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  • Stay Hydrated! Dehydration and Vaping

    Even among non-vapers, a properly hydrated person is a rare find. The added astringent effects of propylene glycol (PG) make it dangerous to vape if you’re not paying attention to your body. PG is a hygroscopic molecule, meaning that it pulls water from its surroundings. When you vape PG, water is drawn from your mouth and lungs into the vapor. This not only makes your mouth dryer, it also contributes to dehydration overall, which can very rapidly become a significant problem!

    The most obvious solution to dehydration, but probably the hardest to keep up, is to drink water regularly. It sounds simple, right? If it was that easy, 75% of American’s wouldn’t be chronically dehydrated. Regardless of anything else, drinking enough water daily is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy body. The old adage of 8 glasses a day has been shown to be false, but just drinking when you’re thirsty won’t cut it either. A good way to increase your water intake is to drink a glass of water before anything else! This was the most effective method for me personally, especially since soda and coffee are both dehydrating.

    If you’ve been suffering from chronic dehydration, and you think it’s due to vaping, consider making the switch to a vegetable glycerin (VG) based eLiquid. VG isn’t hygroscopic like PG, meaning it won’t dehydrate you! 100% VG eLiquid is definitely different from most blended liquids, however, with a sweeter flavor and more vapor production. The sweet taste can mask some flavors, and even if you do change over to VG, be sure to drink plenty of water!

    No matter who you are, or how you vape, the most important thing is staying safe. Keep yourselves hydrated, and spread the word!

    Happy vaping!

  • Is it Where You Vape that Matters?

    One of the biggest controversies among vapers is where to vape. Some people believe they should be able to vape where ever, when ever no matter what anyone else says. They believe that they have the right to vape anywhere they so choose, that your feelings shouldn’t have to affect their actions. On the other side of the coin you have the “Vape where you can smoke” crowd. These folks believe that no one should vape anywhere they would not have felt comfortable or been allowed to smoke in the past. They feel that ultimately being  extremely courteous when it comes to location is the way to get that social acceptance we all strive for. Most people feel that you have to be one side or the other on this issue, that its black and white. Where you vape isn’t really the key though, it’s how you vape that really matters.

    No matter where you stand on this issue you can still end up offending someone and you can still end up giving the vaping community that bad rap we’re all trying to avoid. How you vape is what really matters. No matter what we may believe about the effects of vaping the general public seems to buy into the media scare tactics.  When people see someone blowing huge clouds in public, no matter if they’re indoors or out, it will most likely cause some tension. The media has made a huge point of calling the vapor “dangerous” and seeing huge clouds being blown into the air is just going to heighten the situation.

    Low key vaping is the number one thing you can do to help the cause. Being discreet and polite is the best thing you can do. When out in pulbic we recommend you take smaller puffs at a time and let them out gradually. Though you may see it differently many people will feel the exact same about you vaping as they do about someone else smoking. We love blowing clouds too, don’t get me wrong, we just recommend you keep that behind closed doors.

    Happy Vaping!



  • PSA: Clean Your Coils

    Clean Your Coils

    One of the most important facets of your vaporizer is that it heats up. In fact, that is literally the entirety of the vaporizer: it heats up. It can’t be overstated how important it is for the lifespan of your vaporizer that you clean your coil often. Any dry herb that you place inside a heating chamber will leave behind ash that will do anything to cling itself to the coil. Too much ash buildup will cause the coil to be ineffective, and it can lead to the chamber not heating up at all. This isn’t only limited to the dry herb users though. E-Liquid and Wax will also leave behind residue that will stick to your tanks, chambers, coils, or threads and it will ruin your vaping experience.

    So lets take a look at some of the ways to clean your coils:

    Note: These are just a few general ways to clean your vaporizers, some vaporizers require a more in-depth explanation.

    Dry Herb Chambers

    Clean Your Coils

    Titan-I Dry Herb Chamber

    Cleaning your coil with a Dry Herb Chamber is simple. Most of the vaporizers will come with a cleaning tool or brush that can just shake loose the dry herb remains. After that, you can flip over the vaporizer pen and allow whatever ash remains spill out. With combustion pens however, you might have to use a little bit more force. Sometimes you may even have to use a very lightly dabbed-in-alcohol Q-tip as ash tends to stick to the coil. It’s very very important though that you dry anything you clean out completely before placing it back onto the battery. We recommend leaving the parts separated overnight while drying.

    Wax Chambers

    Clean Your Coils

    Ago G5 Wax Chamber

    With Wax Chambers, you’re looking to use the dab tool in order to get out whatever residue is left over. Be careful, if the wax vaporizer you use has a visible coil do whatever you can to not touch it with the dab tool.

    E-Liquid Chambers

    Clean Your Coils

    Protank Clearomizer e-Liquid Chamber

    E-Liquid vaporizers don’t have the same types of coils as Dry Herbs, but they’re still something you have to clean. With e-Liquid chambers, what you’d want to do is remove the e-Liquid tank, and then run warm water through it. Make sure you let it dry out though before you put it back onto the rest of the vaporizer. The worst thing you can do is accidentally get water into your battery.


    Your vaporizer treats you right, so treat your vaporizer right. Take a bit of time people, and clean your coil.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Are Electronic Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Electronic Cigarettes ($) vs Tobacco Cigarettes ($$$)

    Electronic Cigarettes have been growing in popularity in recent years and there is plenty of reason why. While we can go into numerous reasons why vaping is better than smoking, we are only going to look at one reason in this article. Here, we are going to be looking at cost. Plain and simple. What is more cost effective? Electronic Cigarettes or Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Comparison Criteria

    First, let me start out by saying that the “whats cheaper?” question is a loaded one. Anyone can pick and choose sample data that shows validates the message they want to convey. This is not what we want to do here. We cannot say with absolute certainty that one is more or less expensive than the other. What we can tell you, however, is what exactly we will be using to do our price comparison. So, with no further delay, here is our criteria:

    • We will use our prices for Eson Electronic Cigarettes.
    • We will use the average cigarette price of three States: New York, New Jersey & California.
    • We will assume that the average smoker smokes 2.5 packs per week.
    • We will compare costs over the course of one year.
    • We will accept that one Eson Cartomizer is the equivalent of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.


    Cost Breakdown

    Ok, lets get to down to the fun stuff.



    [section_title]Initial Cost (cost of 2 packs):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $29.95

    Cigarettes, New York: $25

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $16

    Cigarettes, California: $12.90



    [section_title]Cost Per Pack (after initial cost):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $2.60

    Cigarettes, New York: $12.50

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $8

    Cigarettes, California: $6.45



    Initially, when we look at the up-front cost, the Eson Electronic Cigarettes look more expensive. However, we also see that buying additional “packs” of Eson Electronic Cigarettes is significantly cheaper than buying regular packs of cigarettes.

    Let us now apply the cost over the course of a year.


    Cost Comparison Results

    Electronic Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes


    • By week 2, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in New York
    • By week 3, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in California and New Jersey
    • By week 12, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $267.75, the New Jersey smoker $135, and the California smoker $89
    • By week 52, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $1257.75, the New Jersey smoker $675, and the California smoker $474.28

    Here is the total cost after 52 weeks:

    • Eson Electronic Cigarettes: $361
    • New York Cigarettes: $1618.75
    • New Jersey Cigarettes: $1036.00
    • California Cigarettes: $835.28


    We have compared the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes in three States versus the cost of vaping anywhere with Eson Electronic Cigarettes. We chose these three States because we felt that they represent the most common cost of cigarettes per State in the US. When reading this article, you must remember that this is just a straight cost comparison assuming each smoker continues on the same path for a full year. We realize there are many other factors to consider when choosing what to smoke or vaporize, but we will talk more about that another time. Here we learned that you could be saving an extraordinary amount of money by choosing Eson Electronic Cigarettes over traditional tobacco smokes.

    You can purchase an Eson Electronic Cigarette Kit here.

    We hope this was helpful information!