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  • KTS Mechanical Mod KTS Mechanical Mod Kit Review

    The Kamry Telescoptic Storm, or KTS, mechanical mod is an extremely well-built device. This kit also includes an X8 Tank Atomizer, which has a knurled fill port for awesome style and ease of use! Unlike almost any other mech mod starter kit out there, a variety of batteries as well as a charger are included. All this comes packaged in a portable, padded case,  protecting it indefinitely from use and probably from quite a lot of abuse!

    What’s the KTS Mechanical Mod?

    KTS Mechanical Mod

    With a gold and silver design and modular body parts, the KTS is gorgeous and flexible, able to fit batteries from an 18350 to an 18650. The bottom firing button is adjustable and lockable with a knurled thumb-screw on the side. There are six vent holes in the KTS to protect you in case of an accidental battery discharge.

    The included battery charger is perfect for keeping in the carrying case. It has only one bay, so it’s a good idea to get another charger for overnight refills if you want to charge more than one battery at once. The batteries themselves are as high quality as the rest of this kit, and last a long time when treated right. If you pick up some eLiquid, you have everything you need to start using an amazing mech mod build right out of the box!

    Scoring the KTS Mechanical Mod

    Design: 9.5/10
    This mod makes me think immediately of zeppelins and clockwork. The steampunk feel is perfectly matched by the X8 Tank Atomizer, especially with both of the thumb-screws. Both of these pieces are gorgeous, and the combination is ideal!

    Functionality: 7/10
    This is a perfectly usable setup right out of the box, but the atomizer system of the X8 may prevent more inexperienced users from getting the flexibility optimal for a mech mod. It’s definitely doable, and if you’re not sure what you’d be looking for, you definitely won’t mind.

    Customization: 8/10
    The adjustable body of the KTS is a nice option, and the modular design gives you more potential alterations to be made!

    Build Quality: 9/10
    The mod itself is incredibly high quality. Made of stainless steel and brass, and fully mechanical in construction, the KTS is incredibly well built, with seamless connections and smooth threads.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    The KTS Mechanical Mod is top of the line, and the Special Edition Kit comes with a complete build and battery setup. Stainless steel and brass, with a steampunk feel, this is a wonderful vape either as a trophy piece or for everyday use!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Vision Spinner 2 Battery Vision Spinner 2 Battery Review

    One of the newest models from Vision, the Vision Spinner 2 Battery is an extremely dense battery pack with a variable voltage control. Measuring in at 1600 mAh, the Spinner 2’s capacity is enormous. Thicker than a pen, but not approaching the massive heft of a lot of mods, this in an incredibly compact and powerful device.

    What’s the Vision Spinner 2 Battery?

    Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    With a variable voltage ranging from 3.3 to 4.8 volts, the Vision Spinner 2 Battery is highly adaptable and customizable. No matter what tank you choose to use, there’s a setting to make it work for you! The 1600 mAh capacity gives this battery a ridiculously long life between charges, and the newly updated PCB control head keeps efficiency at its maximum. The one downside is the long charge time, with it taking around 6 hours for a full charge. Given the size, however, it’s entirely understandable.

    There are three different choices for the color: white, blue, or black. Each has a patterned design reminiscent of carbon fiber, especially on the black model.

    What You Should Know About the Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    The Vision Spinner 2 has standard 510/eGo threading, and charges using a normal eGo charger. At the base of the device is the voltage adjustment ring, which has four ‘click’ settings (3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v, and 4.8v). The ring actually changes the voltage continuously, so you can leave it set anywhere in-between to fine-tune your preference!

    The fire button also glows to show you the battery life. White is over 60% charge, blue is between 30% and 60%, and orange is under 30%. To maximize the life of your battery, I recommend charging it as soon as the light turns orange. This will keep the battery’s capacity up for the longest possible time.

    Scoring the Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    Design: 7.5/10
    The different colors have hugely different feels to them, ranging from sleek to stark. The semi-locking adjustment ring is a wonderful idea, and is extremely easy to use.

    Functionality: 8/10
    This is one of the densest self-contained batteries out there, and really keeps a charge. I charge mine every other night, and it’s my current all-day-vape!

    Customization: 7.5/10
    A little more range of voltage might be nice, but the continuous adjustment with lockable settings is a novel and useful addition.

    Build Quality: 7.5/10
    With short-circuit protection, an upgraded PCB, and overtime shutoff, this battery has all the safety features found in much more expensive regulated mods. The device is solid and strong, with high-quality contruction.

    Overall: 7.5/10
    The Vision Spinner 2 Battery is a compact and long-lasting battery pack. The adjustable voltage is clean and easy, and everything about this device performs to perfection. There aren’t many options for further customization, but this may not be the battery for you if you’re going down that route. For someone looking for a good first battery, or a reliable addition to their collection, the Vision Spinner 2 is a good way to go!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!

  • Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod Review

    The Panzer Black Hawk has a deceiving exterior, with the black color scheme making it look like it’s covered in rubber or plastic. Fear not, for this mod is entirely stainless steel. That is, except for the conductive copper contact plates. The Black Hawk is a strikingly designed mechanical mod with a militarized style, made of high-quality components and with a variety of customizable features!

    Features of the Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    See the serial?

    There are four vent holes disguised at the bottom of the mod, for protection in case of battery issues. Following the recent trend of adjustable battery compartments, the Panzer Black Hawk has two removable rings, giving you three different battery size options (18350, 18500, and 18650). Of course, this also changes the overall length of the device, making it an option for both style and function! The standard 510 threading and adjustable center pin maximize the number of atomizers that can be used with this piece. In addition, the fire button has a lock to prevent the vape accidentally going off in your pocket. The button itself has an engraved hawk and a serial number uniquely identifying your mod!

    Scoring the Panzer Black Hawk Mechanical Mod

    Design: 8/10 The black stainless steel and copper accents look strong and give the Black Hawk a stark style. The white lettering kind of throws off the seamles feel, but it’s the only odd part of an otherwise excellent and unique piece.

    Functionality: 7/10 The Panzer Black Hawk functions fairly similarly to most other mechanical mods. That is to say, if you’re not already a mechanical mod enthusiast, you might want to look more into them in general before choosing to go down that route. That said, for those who like mech mods, this is a wonderfully powerful piece.

    Customization: 8/10 With three different battery size options and an adjustable center pin, the Black Hawk has the ability to optimize any part of itself to your individual preference!

    Build Quality: 8/10 The Black Hawk is made of stainless steel and copper, with smooth threads and a high-quality center pin.

    Overall Score: 7.75/10 The Panzer Black Hawk is a high-quality mechanical mod with a unique design and extensive features. It can fit three different batteries, and a multitude of atomizers due to its adjustable center pin. It’s a very solid piece, perfect for mech mod enthusiasts or those looking for a military-like design!

    Buy it here! Happy vaping!

  • Russian 91% Rebuildable Russian 91% Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review

    The Russian 91% Rebuildable Atomizer and Tank is an extremely functional RTA designed by a former Kayfun engineer. With a floating center pin in addition to everything the Kayfun 3.1 has to offer, the Russian 91%  is even more versatile than its competitors!

    What’s the Russian 91% Rebuildable Atomizer and Tank?

    Russian 91% Rebuildable

    Made of stainless steel, with a removable clear tank section, the Russian 91% maintains the sleek standard now expected with rebuildable atomizers. The finish is noticeably darker than on the Kayfun 3.1 which, along with the cryptic name, lends it a quite mysterious air. The connection has standard 510 threading, so it’s usable with a wide variety of batteries. The center pin is also adjustable, giving you even more options in your battery selection!

    The kit also comes with a bunch of tools to ease your use of the device. A needle bottle makes it trivial to not get liquid anywhere you don’t want it to be, and the included screwdriver and allen wrench are all that’s needed to rebuild the atomizer! A wick and prebuilt coil is also included, along with three spare o-rings to increase the life of the setup! Essentially, there’s everything you need to get the maximum potential out of this piece!

    Scoring the Russian 91% Rebuildable Atomizer and Tank

    Design:  8.5/10
    Slightly darker and more reflective than the Kayfun 3.1, the Russian 91% is a good upgrade on an already excellent design.

    Functionality: 7/10
    The adjustable airflow and 4.5ml capacity tank let you choose whether to conserve your liquid or to blow huge clouds, but either way, the Russian 91% will keep going for ages!

    Customization: 10/10
    Beyond the aforementioned adjustable airflow, the Russian 91%  is a completely rebuildable atomizer with an adjustable center pin, letting it be used with a large selection of batteries!

    Build Quality: 7.5/10
    Completely high quality stainless steel, with a durable and reliable design, this atomizer is extremely well-built. There’s a touch of play on the threads of some of them, but overall the quality is excellent.

    Overall Score: 8.25/10
    The Russian 91% Rebuildable Atomizer and Tank is a great additional RTA for anyone who’s already used to building their own coils. It’s a strict improvement over the Kayfun 3.1, and even comes with a prebuilt coil to make it faster to start vaping right out of the box!

    Buy it here!

    Happy vaping!