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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Talk This Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! On this celebratory day, friends and family gather together to tell tales and express gratitude for all the wonders in life. What better time to tell others of the changes vaping has brought into your own? While it’s never a good plan to force the uninterested into a conversation against their will, vaporizers are still a novel and growing technology and many who might be intrigued have simply been lacking the opportunity to learn! Abundant scientific evidence and consensus is necessary for a founded opinion to form, but to most people, personal anecdotes have far more weight. Stories of success quitting tobacco, along with all the associated health effects, can be one of the most effective motivators for someone considering making the switch to vaping! Seeing someone you know quit cigarettes (that’s you, hopefully!) and actually watching the change happen is even more powerful.

    Holiday gatherings are a very common tradition. If you smoked last Thanksgiving, imagine the differences between then and now. Cigarettes have a way of making your entire experience worse, from the obvious physical problems such as trouble breathing, general weariness, and increased stress, to the less noticeable aspects like how others respond to the smell. Oh, and I’m even forgetting the really big one: the food!

    Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy is what really makes Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving. If your taste buds are bogged down with ash and tar, there’s no chance that you’ll truly taste what Thanksgiving dinner has to offer! While vaping avoids that particular issue, today is the day to avoid lingering flavors and try to clear the vape-tongue from your palate. Warm cinnamon flavors fit well with everything that’s commonly eaten today, and help freshen your flavor-sense too! Whatever you vape, however, have fun, have a happy Thanksgiving, and give thanks to Hon Lik.

  • Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod Review

    The Panzer Black Hawk has a deceiving exterior, with the black color scheme making it look like it’s covered in rubber or plastic. Fear not, for this mod is entirely stainless steel. That is, except for the conductive copper contact plates. The Black Hawk is a strikingly designed mechanical mod with a militarized style, made of high-quality components and with a variety of customizable features!

    Features of the Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    See the serial?

    There are four vent holes disguised at the bottom of the mod, for protection in case of battery issues. Following the recent trend of adjustable battery compartments, the Panzer Black Hawk has two removable rings, giving you three different battery size options (18350, 18500, and 18650). Of course, this also changes the overall length of the device, making it an option for both style and function! The standard 510 threading and adjustable center pin maximize the number of atomizers that can be used with this piece. In addition, the fire button has a lock to prevent the vape accidentally going off in your pocket. The button itself has an engraved hawk and a serial number uniquely identifying your mod!

    Scoring the Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    Design: 8/10 The black stainless steel and copper accents look strong and give the Black Hawk a stark style. The white lettering kind of throws off the seamles feel, but it’s the only odd part of an otherwise excellent and unique piece.

    Functionality: 7/10 The Panzer Black Hawk functions fairly similarly to most other mechanical mods. That is to say, if you’re not already a mechanical mod enthusiast, you might want to look more into them in general before choosing to go down that route. That said, for those who like mech mods, this is a wonderfully powerful piece.

    Customization: 8/10 With three different battery size options and an adjustable center pin, the Black Hawk has the ability to optimize any part of itself to your individual preference!

    Build Quality: 8/10 The Black Hawk is made of stainless steel and copper, with smooth threads and a high-quality center pin.

    Overall Score: 7.75/10 The Panzer Black Hawk is a high-quality mechanical mod with a unique design and extensive features. It can fit three different batteries, and a multitude of atomizers due to its adjustable center pin. It’s a very solid piece, perfect for mech mod enthusiasts or those looking for a military-like design!

    Buy it here! Happy vaping!

  • Keystone Vapor Logo Our favorite eLiquid!

    We here are Vapor Puffs are extremely excited to get into the e-liquid market! We’ve partnered up with Keystone Vapor, to bring you some of the best premium eLiquid made will only American ingredients. Our friend’s at Keystone Vapor do a great job really bringing that local feel to their e-liquid, every product is inspired directly by the Philadelphia area and brings you that homey hand crafted feel. While we love all of their e-liquid’s we wanted to let you in our our personal favorites. We’re going to go through our 3 favorite flavors below letting you know why we love these 3 in particular so much!


    Apfel Dutch Bar



    This Apfel Dutch Bar eLiquid is great for anyone with a sweet tooth! It really does taste exactly like it’s namesake. A sweet mix of apples and butterscotch with just a hint of delicious creaminess, this eLiquid will cover all your sweet and fruity cravings. This great flavor makes it  hard to believe Keystone Vapor uses no additives, sweeteners, or sugar!


    Nashaminy Creek


    Nashaminy Creek has to be our absolute favorite flavor! Its a creamy blend of subtle pear and coconut taste with a cool icy finish. This eLiquid is great for relaxing and is smoother than smooth. If you’re going to get just one flavor you’ve got to try Nashaminy Creek!


    Pineapple White Tea


    I have to admit, I’m personally a real tea nut. I just love the stuff. Getting it in an eLiquid is just a win win! This Pineapple White Tea eLiquid really just hits the spot, especially if you’re a fellow tea lover!


    Want them all? Get the bundle!



    We know how hard it is to decide which eLiquid to try so we’ve made it more tempting to just try a bunch! Pick our 4 of our Keystone Vapor Eliquid flavors, buy the eLiquid Bundle, and get 20% on all 4 bottles! Its too tempting to pass up!

    Happy Vaping!