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  • JAG microG Vaporizer Kit Review

    Despite what it says on the box, the JAG microG Vaporizer Kit is far from just another Gpen. With four pre-loadable tanks and a sophisticated ivory design, the JAG microG has both form and function.

    What’s in the JAG microG Vaporizer Kit?

    JAG microG Vaporizer Kit

    In addition to the actual vaporizer, made of the mouthpiece and battery, there are four reloadable tanks, an oil dispensing tool, three cleaning tips, two glass jars, a charger, a wall adapter, and five mouthpiece sleeves. In short, pretty much anything you could want or need is included in this kit. It’s an all-in-one introduction to oil pens!

    What You Should Know About the JAG microG Vaporizer Kit

    Reloading the JAG microG is as simple as unscrewing the spent tank and attaching one of the spares, which you already filled with your favorite concentrate, right? By minimizing the need to fiddle around with oil every single time, the JAG makes vaping on the go that much simpler. Just load up as many tanks as you want, and change them around while you’re out and about.

    The included “G tips” for cleaning have 70% isopropyl alcohol in their stems. Just break the blue band and the solution will flow into the tip. This really helps with cleanup, preventing any mess and letting you get every millimeter of the tank spotless. These tips are also great for cleaning any other piece you may have, with more available on Grenco Science’s website.

    Scoring the JAG microG Vaporizer Kit

    Design: 9/10
    The ivory design looks clean and sharp. With the same shape as other Gpens, the JAG fits comfortably in your hand, ready for use at a moments notice.

    Functionality: 9/10
    The JAG has a silky draw, with proper airflow and uniform heating. The tanks are quite deep, letting you fit plenty of oil into each. The swappable tanks let you try different types of concentrates with minimal cleaning or setup in between.

    Customization: 7/10
    The only real customizable part of this vaporizer are the tanks, but the ability to have four different oils ready to go at the same time is remarkably nice.

    Build Quality: 10/10
    Every part of this piece is up to date and top of the line! Built with support from JAG, everything about this is the highest quality.

    Overall Score: 8.75/10
    Through and through, the JAG microG Vaporizer Kit really gets the job done. The kit contains everything you need, and like all Grenco Science products, is of the best quality imaginable. I’m not a personal fan of artist-inspired pieces, but this really breaks the mold. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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    Happy vaping!

  • Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank Review

    The Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank is an eLiquid only vaporizer. Made out of stainless steel and lab-grade Pyrex glass, the Nautilus has a clean and practical design. Its most unique feature is the ring-adjustable airflow control, with four hugely different settings!

    Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank

    What You Should Know About the Aspire Nautilus

    The bell-shaped glass tank gives you a great view of the inside of this piece. With room for a whopping 5ml of eLiquid, it helps to be able to see the entire tank, letting you know exactly how much you’ve put in or have left! The walls of the tank are also quite thick, making it much more resilient than a lot of other glass tanks.

    With crosshatched grips on the rings for assembly, the Nautilus is extremely easy to put together or take apart. The different grip pattern for the airflow control ring is a nice touch. It’s obvious at a glance how to adjust it, making it simple to use even before you get used to it! The settings range from 0.9 to 1.8 mm, giving anything from small, thick puffs to massive and airy clouds. It’s easy to change on the go, so if you like more than one setting there’s no fiddling around, just twist and hit! Be sure to try them all out to find your preference.

    Scoring the Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank

    Design: 8/10
    The Nautilus has a fairly functional design, looking a lot like something you’d see in a chemical lab.

    Functionality: 9/10
    The enormous 5ml tank and dual-coil atomizer combine to make every hit from this vape memorable! Easy to use and easy to clean, it’s a very worthwhile product.

    Customization: 9/10
    The easily adjustable airflow control is something that a lot of atomizers and tanks are missing, and it really does change how the vape hits. The lowest setting is much smaller than average tanks, and the largest provides more airflow than any I’ve tried. This is definitely a feature that more companies should incorporate!

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The Pyrex glass tank walls are really thick, but it’s still glass, so be careful to not drop it. That said, Aspire did a good job of maximizing the amount of glass without giving up any structural stability. The stainless steel parts are corrosion-resistant, and sure to last a long time with proper care. Everything fits together snugly and smoothly, with absolutely no misalignment or poor threading.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    The Aspire Nautilus Atomizer and Tank is a high-quality, unique-looking piece! The adjustable airflow control is stunning, and really allows you to find your perfect flow. A lot simpler to use than some more advanced atomizers, the Nautilus is a wonderful choice for anyone from the complete beginner to the experienced enthusiast!

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    Happy vaping!

  • Titan-I Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

    The Titan-I dry herb vaporizer (read ‘one’ not ‘eye’) is a extremely powerful, rugged, and futuristic vape. Ready to go straight out of the box, the Titan-I is simple to use, and sure to provide a potent experience!

    What is the Titan-I?

    Titan-I Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The Titan-I dry herb vaporizer is, as the name indicates, a vape to be used with any dried herbal material of your choice. It’s temperature controlled, with three different settings, giving you phenomenal control over the vaporization of your herbs. The single-button interface works really well with this system. Once the Titan-I is on, it will keep the temperature inside at exactly 360F, 380F, or 420F. To change the temperature, just hold the button down for a few seconds. For more information on how to use the Titan-I, visit our How-To Guide!

    What You Should Know About the Titan-I Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of this vape. Not having to heat up the chamber for Every. Single. Puff. is one of the most interesting features I’ve ever encountered, and a massive plus of this piece. Unlike with the MFLB or other low-tech vapes, there’s no fiddling around trying to get it hot enough without burning. Just turn it on, and vape away!

    The three settings provide hugely different experiences. While on the lowest setting, 360F (red), there was nearly no visible vapor, but the effect was definitely still there. The green setting (380F), my personal favorite, had a lot more of a kick to it, and a little bit of a cloud. By far the most drastic difference, though, was on the blue setting (420F). The herbs were browned after only a minute or two, but wow. Just, wow. It seemed like all of the herb had been condensed into a single powerful puff, without a trace of smoky flavor. Be sure to try all three settings before choosing one, I’m certain you won’t regret it.

    Scoring the Titan-I Dry Herb Vape

    Design: 10/10
    This is such an absolutely striking vape, unlike anything else out there. The box is straight out of Half-Life, down to the brilliant logo and sun-like motif. The Titan-I itself is much more reminiscent of something you’d use to perform spectrographic analysis of moonrocks, or shoot lasers at aliens, than something to vape out of. Sleek, stylish, perfect.

    Functionality: 10/10
    Built-in but replaceable screens? Check. Massive 2200mAh battery? Check. Easy interface, both button and display lights? Check. What more could you possibly want? OH, and it hits like nothing else, just in case you care about that kind of thing ;P

    Customization: 9/10
    There aren’t that many options here, but there aren’t intended to be. The temperature control is so well-tuned that adjusting anything majorly would just disrupt that lovely balance. The three different settings and massive chamber provide more than enough opportunities to make this vape your own.

    Build Quality: 10/10
    Everything about this is top of the line, from the form-fitted mouthpiece to the included cleaning brush. It appears that no expense was spared in making this masterpiece.

    Overall Score: 9.25/10
    This is definitely the best dry herb vaporizer around, bar none. The unique temperature system and strong-but-slim battery give you the ultimate control over your herbs, without sacrificing an ounce of power. I cannot recommend this vape strongly enough! Try it out, and you’ll be just as hooked.

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit Review

    The Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit is a nice way to add a fully-functional fixed-wattage setup to your collection, while still affording you room for expansion in the future. Put it together, add your favorite flavor of eLiquid, and you’re ready to go!

    What’s in the Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit?

    Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit

    With everything you need except a battery, this product provides a solid starting platform. The batteries are 18350, so even if you don’t have any around for other ecigs, they’re cheap and easy to find.

    Innokin’s Coolfire 1 Mechanical Mod provides a constant wattage of 8.5w, making it a very different experience than vapes with a set voltage. Like all other Innokin devices, the power button doubles as a battery light! While in use, it shines red, yellow, or green depending on the charge. This mech mod has standard 510 threading. You can choose from a massive variety of tanks, ranging from the Protank 2 Clearomizer to the Kayfun 3.1 Atomizer and Tank from last time. With that said, the included iClear 30B Dual Coil Clearomizer is extremely well-suited to this mod.

    The iClear 30B atomizer has a resistance of 2.1ohms, higher than some, and perfect for this assembly. The stable wattage and high resistance combine to make every puff of vapor thick and flavorful! It’s a really nice combination, straight out of the box.

    What You Should Know About the Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit

    Like many ecigarettes, the Coolfire I has a clean and simple single-button interface. To turn it on, press the power button three times, and then just press and hold it to use. It turns off in the same way.

    Because this vaporizer uses a set wattage, take care when trying out new atomizers. Lowering or raising the resistance of the atomizer will greatly change the feel of the vapor, giving you a lighter or more hefty hit.

    Scoring the Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit

    Design: 7/10
    While not as sleek as some vaporizers we have available, the Coolfire I has a classic feel. The tank lines up seamlessly, adding to it’s elegance.

    Functionality: 9/10
    The set wattage really does seem to thicken the vapor, with a hearty, substantial mouthfeel. The iClear 30B’s 3.0ml capacity is big enough to vape all day, while not making the setup unwieldy.

    Customization: 6/10
    Both the clearomizer and mech mod can be used on their own, but this combination seems to work better than many others.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    Definitely a strong suit of this kit, everything fits together snugly and securely. With few areas for error, and high quality construction, this vaporizer is sure to last even with substantial abuse.

    Overall Score: 8/10
    The Coolfire I Vaporizer Kit is a wonderful starting point, either for the complete novice, or for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of a fixed-wattage device. If you’ve only ever tried voltage based devices, I wholeheartedly recommend this product. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you try!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!