VP Points Gift Card


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The VP Points Gift Card comes with the option of $50, $100, $200, and many more options worth of Puff Points that can be used for anything on Vapor Puffs!

1 Puff Point is worth $0.01 in Vapor Puffs credit toward future purchases.

  • 1.000 Puff Points    = $ 10.00
  • 5.000 Puff Points    = $ 50.00
  • 10.000 Puff Points  = $ 100.00

Earn up to 100 Puff Points.

VP Points Gift Card

If you are looking to buy your friends or family a new vape set up but don’t know just what to get them, the VP Points Gift Card is the perfect solution.

Most of us spent a great deal of effort in looking for the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. We researched which new gadget was likely to be the next big hit or which designer brands would be in style. We meant well, but we failed to do the one thing that research shows would actually be most effective in picking the perfect gifts: asking people what they want.

If you get lucky and get the perfect gift, you really do look great doing so. The challenge, is that we seldom get that lucky. If, instead, we really focused on the recipient, as I believe we should, surprises would be far less prevalent, and far less underwhelming. Instead, we would take the time to find out what our friends and loved ones actually want and give those items as gifts.

All the research in the world on trends and fashions will never allow us to get it quite right. On the surface, it seems so obvious: if you want to get someone the perfect gift, VP Points Gift Card is the perfect one!


$1.00 ( 100 VPP), $50.00 (5.000 VPP), $100.00 (10.000 VPP), $200.00 (20.000 VPP), $300.00 (30.000 VPP), $400.00 (40.000 VPP), $500.00 (50.000 VPP)


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