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  • Washington Post: Think of the children! WaPo Author: Ban Ecigs for Children

    I will admit to occasionally defending the Washington Post in front of its detractors, even as much of what is written there is as egregious as stuff one might hear on Fox News or MSNBC; I’m usually an equal opportunity hater of all major media outlets, but still have a soft spot for good, old-school journalism. However, the latest WaPo article on e-cigarettes, written by Stephen C. Weiss, is an absolute journalistic atrocity, as he manages to cite countless disproved conjectures as fact, and adds another source of moralistic panic for the public to draw on in their instinctive opposition to vaping.

    The trainwreck begins with the title of the article, which urges us to “Ban e-cigarettes for kids.” It isn’t until the second to last sentence of the article that we find out that Maryland, the state he is addressing in the title, has already prohibited e-cigarette sales to children (if by children we mean minors). What the author means by the title, it turns out, is that he wishes there were laws in place ”prohibiting minors from using e-cigarettes and banning the products in all places where the county forbids tobacco use.” Is this an example of deliberate misrepresentation, or just of shoddy writing? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

    The shoddiness, however, does not end there. As he progresses through the article, Weiss states that there is “plenty of evidence” proving e-cigarettes to be a serious health risk. The article he cites as one such piece of evidence is, of course, the infamous “Hidden Formaldehyde” study. At this point, I would have thought that this study has been so widely disseminated and debunked in the media that even my mother would probably be able to tell me that e-cigarettes only produce formaldehyde when heated to the point of combustion of the wick. Weiss, of course, takes no note of the widely publicized shortcomings of that study or the researchers’ own statements on its significance, nor does he cite further studies to prove his point. I suppose we’re supposed to trust him on authority alone.

    He then goes on to claim that the use of bright colors and sweet, dessert-like flavors is part of a deliberate concerted effort to market e-cigarettes to children (by which I assume he means teenagers), which, in addition to having been entirely debunked by real research, is plainly laughable. Whenever I see such a claim, I wonder whether the people spouting off this nonsense have ever made an effort to observe teenagers. Had they done so, surely they would have noticed that teenagers usually trend away from things that might be considered childish in any way, and they certainly are not big consumers of brightly colored objects. If that were the case, Hot Topic would not be in business. Weiss follows up this discussion with a discussion of the number of adolescents who have tried e-cigarettes without providing a discussion of any context for the number he cites, and a similarly superficial discussion of TV advertisements for e-cigarettes. All of it, of course, interpreted through the lens of a man who is clearly panicked by the prospect of having to watch people vape, and is using the classic “Think of the children!” tactic to stir up public sentiment.

    The main reason I wanted to bring this article to your attention is because it is so egregious in its accumulation of oft-cited and thoroughly debunked objections to vaping, yet it was still published in one of the most reputable newspapers in the US. I don’t doubt that Stephen C. Weiss is an able writer and researcher, and it is precisely because of his objective ability that I find this article a little disturbing. To me, it proves that baseless propaganda in the media has managed to infiltrate even the minds of those who pride themselves on their power to observe things objectively.

    Happy vaping!

  • The Best New Vaporizers!

    Hey guys! It’s just about that time that you start finally having a bit of extra cash after the post holiday empty pockets, so why not buy a new vaporizer? We have tons of great new vapes in that are just calling your name! So there’s no time to waste, let’s get to it!


    1. The Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod (with Phone Charger!)


    We all know that everyone and their mom absolutely loved the Vamo V5 Mod Kit by KSD so you just know the Vamo V6 Variable Voltage Mod with Phone Charger is going to be amazing! This kit is perfect for any eliquid vaper looking for the latest and greatest variable voltage mod. This kit has some amazing features with variable voltage from 3W to 20W, gorgeous silver plating, 510 threading, an LCD screen that shows you everything you could want to know, plus so much more! At just $59.95 you’ve got to buy one now!


    2. The Herbal Globe Atomizer


    The Herbal Globe Atomizer is the absolute best (not to mention cheapest!) way for anyone with a 510 threaded battery to get into vaping. This ultra sleek little herbal atomizer works with any 510 threaded battery and comes at the tiny price of just $16.95! The globe shape allows for a far larger capacity than it’s predecessors and it’s pyrex glass shell makes it durable despite it’s sleek look. We can’t think of any reasons to not try out the globe!


    3. The Cloud (RDA/RBA) by Wotofo


    The Cloud Re-buildable Atomizer by Wotofo is  one of the sleekest on the market! It has a large 5 ml capacity, always convenient 510 threading, an on/off valve to prevent leaks, adjustable air flow, a silver plated connection pin, and is, of course, fully rebuildable. This is our very first Wotofo product and we’re seriously excited about this atomizer! Pick one up today for just $24.95!


    Happy Vaping!

  • blu: a Lorillard brand BLU, blu, or Blue Nation?

    Lorillard, the current owners of blu electronic cigarettes, have recently been involved in a few different trademark disputes regarding their name and plans. Given how details are important when discussing trademarks, let’s cover the proper form of their name, and those of the other parties involved. When used for the Lorillard brand, blu is always lowercase. Zippo Manufacturing Co. produces a line of butane cigar lighters under the name BLU, which is, as is evident, always capitalized. Additionally, Lorillard is attempting to trademark the name “blu Nation” for their new loyalty program. The University of Kentucky owns the trademark to “Big Blue Nation”, referring to their fanbase, and markets and sells products with that phrase.

    The Zippo and Lorillard issue has an obvious reason behind it. The two product lines are within roughly the same industry, and a mere difference in capitalization will hardly prevent people from mistaking one for the other. Zippo has been selling their BLU line of lighters for longer than blu e-cigarettes have been around, and so it is quite possible that Lorillard will lose the right to the blu name.

    The University of Kentucky is attempting to prevent “association between the marks in a way that harms the reputation of the University’s mark, causing dilution by blurring and dilution by tarnishment”, according to one of their lawyers. Given the phonetic difference between “Big Blue Nation” and “blu Nation”, and the difficulty of proving dilution by tarnishment, the University of Kentucky will have a much harder time opposing their trademark.

    This has definitely been making problems for the blu product line. Possibly in reaction to all of this, Reynolds American, who in the process of acquiring Lorillard, has plans to sell the blu name to Imperial Tobacco, along with a number of other brands. Depending on how all of this plays out, Imperial Tobacco might be stuck with a defunct brand.

    Happy vaping!

  • Quirky Products That Are Great For You!

    Ever wonder what you haven’t tried but really should? Well we’ve got you covered! We’ve tried out some great products and have picked out the best of the best of the unique vaporizers out there. Below we’ll link the products we just think you’ll love! These are those quirky products that are great for you! Now Let’s get to it!


    The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah



    Sure, you’ve tried eLiquid but have you tried E Hookah? Starbuzz is one of the most trusted and beloved names in the Hookah game and have now branched out into E Hookah products with The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah! The Starbuzz E Hose Electronic Hookah is perfect for anyone looking for a great little party hookah without the hassle of stand up hookah and those pesky hot coals. Just pop in a Starbuzz E Hookah cartridge and start puffing right away!


    The Cool Fire II eLiquid Vaporizer Kit by Innokin

    Cool Fire 2 Vaporizer Kit

    When you see a grenade shaped eLiquid vaporizer you don’t usually initially think “I bet that thing is a really quality product!” Well, you should! The Cool fire II eLiquid Vaporizer by Innokin is, well, cool and also ultra functional. This vaporizer is absolutely one of those quirky products that are great for you. If you’re looking to make a statement with your vape you just can absolutely not go wrong with the Cool Fire II eLiquid Vaporizer by Innokin!


    The Wild Wolf Special Limited Edition Mechanical Mod eLiquid Vaporizer

    Wild Wolf

    Its silver and gold and tough as nails! It’s the Wild Wolf Special Limited Edition Mechanical Mod eLiquid Vaporizer! There are only 1000 of these babies made and while they do look a bit quirky, they’re super fun looking and work great! If you’re looking for a unique looking, super cool, and really fun vaporizer without sacrificing any of the quality or efficiency you just have to get the Wild Wolf before they’re gone!

    Happy Vaping!