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  • Cloutank M4 Cloutank M4 Dual Use Atomizer Review

    The Cloutank M4, by Cloupor, is a dual-use atomizer suitable for both dried herbs and herbal concentrates! Like its predecessor, the Cloutank M3, the M4 is built to look like an e-cigarette tank atomizer, and works on any 510 threaded battery. The design is far smoother than the M3, with a wider and less convoluted interior. The base is also compacted, increasing its resemblance to tanks for vaping eLiquid. Overall, the Cloutank M4 is a wonderful upgrade on the M3, and is the best discreet herbal vaporizer available!

    What’s the Cloutank M4 Dual Use Atomizer?

    Cloutank M4

    With two different atomizer heads, one for concentrates and one for dry herbs, the Cloutank M4 is a highly versatile atomizer! It also has an airflow adjustment ring, giving you additional control over your vape. Stainless steel and Pyrex glass are used in its construction, making it a strong and sturdy device! The multi-filter system also cleans the vapor, preventing particles of plant matter from entering your mouth. This is a powerful and reliable vaporizer, great for taking out and about, especially since it has the same connector as most eLiquid tanks! For more information on using the M4, read our guide!

    Scoring the Cloutank M4 Dual Use Atomizer

    Design: 9.75/10
    The Cloutank M4 improves upon the already wonderful design of the Cloutank M3, expanding the internal metal tube and smoothing out the seams. This is a gorgeous vape, especially for an herbal vaporizer.

    Functionality: 9/10
    This is a great vape, whether for herbs or concentrates. It provides a clean and cool vape every time.

    Customization: 8/10
    Besides the primary point of being able to use dry herbs or concentrates, the M4 has an airflow adjustment ring, letting you control the drag, and hence make your vape denser or cooler! This is a wonderful feature that really lets you fine-tune to find your favorite vape!

    Build Quality: 8.5/10
    With clean threads, and made from high-quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Cloutank M4 is well-built and resilient.

    Overall Score: 9/10
    Cloupor’s Cloutank M4 is a great update on the M3, with a new airflow adjustment system and a novel design. Quite possibly the best herbal vape available, and definitely the most discrete, the Cloutank M4 is the way to go!

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    Happy vaping!

  • Matrix S Matrix S Vaporizer Review

    Despite its age, the Matrix S Vaporizer is completely revolutionary! The Matrix S has the unique ability to vaporize both e-Liquid and dry herbs, making it an all-in-one vape unlike any other. With two completely different atomizers, the Matrix S can be used with a wick atomizer for e-Liquid, or instead can be filled with ground dried herb and used with the other coil. As the Matrix S uses 14— line batteries, in one of three possible sizes, the battery case can be adjusted to fit accordingly. This gives it some flexibility, both in battery capacity and in physical dimensions.

    Matrix S Extended

    The Matrix S is also equipped with a variable voltage system, with three different options of 3.4 V, 3.7 V, and 4.0 V. To change between different voltages, simply press the power button five times, and the button light with change color. Short-circuit and overcharge protection is also included, safeguarding your battery and vaporizer against damage!

    Scoring the Matrix S Vaporizer

    Design: 7.75/10
    This is an odd one. The Matrix S looks like a ray gun you’d find on a zeppelin. The copper patina looks great, but the overall design has a few too many bells and whistles. The telescoping design is quite smooth, and the matched color scheme really adds to the overall look.

    Functionality: 8/10
    Both the dry herb and e-Liquid forms of this vaporizers work exceedingly well, providing great power and performance. The capacity is a bit low, as is expected with the smaller 14000s as opposed to 18000s or 26000s.

    Customization: 9.5/10
    This is an amazing device, and it’s extremely surprising there’s nothing else like it available. The ability to use the same mod with both dry herbs and e-Liquid is absolutely incredible, letting you cut down on what you have to fill your pockets with! It’s especially perfect for trips where you want to carry as little as possible!

    Build Quality: 8.5/10
    Complete metal construction and high-quality internal components make this a strong and reliable mod.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    The Matrix S Vaporizer fills a unique niche in the world of vapes. A single vaporizer for both dry herbs and e-Liquid is unique, and the Matrix S pulls it off well.

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    Happy vaping!

  • Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is an upgraded edition of the Protank 1, both by Kanger. If you are already well established with your Protank 1, it may be worth your while to consider switching to the newer Protank 2. Unlike the Protank 3, the Protank 2 uses the same atomizers as the original, making backwards compatibility a non-issue and allowing you to use all your atomizers on a better tank!

    What’s the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank?


    With every part being replaceable, the Protank 2 is a customizable but easy to use tank atomizer! It has a redesigned, stronger base with the coil positioned at the very bottom, maximizing the amount of juice you can vape from each fill. An eGo thread cover is included, as the Protank 2 uses 510 threading, just like the other Protanks. Two atomizers are included in the kit, but don’t forget that they are identical to Protank 1 atomizer heads!

    The stainless steel and Pyrex glass used in the Protank 2’s construction are extremely durable and long-lasting. Also, because the Protank 2’s design allows for complete disassembly, it is very easy to clean and maintain this tank atomizer for a long lifespan!

    Scoring the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 7/10
    The Protank 2 is a tad angular in design, but it’s incredible compared to the Protank 1.

    Functionality: 7.75/10
    This is a really solid atomizer, with a large capacity and good reliability. The design limits flooding, although you can still flood it very badly if you blow into it.

    Customization: 6.5/10
    There’s nothing to change on this atomizer, but the ability to replace any part on it gives you customization possibilities with custom pieces.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    Stainless steel and Pyrex are strong and reliable. The Protank 2 is sure to last a long time, but glass is more fragile than metal or plastic, so avoid dropping it!

    Overall Score: 7.25/10
    The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is a good beginner tank, and it’s a great tank to have around even once you move on! This is a solid all-day-vape, regardless of your skill level.

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    Happy vaping!

  • Stingray Mech Mod Stingray Mechanical Mod Review

    The Stingray Mechanical Mod uses three different battery tubes to allow 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries! Unlike extension rings, this method gives the Stingray a seamless look. With identical copper etchings on each black battery tube, and stainless steel endcaps, the Stingray keeps the same style no matter what size battery you’re using! This mech mod also has a novel vent system, improving its safety and longevity. Standard 510 threading and an automatically adjusting floating pin ensure maximum compatibility with any tank or atomizer with a 510 connector!

    What Comes With the Stingray Mechanical Mod?

    Stingray Mech Mod

    All three black and copper battery tubes, along with the battery cap and button, are included, of course. Additionally, however, this mod comes with a drip tip in the style of the piece, giving your final assembly an added touch of flair! It’s not a tremendously wide-bore drip tip, for you drippers out there, but it looks good and has a nice feel to it.

    The three battery tubes are practically identical, with the copper logo near the bottom of the mod. The flexibility this gives you is wonderful, while retaining a consistent look no matter what. Surprisingly, the contrast between the stainless steel and black looks good without getting too busy. For information on using the Stingray, read our Guide: How to Use the Stingray Mechanical Mod!

    Scoring the Stingray Mechanical Mod

    Design: 8.75/10
    The Stingray looks good and feels solid, but carrying around all three tubes is a bit unwieldy. If you’re looking for portability, go with a different design, but the Stingray beats all multi-tube mech mods in style.

    Functionality: 8.75/10
    With regards to how well it vapes, the Stingray is a strong mech mod, but it’s nothing extremely special. Its uniqueness lies elsewhere.

    Customization: 9.25/10
    The Stingray’s three different battery size options, along with it’s auto-adjusting center pin and standardized 510 threading, give you a massive number of options when personalizing your piece!

    Build Quality: 9.25/10
    Made out of copper and stainless steel, the Stingray is a well-built and sturdy device. The black coating may eventually wear off, but the copper beneath is equally gorgeous!

    Overall Score: 9/10
    The Stingray is a great mechanical mod, with three different size battery tubes and a gorgeous design! Made of high quality metal, and with precise designs, the Stingray is a pretty and powerful mech mod!

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    Happy vaping!