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  • Cool Fire 2 Vaporizer Kit Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit Review

    Innokin’s Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit, much like the older and simpler Cool Fire I Vaporizer Kit, is a completely self-contained starter set. However, unlike the Cool Fire I, the Cool Fire II has a variable wattage system! Designed to look like a grenade, the Cool Fire II leaves an explosive impression, both functionally and aesthetically.

    What’s in the Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit?

    Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit

    With both the Cool Fire II and an iClear 30B clearomizer, this starter kit can be assembled to vape right out of the box! Designed to use 18350 batteries, it should be no trouble to find them if you don’t already have a bunch.

    The Cool Fire II has a wattage adjustment ring just above the power button. With nine different settings from 7.0 to 12.5 watts, there’s a broad scale of power to choose from. Having the option to adjust this according to personal taste or for an atomizer with a different resistance is a great feature!  A good rule of thumb for that is the higher the resistance of the coil, the higher the wattage you need to get the same effect.

    The iClear 30B clearomizer is a 3.0ml capacity tank with a 2.1 ohm coil. The resistance is slightly higher than average, but low enough that the different settings have a wide variety of effects! Have fun playing around with the settings, finding the one you like best.

    What You Should Know About the Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit

    Turning on the Cool Fire II is the same as most other Innokin devices; simply press the single button three times in quick succession, and do the same when you want to turn it off. The light has the familiar Red/Yellow/Green to represent an Empty/Low/Full battery. This vaporizer uses standard 510 threading, so you can use either piece with other atomizers or batteries!

    Scoring the Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit

    Design: 8/10
    While initially I was not a fan of the grenade-like look of the Cool Fire II, upon using it I noticed how perfectly it fits into the curve of your palm. The ring to adjust the wattage is easy to use and within reach at all times, and the uniform grip feels sturdy and solid. The tank has a ball-and-socket joint for the mouthpiece, making it even easier to use this piece discretely and easily.

    Functionality: 9/10
    The variable wattage, especially with its wide range of settings, is definitely this vape’s stand out feature. While voltage and wattage are intrinsically linked, variable wattage devices give you direct control over the amount of power being put out, providing more uniformity between different atomizers. It’s a distinctly different experience. Definitely one worth trying.

    Customization: 9/10
    Once again, the main feature of this device gives it great versatility. The 510 threading also gives you many options when swapping out parts.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    As usual, Innokin has delivered a high quality product for a moderate price. The only concern I have is with the aluminum threading, but that would only be an issue if the device is mistreated. The copper contact points and strong exterior make this device rugged and reliable.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    The Cool Fire II Vaporizer Kit is a good foray into regulated wattage-based vapes. The durable design also adds to its usefulness, as it’s less likely to take damage from small falls. As it comes with an iClear 30B, this set is great for even complete beginners in the wonderful world of vaping!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Hades Mechanical Mod Review

    With a stainless steel body with brass accents, and silver-plated brass contact points, the Hades Mechanical Mod is a high quality and absurdly powerful piece. It takes a 26650 battery and has standard 510 threading, giving it much more power than other mech mods without sacrificing flexibility!

    What’s the Hades Mechanical Mod?

    Hades Mechanical Mod

    Like all mech mods, the Hades is unregulated, but the 26650 battery chamber lets you vape for much longer without even starting to notice a dropoff. There’s a simple locking ring, so it won’t go off in your pocket. Pushing the base to use the mod takes a bit more force than on some other pieces, but it completely prevents any accidental activation. There are also six vents in the bottom of the piece, letting the battery vent naturally. This stops any leakage or degradation of the battery, which is already not a big concern. Just don’t leave the battery in your vape for a year!

    The silver-plated brass contacts have a super low resistance. All of the energy from the battery goes straight into the coil, making massive, hefty clouds. This is one of the most powerful mechanical mods available anywhere, while also being one of the best looking!

    What You Should Know About the Hades Mechanical Mod

    There’s one thing you can do to make this piece perform at an even higher level. After disassembling the mod, you’ll notice a spring in the center pin assembly. You can just go ahead and take it out! While initially the spring won’t do anything, eventually it can oxidize, lending a metallic taste to your eliquid. Honestly, we have no idea why they put it in there in the first place, seeing as the manufacturer itself recommends its removal.

    Scoring the Hades Mechanical Mod

    Design: 10/10
    Absolutely gorgeous. The shining stainless steel with brass accents is as sleek as anything. The slight taper, from 28.5mm at the top to 30mm at the base, allows for a solid grip. The switch has a bit too much friction for some people, but the taper lets you get around that with the right hold.

    Functionality: 10/10
    Oh boy, this mod’s got it right. Unlike most mechanical mods out there, the massive battery on the Hades gives you hours of vaping before noticing any falloff. The low resistance connections help you get every last amp out of the battery. The amount of power this piece gives is honestly astounding!

    Customization: 7/10
    It’s a mechanical mod. There’s not much to change, not that you’d want to. The ability to rebuild the piece entirely and adjust the size of the center pin is an option not always seen, however.

    Build Quality: 10/10
    Machined to perfection, the threads fit together smooth as silk. The battery fits into the chamber with no play at all, especially after adjusting the internal pin. All the atomizers tested fit flush against the top of the piece, smoothly interlocking into the 510 connector.  As mentioned before, that spring really should be removed in manufacturing, but that’s so easy to do on your own.

    Overall Score: 9/10
    This is entirely a piece for mech mod enthusiasts. It’s beautiful, powerful, and precise, but without a regulator of some sort it’s not for beginners. Much more a display mod than an every day vape, the Hades is a well-known and well-loved power piece. The clouds you can get from this piece are incomparable!

    Buy it here!

    Happy Vaping!

  • Atmos Jewel Vaporizer Review

    The Atmos Jewel Vaporizer is only four inches tall, but don’t let its short stature deceive you. This multi-use vape packs quite a punch, and can keep going for hours on end! It’s available in a trifecta of colors as well: a stark white, vivid red, or classic black.

    What’s the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer?

    Atmos Jewel

    The Jewel’s single chamber can be filled with either dry herbs or concentrates. It’s an all-in-one device that’s as simple as it gets! The ceramic chamber and flat ribbon coil ensure even heating, while also being very easy to clean. Furthermore, the material acts as an insulator, keeping heat inside and giving you up to three hours on a single charge! This does mean it stays pretty hot while in use, though, so be careful when adding in new wax or herbs.

    What You Should Know About the Atmos Jewel

    When you’re cleaning your Jewel, avoid touching the coil excessively. It’s not as fragile as some mod coils, but it’s definitely delicate. Cleaning is a breeze, a drop of isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip wipes almost anything off the ceramic.

    Made for both dry herbs and concentrates, the Jewel accomplishes its goal but shows a definite bias towards wax. The large heating element is perfect for melting sizable chunks of concentrates, and the high airflow really produces thick vapor.

    Scoring the Atmos Jewel

    Design: 8/10
    The Atmos Jewel’s small size and simple style work with it’s slight taper and color choice. It’s extremely discrete and ergonomic.

    Functionality: 8/10
    The Jewel is the first herbal and concentrate vaporizer that I’ve seen even remotely live up to its promise. As mentioned before, wax is ideal for this piece, but it makes a solid showing when used for dry herbs. While it’s not a traditional irradiative vaporizer, there was no combustion, and the herb was very evenly browned.

    Customization: 7/10
    Just the color can be changed around. The decision to use herbs or concentrates is the biggest choice you have when using this piece.

    Build Quality: 8/10
    The quality of the chamber and coil is top of the line, with a novel and well-built design. The rest is all fairly standard quality, with the exception of the very compact and efficient battery.

    Overall Score: 7.75/10
    The Atmos Jewel Vaporizer is a brilliant multi-functional product, both discrete and powerful, with a huge battery and compact design. It’s especially great if you want the flexibility to choose either herbs or concentrates while on the go!

    Happy vaping! 🙂

  • K800 Vaporizer Review

    The K800 Vaporizer is a unique bullet-style e-cigarette. Combining the benefits of both simpler cigarette-shaped e-cigs and more advanced mods, the K800 is completely refillable and rebuildable.

    What’s the K800 Vaporizer?

    K800 Vaporizer

    With the option of either black and gold, or silver and gold, the K800 is an elegant device resembling a large fountain pen. Each end is capped to prevent dust buildup or accidental activation. Using the K800 is intuitive and straightforward, as it has the same system as many other one-button vapes. For more information you can check out our Guide on How to Use the K800 Vaporizer.

    The battery has only 650mAh, but it lasts for a surprisingly long time. The small capacity is great when charging, taking only a couple of hours for a full charge! There’s also short-circuit protection, preventing any damage in case of a short. This all fits in a discrete, compact tube, designed for vaping on the go!

    Scoring the K800 Vaporizer

    Design: 9/10
    Both color schemes fit the style the K800 is trying to typify quite well. It’s an elegant and well-executed vape, and the look is definitely its most significant feature.

    Functionality: 7/10
    As a replacement for disposable gas-station e-cigs, the K800 is wonderful. As a replacement for other mods, not so much. It’s far better than disposable cig-lookalikes, not only because of the reusability and eliquid options, but also in vapor production and flavor. However, I wouldn’t expect the same level of quality you get from more advanced mods.

    Customization: 6/10
    The color choice is nice, as it’s not that often seen on pieces like this. The refillable tank works well, and doesn’t retain flavor between eliquids. Compared to other mods, however, the proprietary nature of the parts and lack of standard threading makes it a less-useful piece.

    Build Quality: 7/10
    Well built and good for the price. The tank is high quality, as are the integrated wick and coil.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10
    I would definitely recommend the K800 to someone without experience using more complicated mods, especially if they’ve only tried disposable. It’s not for vapers who are confident in their abilities, but its simplicity and style give it a strong appeal as a starter vape.