• Nautilus Aspire Nautilus Aspire Atomizer and Tank: A Review

    Okay, so if you’re anything like me, you probably want your e-liquid atomizer to have it all. A large tank that will not only hold a good amount of e-liquid, but will also be attractive to look at, a perfect seal that allows you to take it along on wild adventures, and vapor production that literally makes you forget the real thing exists when you’re puffing on peach cobbler e-liquid. This is a lot to ask for, and it’s no wonder that most atomizers fall short. The Nautilus Aspire, however, does not. It fulfills all of those requirements and more. So let’s get to it – though I must warn you that I really like this atomizer and use it on a daily basis, so I might get a little effusive.

    Nautilus Aspire: A Review


    The Nautilus Aspire is a looker, to say the least. Overall, it has far more flow in its design than most atomizers, though the thick glass walls bestow a measure of stability to its elegant frame. I’ve also found that it seems to create a better-looking unit in conjunction with most batteries than other tanks, so that’s pretty cool.


    More than most atomizers, the Nautilus Aspire impresses with its functionality. The bottom ring, which attaches to the battery, offers a number of differently sized ventilation holes to choose from. Though I’ve found that I usually prefer more ventilation rather than less, it’s nice to have the option to reduce vapor production that way when circumstances require it. The atomizer also responds well to changes in voltage, so you can customize your vaping experience to the highest extent.

    Vapor quality

    This is probably the strongest point in favor of the Nautilus Aspire over other options. The vapor produces by the Nautilus Aspire is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. This atomizer somehow manages to bring out all the complexities of whatever flavor you’re vaping, to the point where I feel like a rich guy at a wine tasting while vaping from the Nautilus. “Yeah, I think I’m getting a little undertone of cardamom against the background of vanilla bean.”


    With proper use and care, the Nautilus Aspire is one of the most reliable atomizers out there. Though I don’t recommend taking it on, say, a rollercoaster, I have to say that I’ve never had a leaking problem, regardless of how careless I’ve been with it. The coils do need to be replaced occasionally, though I’ve found that if I make sure to keep the tank filled at most points and clean it regularly I can make a coil last for quite a while before needing a replacement.

    Miscellaneous Tips

    Two things to keep in mind with the Nautilus Aspire. First, make sure that you always have at least some 1.5mL-2mL of e-liquid in your tank. The coil and the wick are placed higher in the Nautilus than in many tanks, so keeping some amount of e-liquid in there helps keep the wick in contact with it. Second, and this is kind of silly, but I would recommend that you put a good amount of thought into picking a flavor to vape from it. I can’t overstate how good the Nautilus is at delivering flavor, and it would be a shame to waste that capability.

    Overall, I give it 4.9… I don’t know, Vapor Puffs(?…) out of 5. Get it here!

    5 puffs

    Happy vaping!

  • More New Products!

    It’s been a busy week at the Vapor Puffs HQ as we’ve added two more new products to our store. One of them an RDA from the growing Wotofo catalogue and the other an upgrade to an incredibly popular mod from the Vamo family.

    As always, if there’s an item that you’re looking for that isn’t available in our store, just leave a comment and we’ll work on adding it. If we do add your suggestion, you’ll receive free VP points which will give you a discount on any item in the store.

    Freakshow (RDA) by Wotofo



    The Freakshow is a rebuildable drip atomizer made by the bright minds at Wotofo. Made entirely out of stainless steel, it has two adjustable airflow slots that can be worked to your preference. Those airflow slots actually go directly into the coils from underneath. They’re uniquely serial numbered and have incredibly large post holes, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but they are definitely larger than average. It’s one of the most recognizable and wanted Wotofo products out there and now we’ve got it.

    Vamo V6 Variable Wattage Mod


    The followup to the incredibly popular Vamo V5, the Vamo v6 is a variable wattage mod (no that is not a mistake, it’s gone from Variable Voltage to Variable Wattage). It’s got a silver spring loaded bottom cap and silver contacts for connecting to the battery. On top of that it’s got an improved connection pin that also has a silver plating. Basically it’s got a lot of silver on it. The LCD screen is improved as well and now shows a lot of info including the Volts, the Watts, the amount of Puffs taken, the resistance of the atomizer, the output current and the amount of time spent vaping. It’s got both 510 and eGo threading, so it’s versatile for use with a lot of different atomizers.

  • Two New Atomizers!

    This week we added two completely different atomizers to our store, both with their own unique takes and each for a different purpose. If neither of these or the other Atomizers on Vapor Puffs fit your needs, let us know in a comment with what Atomizers you’re looking for, and if we get them in stock you’ll be rewarded with free VP Points which you can use at checkout to pay for your purchase!

    Herbal Globe Vaporizer


    The Herbal Globe Vaporizer gets it’s name from it’s globe shape. That’s a very obvious statement. The Globe shape provides a different kind of vaping experience for users of Dry Herbs, one that really has to be experienced to be fully understood- but outside of the personal experience it provides some more traditional benefits such as a larger capacity and no clogging issues. The mouthpiece is removable and can be replaced with other mouthpieces and the glass is made out of high quality pyrex glass, making it durable.

    The Cloud Atomizer (RBA/RDA) by Wotofo


    Wotofo’s going to be getting a lot of posts in the upcoming weeks as we keep adding more and more of their products to our store. We’ve already got in shipments of The Troll and Freakshow atomizers just waiting to be put up. For now though, it’s all about Wotofo’s Cloud vaporizer. The Cloud is a fully rebuildable atomizer made entirely out of stainless steel that looks like a piece of industrial perfection. It’s biggest star feature is it’s On/Off switch (sort of visible in the picture) that stops the flow of eliquid on command which causes a lot less leakage. It’s an adjustable airflow atomizer with four airhole vents that you can activate as you please. It’s also got two copper contacts and a silver plated connection pin.

  • Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is an upgraded edition of the Protank 1, both by Kanger. If you are already well established with your Protank 1, it may be worth your while to consider switching to the newer Protank 2. Unlike the Protank 3, the Protank 2 uses the same atomizers as the original, making backwards compatibility a non-issue and allowing you to use all your atomizers on a better tank!

    What’s the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank?


    With every part being replaceable, the Protank 2 is a customizable but easy to use tank atomizer! It has a redesigned, stronger base with the coil positioned at the very bottom, maximizing the amount of juice you can vape from each fill. An eGo thread cover is included, as the Protank 2 uses 510 threading, just like the other Protanks. Two atomizers are included in the kit, but don’t forget that they are identical to Protank 1 atomizer heads!

    The stainless steel and Pyrex glass used in the Protank 2’s construction are extremely durable and long-lasting. Also, because the Protank 2’s design allows for complete disassembly, it is very easy to clean and maintain this tank atomizer for a long lifespan!

    Scoring the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 7/10
    The Protank 2 is a tad angular in design, but it’s incredible compared to the Protank 1.

    Functionality: 7.75/10
    This is a really solid atomizer, with a large capacity and good reliability. The design limits flooding, although you can still flood it very badly if you blow into it.

    Customization: 6.5/10
    There’s nothing to change on this atomizer, but the ability to replace any part on it gives you customization possibilities with custom pieces.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    Stainless steel and Pyrex are strong and reliable. The Protank 2 is sure to last a long time, but glass is more fragile than metal or plastic, so avoid dropping it!

    Overall Score: 7.25/10
    The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is a good beginner tank, and it’s a great tank to have around even once you move on! This is a solid all-day-vape, regardless of your skill level.

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!