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Strawberry Banana Elf Bar BC5000


Save up to 33% !

Flavor: The Strawberry Banana E-liquid contents: 10ml Nicotine Level: 50mg Puffs...
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Disposable vapes are a technological and modern solution for all who like to smoke. Vapes presented in our store do not damage the lungs and other organs, and only deliver a lot of pleasure, which is harmless to the body.

Disposable cigarettes have a lot of advantages. You can take them with you everywhere and do not fear that they will run out soon. This option is suitable for any trips, walks, travels, and just for a relaxing vacation.

How does best disposable vape work?

Best disposable vape are compact e-cigarettes that have a liquid in them to smoke. Here you do not have to refill the liquid as it is already in the cartridge. Also, each of the e-cigarettes has its own electronic battery. It does not need to be additionally charged or have batteries inserted into it.

The principle of any disposable vape - not at all different from the principle by which a regular vape works. A special liquid based on glycerin and nicotine will gradually evaporate on the inner coil. After the evaporation of the liquid gives an unforgettable pleasant and delicious vapor, which is harmless to both smokers and others.

Disposable cigrette mainly consists of a monolithic construction. This design has an atomizer and a small flask. Together, these two components create one single mechanism that does not fail in operation.

The e-cigarette system also has a small battery and a filter. All the materials from which the vape is made are quite budgetary, but reliable and durable. It is because of this you can buy a vape very profitable and be confident in its operation. It is worth remembering that when the liquid runs out - the whole mechanism immediately stops and can no longer be used. It is recommended to throw out the entire cigarette as soon as the liquid runs out.

Charging vapes consume regular liquid, which is contained in all e-cigarettes. It has components such as glycerin, nicotine, and distilled water. All of this mixture is flavored with quality additives that enhance the flavor and effect.

Due to the diverse range, any fan, can find his variant of vape with his favorite flavor and enjoy it for a long time. The salt nicotine is quickly absorbed and doesn't hurt your throat, unlike the traditional paper cigarettes that cause various illnesses.

What are the features and benefits of electronic vape?

The most important advantage of any vape presented in our store is the ease of use and affordability. Whatever vape you buy - it will fit into even the smallest jacket or jeans pocket. After purchase you can immediately start using it. The instruction is not required here, because the principle of use is very simple.

You can activate the device immediately after the first puff. It will activate itself and will not cause unnecessary inconvenience. On the surface there are no unnecessary buttons and inscriptions - everything is minimalistic and practical. You can carry a vape without a case.

The device works long enough. Of course, it all depends on the frequency of smoking, but in general such a thing serves from 1 to 3 days. The device is quite cheap. The cost of one vape can be safely compared to the cost of a pack of cigarettes, so the benefit is on the side of the buyer.

Also with electronic cigarettes it is easy to give up smoking. They do much less harm to the body and don't clog the lungs. Every vape is completely eco-friendly. The vapor after vaping is not harmful to the people around you or to nature. It does not settle on objects and does not irritate the skin.

Electronic vapes do not require any maintenance. They simply do not need any care.

Buy disposable vapes online

If you need to quit smoking or you simply prefer more refined and different flavors of smoke, an electronic vape is the perfect solution. You can find the widest range in our store and buy any vape at a bargain!

Our couriers will deliver your parcel right to your door in the shortest time. You can order delivery when ordering, specify in the application field your address.

The catalog of our store offers the most popular flavors: strawberry, blueberry, tropical mix, grapes. The assortment you will also find a large number of electric cigarettes with different flavors of alcoholic beverages and different sweets. If you want, you can buy two different flavors and combine them while smoking.

Buying electronic, vape you can quickly go to a safer smoking and give up paper cigarettes that are not only harmful to your body, but also to the environment and bystanders who inhale the smoke.

Delivery is made all over the world in a short time. The order can be picked up by courier or through a pickup point.

Our staff will always help you with the selection of suitable goods. The manager will advise you and answer all your questions. If you have any questions about vape, please contact support.