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  • Newest Version
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Clear View LCD Screen
  • Midnight Chrome Finish
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • New Quieter Fan Function
  • Multiple Fan Speed Settings
  • Remote Control for Convenient Use
  • Dual Functionality – Balloon Bag or Whip Attachment
  • Precise Temperature Control with Triple Heat Sensors
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The  new Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is the most affordable dual function vaporizer available today.

It offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor, through a balloon bag or whip attachment.

Extreme Q gives you the best of both worlds!

The high quality whip of the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer cuts no corners in construction, allowing for a vaping experience rich with flavor. The components of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer include a unique glass bowl, which allows for even heating of dried materials. The whip is made of medical grade tubing and comes in a universal size which can be easily replaced.

The mouthpiece is made of high quality glass. Making it cool to the mouth and flavor neutral!


The Arizer Extreme Q offers its own unique take on balloon bag vaporization. The Arizer Extreme Q offers multiple fan speeds, allowing the user to adjust the density of their vapor.

Those looking to extract more flavor from their dried materials, or simply to conserve the product, will appreciate the faster fan speeds of the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.


The Extreme Q employs a digital temperature remote control activation system which automates fan speed (with 3 settings to control density of vapor), temperature and automatic shut off power settings.

The new Extreme Q is constructed from only the highest quality materials which offer inert, toxin free tasty vapor and an insulated dual wall stainless steel housing unit.

Precise temperature control is paramount for product vaporization in medical applications.

The Ceramic Heating element of the Arizer Extreme Q can maintain temperatures to the degree, displaying any fluctuations in temperature to the user.


What´s In The Box

  • Glass Cyclone Bowls x 2
  • Glass Aromatherapy Dish x 1
  • Aromatic Botanicals Sample x 1
  • Screen Pack (1 flat / 1 dome) x 1
  • Remote Control x 1
  • Interchangeable/Replaceable Glass Whip Mouthpieces x 2
  • Glass Stirring Tool x 1
  • 3 Foot Whip (tubing) x 1
  • Elbow Adapter x 1
  • All-Glass Mini Whip (for balloons) x 1
  • Balloons/Bags with Glass Balloon Mouthpieces & O-Rings x 2
  • Owners Manual x 1

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