Atmos RX Vaporizer Kit


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An upgrade to the extremely popular Atmos Raw, the Atmos RX Vaporizer Kit is a high quality, easy to use vaporizer made to be easily portable and discreet.

  • Uses Atmos Threading
  • 2 Steel Mesh Screen Filters included!
  • Battery Can Last Up to 24 Hours
  • One of the Most Popular Vaporizers

Earn up to 480 Puff Points.

Atmos RX Vaporizer Kit

The Atmos brand is one of the most exciting and popular names around right now in the world of vaporizers and their newest vaporizing venture. The Atmos Rx Vaporizer Kit is a hugely popular, high quality vaporizer that is being raved about all over. An upgrade on the Atmos Raw Vaporizer, it’s windproof, lightweight, discreet, and very easy to use. The Atmos RX Vaporizer Kit is made for use on the go. Refilling it requires only unscrewing the battery from the chamber and placing your product inside the ceramic heating chamber. If it sounds too easy, that’s because it is exactly that easy. One of the most simplest to use designs on the market, the Atmos Rx Vaporizer is a great high quality vaporizing kit.

Please Note: Unlike our competitors, WE INCLUDE STEEL MESH SCREEN FILTERS IN OUR KIT so you don’t have to buy it separately. Simply use the packing tool to insert the mesh screen about two-thirds into the heating chamber before packing your product and you’re good to go! These Mesh Screens are found inside a small plastic bag alongside the Kit Box.

Notable Features

  • Simple to Use and Refill
  • Lightweight, Discreet, Windproof and Easily Portable
  • Uses Atmos Threading
  • A Fully Charged Battery Can Last Up to 24 Hours
  • Comes in Multiple Colors
  • Includes Specifically Designed Steel Mesh Screens

What’s In The Box

  • Atmos Rx Battery
  • Glass Screen
  • All Ceramic Heating Chamber (Black Rx)
  • Coil Heating Chamber
  • Chamber Connector
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Mesh Filter + Spring
  • Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning Brush Tool
  • Packing Tool
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual

Unique Support & Warranty

Ago G5 Vaporizer Support and Warranty

Sure, you can get customer service everywhere… but what we offer at Vapor Puffs is much more than just customer service. Vapor Puffs offers customer service and technical support with every product we sell at no additional cost to you! If you are having any issues with a product you purchase at Vapor Puffs, or if you would simply like some friendly advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

And just in case our technical support can’t fix your issue, the Atmos RX Vaporizer Kit you purchase on Vapor Puffs is covered by a 6-month limited warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects and all warranty replacements go through us. No need to search for manufacturer phone numbers and jump through hoops… Let us do all the work for you!


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