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  • Nautilus Aspire Nautilus Aspire Atomizer and Tank: A Review

    Okay, so if you’re anything like me, you probably want your e-liquid atomizer to have it all. A large tank that will not only hold a good amount of e-liquid, but will also be attractive to look at, a perfect seal that allows you to take it along on wild adventures, and vapor production that literally makes you forget the real thing exists when you’re puffing on peach cobbler e-liquid. This is a lot to ask for, and it’s no wonder that most atomizers fall short. The Nautilus Aspire, however, does not. It fulfills all of those requirements and more. So let’s get to it – though I must warn you that I really like this atomizer and use it on a daily basis, so I might get a little effusive.

    Nautilus Aspire: A Review


    The Nautilus Aspire is a looker, to say the least. Overall, it has far more flow in its design than most atomizers, though the thick glass walls bestow a measure of stability to its elegant frame. I’ve also found that it seems to create a better-looking unit in conjunction with most batteries than other tanks, so that’s pretty cool.


    More than most atomizers, the Nautilus Aspire impresses with its functionality. The bottom ring, which attaches to the battery, offers a number of differently sized ventilation holes to choose from. Though I’ve found that I usually prefer more ventilation rather than less, it’s nice to have the option to reduce vapor production that way when circumstances require it. The atomizer also responds well to changes in voltage, so you can customize your vaping experience to the highest extent.

    Vapor quality

    This is probably the strongest point in favor of the Nautilus Aspire over other options. The vapor produces by the Nautilus Aspire is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. This atomizer somehow manages to bring out all the complexities of whatever flavor you’re vaping, to the point where I feel like a rich guy at a wine tasting while vaping from the Nautilus. “Yeah, I think I’m getting a little undertone of cardamom against the background of vanilla bean.”


    With proper use and care, the Nautilus Aspire is one of the most reliable atomizers out there. Though I don’t recommend taking it on, say, a rollercoaster, I have to say that I’ve never had a leaking problem, regardless of how careless I’ve been with it. The coils do need to be replaced occasionally, though I’ve found that if I make sure to keep the tank filled at most points and clean it regularly I can make a coil last for quite a while before needing a replacement.

    Miscellaneous Tips

    Two things to keep in mind with the Nautilus Aspire. First, make sure that you always have at least some 1.5mL-2mL of e-liquid in your tank. The coil and the wick are placed higher in the Nautilus than in many tanks, so keeping some amount of e-liquid in there helps keep the wick in contact with it. Second, and this is kind of silly, but I would recommend that you put a good amount of thought into picking a flavor to vape from it. I can’t overstate how good the Nautilus is at delivering flavor, and it would be a shame to waste that capability.

    Overall, I give it 4.9… I don’t know, Vapor Puffs(?…) out of 5. Get it here!

    5 puffs

    Happy vaping!

  • Titan-II Titan-II: Review of the Hebe Dry Herb Vaporizer

    First Impressions

    Reactions I’ve gotten on the Titan-II’s look have ranged from “it looks like a bicycle handlebar” to “I need me one of them industrial looking things,” with my reaction coming closer to the “I need me one of them” end of the spectrum. The Titan-II’s overall look is fairly inconspicuous, which, along with its reasonable size, makes it easy to use on the go. Its matted plastic surface is also easy to keep clean, and I actually prefer it to the flashier glossy metals often used in vapes. Somehow, the heavy plastic feels significantly more durable. Portability, durability, and ease of concealment are important considerations in an herbal vaporizer, and the Titan-II does well on all three.

    Ease of Use

    This is a major selling point of the Titan-II. The entire unit is extremely easy to get used to, so much so that within fifteen minutes – including the time it took me to search for a pair of scissors to open the box it came in – of receiving it I was able to start using it. Completely outfitted with a micro-USB jack on the bottom and a charging cable in the box, the Hebe Titan-II has everything you need right out of the box. The unit turns on easily when you click the power button 5 times, and the temperature control, which allows you to adjust the temperature between 200 and 428˚ F, is extremely responsive. Battery life is quite good, as well. You should be able to vape around 5 or 6 loads before needing a recharge.

    Vapor Quality

    Overall, the quality of the vapor produced by this vape is quite smooth. The heating chamber appears to maintain temperature extremely well, and since I’ve started using this vape I’ve had no issues with dry herb spontaneously combusting or anything like that. The design of the heating chamber also allows the herb to be heated really evenly, such that my habit of vigorously shaking whatever vape I’m using to make sure all herb actually comes into contact with the heated surface is a thing of the past. My one gripe with the Titan-II would be that vapor from it does taste a little like plastic and a little less like the herb you loaded it with than you would hope, but this is a minor issue, and a temporary one at that (I suspect, at least). I usually like to mix a few tea leaves with whatever herbs I end up vaping, which completely eliminates the issue.

    Ease of Care

    Another massive selling point of the Titan-II. The heating chamber is really, really easy to clean, and the provided brush makes the task even easier. The entire device consists of two pieces that are extremely easy to take apart and put back together, further cementing the Titan-II’s position as one of the easiest dry herb vaporizers to handle.

    Should You Invest in the Titan-II?

    Overall, I would say that the Titan-II is an extremely worthwhile investment. The ease of use and care puts it over the top for me, and the vapor production can’t be beat in this price range. Get it here!

    Happy vaping!



  • Atmos RX Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Review

    An upgraded version of the Atmos Raw, the Atmos RX Dry Herb Vaporizer is a great herbal vape. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and sure to keep working all day long! The heating chamber is made from a heat-proof ceramic, guaranteeing you a long device life. Here at Vapor Puffs, we include stainless steel mesh screens in the kit, letting you customize the distance between the heating element and your dried herbs! This added flexibility is what really makes the Atmos RX kick, giving you the ability to really make it your own.


    What Comes With The Atmos RX Dry Herb Vaporizer?

    In addition to the vaporizer itself, this kit includes a cleaning brush, a packing tool, a ceramic filter, a glass screen, a charging system, and the aforementioned stainless steel mesh screens! All of this combines to provide a complete starter kit, no matter your prior experience. Available in either blue or black, the Atmos RX looks like an eLiquid vaporizer, although not to the extent of the Cloutank line! This is a discreet and highly portable vaporizer, ready for use every day all day.

    Design: 7.5/10
    The Atmos RX looks good, and the variety of available colors allows some customization, but for overall looks metal beats plastic any day.

    Functionality: 8/10
    This is a great herbal vape. especially with the included stainless steel screens. When used properly there’s no combustion, and it gives a nice, warm vape.

    Customization: 7/10
    The color scheme, and the distance between the dry herbs and the heating element, are the only options available on this device. Better than nothing, but not amazing. Adjustable airflow would make this perfect.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The construction is wonderful and reliable, lasting a long time with proper cleaning and maintenance.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10
    The Atmos RX Dry Herb Vaporizer kit is a powerful and discreet herbal vape, ready for use all day and with minimal fiddling! This is a complete starter kit for anyone interesting in beginning vaporizer their herbs!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Snoop Dogg G Pen Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit Review

    The Snoop Dogg G Pen is an herbal vaporizer from the Grenco Science Artist Series. A map of Long Beach, California, covers this vaporizer, giving it a unique and stylish look. The Snoop Dogg G Pen, as opposed to the Snoop Dogg Micro G Pen, allows for a steel mesh screen to protect your herbs from combustion! This wonderful features makes all the difference, allowing you to truly vaporize the active constituents of your dry herbs rather than burning it all to ash.

    What’s in the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit?

    Snoop Dogg G Pen Kit

    The Snoop Dogg G Pen kit contains the Snoop Dogg G Pen itself, along with a wide assortment of tools and accessories. With everything from a cleaning brush to packing tool, and with plenty of charging and storage add-ons aside, the Snoop Dogg G Pen Kit is complete with everything you’ll need while vaping! The included G-tips have isopropyl alcohol inside of them, easing the cleaning process. The G-card is a card grinder, or at least doubles as one! For more information, read our guide!

    Scoring the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit

    Design: 8/10
    The map is definitely a unique style, and it’s subtle enough to attract even those not looking for a flashy design. This is one of the better Grenco Science Artist Series, at least in my opinion.

    Functionality: 8.5/10
    While it takes some getting used to, the removable and replaceable mesh screens really allows you to perfect how you use this vape! When you get it working for you, it provides a delicious and powerful hit.

    Customization: 7.5/10
    This device is really benefited by experience. It has huge room for customization, but only in the minute aspects of the vaping process, such as the aforementioned mesh screen placement.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    With a stainless steel outer casing and a plexiglass internal tank, the Snoop Dogg G Pen is a luxurious and resilient herbal vaporizer!

    Overall Score: 8/10
    The Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer Kit is a solid herbal vape, but is definitely more of a luxury piece. It’s primary function is to look good, and it does that wonderfully, while still performing where it counts!

    Happy vaping!

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