• Guide: How To Use The Vivi Nova Atomizer

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide for how to use the Vivi Nova Atomizer. We’re going to start this guide by breaking down the components of the Viva Nova Atomizer before moving onto how to use it.

    What is the Viva Nova?

    The Viva Nova is an eliquid atomizer that uses two wicks in order to vaporize your eliquid. Lets look at the parts:

    Vivi Nova

    • Mouthpiece – This part is found at the top, it’s also removed in order to fill the tank up with eLiquid.
    • eLiquid Tank – This is the clear tank where all your E-Liquid will go.
    • Coil Unit – Found inside the eLiquid Tank, this part can be accessed and replaced by removing the Threading Connection.
    • Threading Connection – This is the bottom of the Vivi Nova atomizer, it’s used to connect to the Threading Connection on a battery.

    How To Use The Vivi Nova Atomizer

    • Remove the Mouthpiece

    Remove the mouthpiece at the top of the Vivi Nova by pulling on it while twisting. It should pop right off.

    • Fill the Tank with eLiquid

    While using your dripping tool, drip your eLiquid against the sides of the eLiquid Tank. Do not get eLiquid directly into the tube at the center of the opening, that tube will just cause the eLiquid to come back through the mouthpiece. Once you have filled it up to your liking, reattach the Mouthpiece.

    • Connect To A Battery

    Connect the Threading Connection at the bottom of the Vivi Nova to the Threading Connection at the top of your battery. Once it’s connected, turn the battery on.

    • Begin Vaping

    Now that the Battery is on and the Vivi Nova is full, just hold the power button and begin the vaporization process. Everything should come naturally from here. If you need to refill the eLiquid Tank, just repeat the first two steps.

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  • Vivi Nova Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer Set Review

    The Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer Set is a quality tank atomizer, with standard 510 threading to maximize compatibility! The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity, and with the graduated markings on the side, it’s easier than ever to know how much eLiquid you have left.  The Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer comes with three different atomizer heads in three different resistances, with the wicks left uncut, to give you as many options as possible while fine-tuning your preference!

    What Comes With the Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer Set?

    Vivi Nova

    Besides the tank itself, the Vivi Nova has a black drip tip. The tank is available in two different colors, red or clear, to fit your personal style! The three atomizer heads included in the kit have resistances of 1.8 ohms, 2.4 ohms, and 2.8 ohms. The differences between these different setups is huge, giving you the widest range possible in a single setup!

    Scoring the Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer Set

    Design: 7/10
    The Vivi Nova has a good design, and the gradations are extremely useful, but the plastic definitely throws me off. For such a low price, however, it’s a great buy!

    Functionality: 7.5/10
    I didn’t have the most time to customize this set, but even straight out of the box this tank hits like a beast. The large capacity is awesome, and the uncut wicks allow you to really get solid juice flow! Definitely cut them down somewhat, though, or you’ll get clogged up.

    Customization: 9/10
    The different resistances included in the box, along with the uncut wicks, really gives you a bunch of flexibility that’s lacking in other clearomizers. This is great for finding out what you like in vaping, especially if you haven’t learned much yet. Learning on your own is an extremely effective method, if you have the opportunity to explore.

    Build Quality: 7.5/10
    The threads and grommets on the Vivi Nova are quite great, but the plastic construction isn’t compatible with all flavors. Be  sure to check that your eLiquid is okay for plastic before using it!

    Overall Score: 7.75/10
    The Vivi Nova is a good starting atomizer, especially when you’re learning! When you learn what you want, however, I’d recommend moving on to a metal or glass tank.

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  • Protank 3 Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Protank 3 is KangerTech’s most recent model in the Protank series, featuring a new dual-coil atomizer head for improved performance.  As with its predecessors, the Protank 3 is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. This maximizes the lifespan of the Protank 3, and ensures compatibility with all flavors of elLiquid! The 2.5 ml capacity tank holds enough juice to keep you going all day on a single fill!

    What’s the Protank 3 Atomizer and Tank?


    The Protank 3 is a stainless steel and glass clearomizer, with dual coil replaceable atomizer heads. It has 510 threading, and comes with a eGo thread cover to be used on eGo-compatible batteries. Every piece on the Protank 3 is removable and replaceable, letting you both care for and maintain it for a long time!

    Inside the kit are two 1.8 ohm atomizer heads. While my personal preference lies elsewhere, 1.8 ohms is a good starting resistance, and at only a few bucks a pop, it’s cheap to get new ones! A common complaint from new Protank 3 owners is a burnt flavor. If you flip the plastic grommet on top of the atomizer head, the issue almost always resolves itself. This is one of the easiest glass tank devices to maintain, and it’s great to have one either as a back-up or as your primary vape!

    Scoring the Protank 3 Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 7.5/10
    While an obvious improvement to the Protank 2, there’s nothing spectacular about the style of this piece.

    Functionality: 8/10
    The dual coil really heats up a lot faster than the single coil models. This is a solid, reliable, and easy to use atomizer and tank. It’s no rebuildable, but it’s a great first tank.

    Customization: 6.5/10
    The opportunities for customization here are rather limited. Thankfully, though, every piece on the tank is replaceable, making some modifications possible.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The stainless steel and Pyrex give resistance to scratching, and this piece has grommeted seals to prevent leakage!

    Overall Score: 7.75/10
    The Protank 3 is a well-built and easy-to-use clearomizer. As an update on the Protank 2, it shines, and even on its own this is quite a solid piece!

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  • Guide: How To Use The Protank 1

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Protank 1. We’re going to start off by taking a look at the individual parts of the Protank and then show you how to use it.

    What is the Protank 1?

    The Protank 1 is one of the original phenoms in the vaporizing world and has been amongst the most popular and commonly used atomizers.


    • Mouthpiece – Nothing special about this, it’s where your mouth goes.
    • E-Liquid Tank – E-Liquid be placed in here through the bottom.
    • Coil Unit – This part doesn’t come attached to the Protank 1 but is held inside the case and needs to be attached in order for the vaporizer to work. It’s the heating element of the atomizer and connects to the Threading Connection.
    • Threading Connection – The bottom piece of the Atomizer, this part will connect to the battery and can be removed in order to change the Coil Unit or to fill the E-Liquid Tank with e-liquid.

    How To Use The Protank 1

    • Insert the Coil Unit

    The Protank 1 usually doesn’t come with the Coil Unit or Threading Connection attached, so first things first. Remove the threading connection from the box and insert the coil unit into the side with the bigger hole. Do not remove the rubber piece on the Coil Unit. The Threading Connection will be the ‘gear’ looking part, rather than the ‘cone’ looking part.

    • Fill the E-Liquid Tank

    Fill the E-Liquid tank by dripping your eLiquid against the sides of the opening. The hole in the center is not leading to the E-Liquid Tank, it’s part of the mouthpiece, so putting E-Liquid through it will cause it to come out the other side. We recommend filling it only halfway.

    • Attach the Threading Connection

    Line up the coil unit to the hole in the center of the opening and twist the Threading Connection onto the Protank until it’s connected firmly attached.

    • Attach to Battery

    Now attach your battery to the Threading Connection of the Protank and begin vaping. Everything should come naturally from here.

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