eLiquid only vaporizer. Made out of stainless steel and lab-grade Pyrex glass, the Nautilus has a clean and practical design. Its most unique feature is the ring-adjustable airflow control, with four hugely different settings!

    Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank

    What You Should Know About the Aspire Nautilus

    The bell-shaped glass tank gives you a great view of the inside of this piece. With room for a whopping 5ml of eLiquid, it helps to be able to see the entire tank, letting you know exactly how much you’ve put in or have left! The walls of the tank are also quite thick, making it much more resilient than a lot of other glass tanks.

    With crosshatched grips on the rings for assembly, the Nautilus is extremely easy to put together or take apart. The different grip pattern for the airflow control ring is a nice touch. It’s obvious at a glance how to adjust it, making it simple to use even before you get used to it! The settings range from 0.9 to 1.8 mm, giving anything from small, thick puffs to massive and airy clouds. It’s easy to change on the go, so if you like more than one setting there’s no fiddling around, just twist and hit! Be sure to try them all out to find your preference.

    Scoring the Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 8/10
    The Nautilus has a fairly functional design, looking a lot like something you’d see in a chemical lab.

    Functionality: 9/10
    The enormous 5ml tank and dual-coil atomizer combine to make every hit from this vape memorable! Easy to use and easy to clean, it’s a very worthwhile product.

    Customization: 9/10
    The easily adjustable airflow control is something that a lot of atomizers and tanks are missing, and it really does change how the vape hits. The lowest setting is much smaller than average tanks, and the largest provides more airflow than any I’ve tried. This is definitely a feature that more companies should incorporate!

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The Pyrex glass tank walls are really thick, but it’s still glass, so be careful to not drop it. That said, Aspire did a good job of maximizing the amount of glass without giving up any structural stability. The stainless steel parts are corrosion-resistant, and sure to last a long time with proper care. Everything fits together snugly and smoothly, with absolutely no misalignment or poor threading.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    The Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank is a high-quality, unique-looking piece! The adjustable airflow control is stunning, and really allows you to find your perfect flow. A lot simpler to use than some more advanced atomizers, the Nautilus is a wonderful choice for anyone from the complete beginner to the experienced enthusiast!

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