Blazer Big Buddy Torch


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  • 60 Minute Continuous Burn Time
  • Maximum 2500F Flame
  • Precision Flame Height Adjuster
  • Larger Flame Nozzle
  • Compatible with All Dab Nails
  • Continuous Flame Lock Lever
  • Safety Lock
  • Igniter Button
  • Easy to Refill
  • Approximately 6 Inch Height
  • Portable Design

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Blazer Big Buddy Torch

Blazer Big Buddy features a very powerful 2500º turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, all in a light weight portable design. The Big Buddy provides all the power and dependability, light after light, that Blazer is known for the world over.

Designed for fast and efficient dabbing, the Blazer Big Buddy TURBO Torch offers an extremely powerful 2500F flame and an impressive 60 minute continuous burn time–all in one easy-to-use, portable butane dab torch. Offering more than the average dab torch, the Big Buddy ensures safe and satisfying dab sessions with a precise flame height adjuster, flame lock lever, and igniter button with safety lock. A detachable stand keeps the torch upright when at rest in between dabs. Boasting a larger nozzle and butane capacity than other dabbing torches, the Big Buddy offers more power and convenience with the same portable design for which Blazer is known. Enjoy mastery over your dab sessions with this compact yet powerful dab torch.

Height Adjuster

Engineered for precision dabbing, the Big Buddy Blazer torch features an advanced flame height adjuster that enables users to tailor their dabbing sessions. Enjoy smaller, more flavorful clouds with a lower flame, or go big with higher temperatures. The Blazer Big Buddy torch can reach a maximum of 2500F, offering a much wider temperature range than the average dabbing torch. Simply slide the precision adjuster and watch the flame shrink and grow with uncanny precision. An enlarged flame nozzle allows you to quickly and thoroughly heat your dab nail for big, milky clouds.


The Big Buddy is a true friend with a rapid-fired igniter button. No lighter required. Just push the ignition button with the safety lock off and the Big Buddy Torch will ignite on command. Perfect for fast, hassle-free dabbing, the Big Buddy will light automatically in a rapid fashion. The igniter button is ergonomically placed on the back of the torch head. Just push the button and start dabbing immediately. Once you’re done, you can engage the child-proof safety lever and store your torch with peace of mind.

Safety Lock

Blazer ensures the utmost security with a child-proof safety lock. Simply engage the safety lever located on the igniter button and the Big Buddy Torch will never ignite accidentally. We recommend keeping the Big Buddy Blazer Torch out of reach from children, but should they get a hold of this device, the safety lock, when engaged, will prevent the torch from igniting. The safety lock will also keep the Big Buddy torch from igniting if dropped. A true companion to dab enthusiasts world wide, the Big Buddy offers a safe, seamless and worry-free dabbing experience every session.

Note: Sold without fuel for easy shipping, the Big Buddy Blazer can be easily filled with butane found at most drug stores.

What´s in the Box

  • Blazer Big Buddy Dab Torch


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