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  • the_Best_Vaporizer_Vapor_Puffs The Best Portable Vaporizers -Top Five

    Here’s the Top 5 Vaporizer

    This are in my opinion the best portable vaporizer – Top Five, that you must have into consideration. I measure Vapor production, battery life, ease of maintenance and finally the price. They’re probably the biggest ones but there are a few others factors that I’ll explain as we go along.

    Let´s start the Countdown for the best portable vaporizer!

    Best Portable Vaporizer

    #5  The Boundless CF


    Boundless are relative newcomers to the vape scene but I tell you what, they’ve really managed to hit a spot in the market. Boundless CF was released along with its bigger brother, The Boundless CFX. I think the CF is a more balanced unit. It’s significantly smaller than the CFX, the difference in battery life is negligible. While it lacks the full temperature control, it does have 5 temp presets which I think is enough.

    Technical Specs

    Technically, having a look at the unit itself, the filling chamber is huge which is usually bad for efficiency but not in this case. You can fill it right up for big sessions, but it also works really well with smaller loads. CF provides much better vapor production and a longer warranty for a similar price. Maintenance for the Boundless CF is fairly simple. Most of the debris just builds up inside the filling chamber which can just be wiped out with Isopropyl alcohol.

    The mouthpiece assembly will also need regular cleaning but it can be disassembled for easy access to those tough spots. Obviously this assembly isn’t as easy to maintain as an all-glass mouthpiece but it is a lot more durable. Vape manufacturers are definitely getting a lot better at packing decent battery life into small packages and the CF is no exception. 5 to 6 10 minute sessions, for me, is plenty. It can’t be used while charging but it does charge via micro USB so it’s nice and convenient to top up. The main issue I have with the Boundless CF is the taste but, as long as you run the unit at the maximum temp for as long as possible when you first get it, this should dissipate quickly.


    Whether you’re a beginner looking for an inexpensive, entry-level vape or an experienced user looking for a reliable portable companion, the Boundless CF is the perfect solution. With performance rivaling that of much more expensive units, you won’t be disappointed.

    Best Portable Vaporizer

    #4 Arizer Air


    We have the Arizer Air. It’s been more than 2 years now since the release of the Arizer Air and I still find myself recommending it on a daily basis. In case, you’re unfamiliar with Arizer as a manufacturer, they have a long-standing reputation for reliable, practical vaporizers that just work well. The Air is Arizer’s second portable and is essentially a smaller version of the Arizer Solo with slightly better airflow and a more easily replaceable battery. The main thing I love about the Arizer Air is the layout. Loading herb into the glass mouthpiece as opposed to the unit itself keeps it so much cleaner than just about any vaporizer I’ve used. I’m surprised more companies haven’t adopted this layout as the norm.

    Preset Temperatures

    The Air uses 5 preset temperature profiles ranging from 356ºF/180ºC to 410ºF/210ºC, so its temperature control isn’t excellent but it is very consistent and good enough for most users. Vapor quality and efficiency are definitely strong points for the Arizer Air too. It’s easy to get great results regardless of how you’re packing it. The ceramic, stainless and glass construction keeps every draw tasting as pure as possible. Moving on to battery life, you can expect between 4 and 5 10 minute cycles with a full charge, compared to some other portables, isn’t outstanding, but it definitely isn’t bad considering the size.

    You also have to keep in mind that the battery is easily replaceable and fairly compact so it’s nice and easy to carry spares if need be. The mouthpiece/filling chamber layout, as I mentioned before, makes the Arizer Air so easy to maintain. Obviously glass is fragile but, to me, this is a small price to pay for how convenient the cleaning process is. It’s also worth a mention that there are wooden/steel alternatives available these days. To clean the mouthpiece all you’ll need is a jar of Isopropyl alcohol, unscrew the plastic tip (if you’re using that particular mouthpiece) and drop it in.

    Arizer Air include two mouthpieces with the kit so this means you’ll basically never have any maintenance down-time. As soon as the mouthpiece you’re using starts to get blocked up, pull the mouthpiece you had soaking, out of the Isopropyl, rinse it with water and leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, drop the dirty mouthpiece into the same jar and continue vaping. Simple!


    The Arizer Air is one of those portable vapes that’s hard not to love. Great vapor production, replaceable battery, easy to take care of and it’s covered against faults for 2 years. If you’re after a no-fuss unit with expandable battery life and without paying an arm and a leg, the Arizer Air is definitely a great pick.

    Best Portable Vaporizer

    #3 Pax 3


    The Pax 3, Pax labs as a company have been a huge success over the past few years. Despite its flaws, the original Pax was a game-changer for portable vapes. The concept of a tiny, perfectly discrete unit that actually provides great performance seemed like nothing more than a Utopian dream. Okay, so maybe it did turn out to be just that for the original Pax, but the Pax 2 was awesome!

    Now, with the release of the Pax 3, they’ve managed to jam even more features into the same sized package. Let’s have a look!

    PAx 2 or PAX 3

    To the naked eye there really isn’t much difference between the Pax 2 and Pax 3. In terms of aesthetic appeal, they’re hands-down my favorite vaporizers at the moment. Okay, so they’ve changed the finish to a high gloss and no, I’m not big fan of that but under the hood is a different story. First of all, it now has haptic feedback so it will vibrate when switched on and heated up. Secondly, heat up time. 20 seconds from ambient to first draw. Very impressive!

    Vapor quality; no notable improvements over the Pax 2 but I was already pretty satisfied so I’m not too fussed about that. It’s great for the size but don’t be expecting it to outperform bigger units like the CFX or the Mighty. In saying that, the taste is purer than just about any other full-conduction unit on the market, especially seeing as the vapor path is mainly stainless steel.


    As with the Pax 2, the Pax 3 works best with a fully packed oven but they now include an alternative lid with a built in spacer. They call this the half pack oven lid and to say it’s handy would be an understatement. The Pax 3 uses the same four stage preset temperature system as the Pax 2 did but you can now use and alter a fifth preset using the smartphone app, also offers a range of heating profiles like boost, efficiency and flavor.

    Essentially these profiles just change how quickly the vape heats and cools in response to your draws. The app also lets you monitor battery life and the current temperature in real time. The Pax 3 provides roughly 7 to 10 minute sessions per charge. It goes without saying that this is super impressive considering how small it is. It can’t be used while charging but the included magnetic dock is compact and can be connected to any laptop or PC via micro USB.


    As far as discrete portables go, the Pax 3 is amazing. Great battery life, easy to use and it’s covered by Paxlabs 10-year warranty. If you’re after something tiny without sacrificing a huge amount of vapor production then the Pax 3 is one of, if not the best option available at the moment.

    Best Portable Vaporizer

    # 2 Da Vinci IQ


    DaVinci are definitely one of the most iconic names in the world of vaping. The original DaVinci was released way back in 2012 and since then it’s been a staple for a huge amount of vape enthusiasts. It was small, had full digital temperature control and decent battery life.

    The IQ is DaVinci’s smallest portable to date and the feature list is amazing. This thing is tiny. It’s roughly the same size as the Pax 3 and while it’s a little heavier, it’s still just as portable, if not more so. Just like the Ascent, the IQ has a removable vapor path but this one is a single piece and can actually be filled with herb so it can act as a flavor infuser.

    The Mouthpiece and the vapor path are made from a weird material called Ceramic Zirconium which has the durability of steel but the taste of ceramic or glass. It also has a really low level of heat retention so it cools down really quickly. This is a first for vaporizers and hopefully we’ll see more of it in the future. The IQ has one of the most interesting and practical temperature control systems that I’ve seen. By default, the unit starts out using four presets called “smart paths”.

    Heating Profiles

    These are essentially just heating profiles but, unlike the Pax 3, the IQ gradually increases in temperature over your session. So for example, smart path number two starts off at 270ºF /188 ºC and increases to 390ºF /199 ºC.  All this over a period of 10 minutes. If this presets aren’t quite right for you, they can be programmed manually using the smartphone app or you can just tap the power button while the unit’s on to switch to a standard specific temp or “precision mode” as DaVinci call it.

    This is another benefit of the IQ over the Pax 3 which relies purely on the app to make these fine adjustments. Nice quick heat up at roughly 50 seconds from ambient to draw. Vapor production and overall quality is really nice, especially for a conduction unit like this. It’s got a pure taste and is reasonably efficient with small loads.

    The airflow is also noticeably better than most other portables of this size so that’s a big plus for most people. Cooling capacity is also surprisingly good for the size. Let’s talk about the battery. For starters, it’s user-replaceable,


    You’ll get about 4 or 5 10 minute sessions from a full charge and it can be topped up using a regular micro USB cable, also it can be used while charging. Nice one DaVinci!

    The Maintenance for the IQ is nice and easy due to the removable vapor path I mentioned earlier. It can be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol and the filling chamber can just be wiped out. So, to make the long story short it’s a great pocket-friendly vape with awesome temperature control, vapor production and a replaceable battery. The gravy? A 10-year warranty.

    What more could you ask for. Well, we’re about to find out…almost there for the best portable vaporizer.

    Best Portable Vaporizer

    #1 The Mighty


    To be The Best Portable Vaporizer – The Mighty. I was really thinking that something could’ve knocked the Mighty off its throne. Honestly though, there’s still a few things that make me reach for this unit over anything else. To give you a quick history. Storz And Bickel released the Mighty in 2014 along with the Crafty. A smaller version with no temperature display and less battery life. It’s now widely considered to be one of the best portable vaporizers in existence. Temperature control, ease of use, vapor production, efficiency, taste, cooling capacity, battery life. The Mighty’s got it all!

    In this case “got it all” isn’t exactly a literal statement and I must admit. It does have a couple of weaknesses. For starters, it’s pretty big. It’s easier to carry around than an Arizer Solo. It’s not very discrete device but, that’s not what it’s been designed for.

    Temperature Control

    Operation is as simple as they come. Power button, two temp control buttons. Full temp control to the degree. Easy as. The 2-minute automatic shut off is relatively short but it can be reset by tapping the power button.

    Whether you’re grinding coarse or fine and packing small or large amounts of material, you’re going to get great results. Simple as that. It’s a ridiculously efficient vape. Vapor production, taste, airflow and cooling capacity are all A-grade and second to none in my opinion as far as portables go.


    So, we know it’s got brute-force performance but the Mighty’s also is really precise in terms of general temperature control and heat distribution inside the chamber. This is especially impressive, considering how many grinding and packing guidelines portable vaporizers like this usually carry. Another thing that makes it stand out is that you can use it several times in a row without it becoming too hot to hold.

    What to expect?

    You can expect between 5 and 7 10 minute uses per charge and while the batteries aren’t user-replaceable. They do charge really quickly. It can be used while charging, even if it’s completely drained. If you’re using the new dosing capsules which are basically external loading canisters or the included liquid pad which can act as a spacer. Maintenance won’t be required too often. Just wipe out the filling chamber with some Isopropyl alcohol and when the cooling unit gets blocked up it can be disassembled and soaked for a short time. Not exactly as easily taken care of as the Arizer portables.

    Lastly, the Mighty’s covered by a 2-year warranty. In summary. If you want the best vapor quality possible with almost no draw resistance. If you want great battery life and precise temperature control then this is the unit for you.

    The Best Portable Vaporizer – Top Five. Let us know what you think!

    Happy Vaping!  🙂

  • Guide: How to use Hydrology9

    One of Best Hi-Tech Products in the market Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

    Hydrology9 only has one button press it three times to turn it on, you then push it 1 more time and it will start heating up. To change the temperature of the device, it needs to be on. It can be heating up or held at a set temperature. Each time you press it will rise upwards to the next highest setting. The temperature for the 5 preset settings are as followed. Cloudious9 intentionally has the highest setting set to above the point of combustion for those who want a bigger hit.

    Lights on Hydrology9 and Temp Settings

    Blue – 200C– 392F

    Greenish Yellow – 210C – 410F

    Orange – 220C – 428F

    Purple – 230C – 446F

    Red – 240C – 464F



    The Hydrology9 has five preset temperatures that are indicated by 5 different colored flashing lights. Blue is the lowest temperature setting and red is the highest. In order to turn the device on you need to push the power button quickly three times. Then to choose a heat setting you press the power button again once. This will activate the Hydrology9 and begin heating it to the previously set temperature.

    If you want to switch through to a different heat setting you just push the power button again, each time your press it, it will flash a different color. The Hydrology9 will continue to flash one of the five colors until the temperature has reached the current setting. After about 50 seconds the LED lights will stop flashing and will turn solid green. Solid green means the Hydrology9 is ready and you should begin inhalation.

    It is recommended that users leave for 3 to 5 seconds in between each inhalation. This, to allow the oven to get back to the desired temperature. Each session will last 2 minutes, followed by a 60 second cool down. The solid green light will turn flashing blue then solid blue for 60 seconds. After, the blue light turns off you can press the power button to start a new session.

    In case, you are a vaporizer geek that wishes to have the cutting-edge-day and best unit on the market. You’ll want to get your fingers on the Hydrology9.


    The Hydrology9 is built with an internal 2000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery that lasts around 11-15 sessions it 2 minutes per average session, takes two to three hours to get back up to full charge.

    The vaporizer industry become starting to get boring, besides a few mentions. Furthermore, this guys rock the industry with innovation, pushing the boundaries.

    It´s definitely a must! So, pack your favorite Herbs, adjust the vents and temperature. Yes! you are ready to Puff! A big round of applause to the designer of this well-made vaporizer!

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Review: FireFly 2 Vaporizer

    The New Firefly 2; Does It Burn As Brightly As The Original?


    Firefly has now released the sequel to its popular Firefly portable convection vaporizer. The previous version had a dedicated fan base, which is missing from the new model. Is the new Firefly 2 a puff or a pass?

    As first glance, the Firefly 2 seems to be the total package. People often keep a big vaporizer at home and have a portable vape for when they go out. But these days, you don’t need to plug anything into the wall to get that perfect hit after a long day. You can get quicker, better hits out of a Firefly 2 than most stationary units. It’s surprising because most portable dry herb vaporizers don’t stand up to home vaporizers like the Volcano. But the Firefly is unique in that it quickly heats up the herb to the perfect temperature and it goes straight down the hatch, into your lungs. It’s just tastier than having to suck the vapor out of a plastic bag, or a long silicon whip. You could get great hits from the original Firefly as well, but it required some skill to do, and it would sometimes combust! Not cool. It was amazing but had issues, like a crazy ex-girlfriend. She was fun as hell, but when she combusted, you would ask yourself if it is all worth it. The original Firefly was like a beautiful classic Italian sports car; great when it was all dialed in, but a total pain in the ass the rest of the time. The new Firefly 2 is like a modern supercar, just press down on the gas… and fly.

    The new 2017 version takes the old Firefly design and perfects it. You get beautiful, milky hits that give you that heavy, deep punch in the lungs that you might miss from smoking. No more spending hours online to find tips on the best way to hit it. The Firefly 2 vaporizer is idiot proof – just push the button (ok two buttons). Once you update the software to fine-tune the power settings, you get complete control over the temperature, so that you can adjust it to your exact preferred temp. Also new, is the ability to use concentrates. The Firefly 2 is great for concentrates. It’s discreet, easy to load, and gives great dabs without having to heat up a nail.

    Firefly listened to their customers, and the complaints that people had with the old one have all been addressed. It now comes with two batteries instead of one for endless sessions. It’s half the size, and lighter than the original. The old metal body was great but it was bulky and heavy. The new version has a more natural feel in the hand. With such great design, it’s not something you want to stick in a drawer, and you might just end up showing it off. Overall, the construction of the Firefly 2 is marvelous, with good build-quality and great overall aesthetics. It’s solid and feels well made, but also comes with a warranty, just in case it does have any issues. Firefly is known for having good customer service, so even if there’s a problem, they quickly make things right.

    In one word, The Firefly 2 is… Amazing! It takes what was already good about the original Firefly, and makes it perfection. The new Firefly 2 handles everything you can throw at it, to the point that you might not need to use any other vaporizer. You’ll start using it exclusively; it’s so versatile and hits so well. Worth every penny, it’s easy to see why it is often lauded as the best vaporizer on the market, period. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Kangertech Aerotank v. Aspire Nautilus KangerTech Aerotank v. Aspire Nautilus

    I know. Picking between different atomizers is probably one of the most difficult things any of us have had to do in our lives, and that includes learning how to speak and navigating middle school. But luckily for you, we’ve done all the dirty work of trying out every atomizer ever to spare you the effort!

    So, if you’re here to begin with, I assume you’re looking for a dual coil atomizer with a glass tank and adjustable airflow. But where do you go from there? The KangerTech Aerotank and the Aspire Nautilus are both remarkable options, which is why picking between the two of them is so difficult. Despite the fact that they are so similar in fundamental ways, though, the two atomizers have enough differences to set them apart and ultimately provide for fairly different vaping experiences. Let’s start the battle!

    Head to Head: KangerTech Aerotank v. Aspire Nautilus


    Personally, I find the Nautilus design pulls slightly ahead of the Aerotank, but I’m a sucker for elaborate shapes and textures, which might be a turn-off for other people. The Nautilus can hold a good amount more e-liquid (5.5mL versus the Aerotank’s 3.9mL), and the thicker glass just makes it feel a little more solid than the Aerotank. That said, the Aerotank is significantly more streamlined than the Nautilus, so if you’re not into gaudiness, you might prefer it to its competitor. With the Aerotank, every part falls neatly into a streamlined cylinder, and while the mouthpiece of the Nautilus has a curvy, textured base, the Aerotank mouthpiece rises directly out of the tank. While the Nautilus usually looks better on a substantial battery, the Aerotank looks great mounted on pretty much any battery. The Aerotank is also a little smaller, so that might score a point in its favor.

    Verdict: It’s a tie!

    Vapor Quality

    This is one of the categories where the Nautilus wins out over the Aerotank. I’ve found that despite the fact that both can produce really excellent vapor, the Nautilus seems to be better at bringing forth subtle notes of flavor from your e-liquid. The vapor from the Nautilus is also somewhat warmer at equal voltages, so if that’s your thing, count it as a point in its favor. That said, keep in mind that these are pretty subtle differences we’re talking about. The Aerotank is pretty excellent as well; it’s just that the Nautilus is really, really excellent.

    Verdict: Aspire Nautilus wins!


    Much of what determines how well your vape fits into your life is how much time you’re willing to put into taking care of it. If you don’t want to spend a ton of time taking care of your vape, the KangerTech Aerotank might be a better pick for you than the Aspire Nautilus. While they are both relatively easy to take care of, I’ve found that the Aerotank is easier to clean, as well as easier to dissemble and reassemble when it demands a little extra love, i.e. when the time comes to replace your heads. You literally need nothing but two semi-functional fingers to take apart the whole thing and break it down to its pieces, while the structure of the Nautilus tank and coil makes it such that you might have to reach for some pliers. In addition to that, if you’re into rebuilding your coils, you might find that the Aerotank coils are significantly easier to get at and rebuild, though if you’re into that kind of thing you might relish the challenge involved in rebuilding the Nautilus coils.

    Verdict: KangerTech Aerotank wins!

    Ease of Use

    Vaping from a fully set up vape is all fine and dandy, but it’s the setup that usually makes vapers want to pull their hair out and collapse into a sobbing mass. Well, there’s good news all around on this point. Both the KangerTech Aerotank and the Aspire Nautilus are quite easy to use, but the Aspire Nautilus is a little bit easier. I attribute this mainly to the fact that the Aspire is easier to fill than the Aerotank. While the Aerotank forces you to drip in your e-liquid off the side of the tank to avoid it getting into the atomizer, the Aspire has a large enough opening that you could basically use a bucket to fill it. Okay, not quite, but it’s easy pretty to fill.

    Verdict: Aspire Nautilus wins!


    So far, I’ve had absolutely no problems with either of the tanks in terms of reliability. Both have performed excellently for a long, long time, and are still in perfect working order even after months of daily use. To this day, I have not had a single leaking incident with either of the tanks. That said, I do have a couple of tips. With the KangerTech Aerotank, you need to make sure the ventilation ring doesn’t get stuck while you’re removing the atomizer from its battery or placing it back on it. The ring is quite narrow and difficult to grab, so if you end up accidentally twisting it too tightly, you might end up spending some five minutes trying to pry it loose with needlenose pliers. So make sure you don’t twist the aeration ring too tightly on top of the ventilation outlets! With the Aspire Nautilus, you have to make sure to clean out the atomizer head once in a while, otherwise you might find it flooding, which is no fun. Both of these issues are really minor, but it’s good to know about them in advance.

    Verdict: It’s a tie!


    This one is pretty straightforward. The KangerTech Aerotank can be had from our store for $24.95, while the Aspire Nautilus is a little more expensive at $34.95. Further, replacement heads for the Aerotank are a little cheaper than replacement heads for the Nautilus, with the former about $1.80 per replacement head, while the latter cost around $1.00 more each. So overall, you can save some money by sticking with the Aerotank; if that’s important to you, the Aerotank should be your pick!

    Verdict: KangerTech Aerotank wins!

    Overall Verdict

    I hate to say it, but even after laying out all the differences between the KangerTech Aerotank v. Aspire Nautilus I still have a tough time picking a winner. That’s presumably why I use both.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to what’s important to you personally. If you’re looking for a reliable, sleek, and affordable option, the Aerotank is probably your best pick. If you’re looking for a somewhat flashier option and vapor flavor is the most important element of vaping to you, then the Aspire Nautilus is likely a slightly better pick. Even better, give yourself more options and get both of them. There’s really no wrong pick here.

    Happy vaping!