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  • Accessorize!

    Many of the products we sell come with some additional and replacement accessories that can make your products work longer or bring back life into an overused chamber. We’ve got plenty of available options and we’re also looking to expand on our store every week, so tell us what you think we need to add to our shop!

    Ago G5 Wax Heating Chamber


    One of the most popular sellers here, the Wax Chamber works with the Ago G5 to turn it into a wax vaporizer, unlike it’s base form of being a dry herb vaporizer. They’re really simple to use and just require you to detach the old version and then attach the new one. If you’ve already got a wax chamber, use over a long period of time can kill its effectiveness and the quality but replacing it every few months will obviously bring back life into your vaping. These can also be used with the Ago G5 Jr.

    Steel Mesh Screens (For Exposed Coil Vaporizers)


    Sold on our site in packs of 5 and 20, these screens help keep coils in exposed coil combustible pens alive for much much longer. We’re talking at least a 4 month difference. Each usage without a screen causes ash and residue to buildup around the coils which in time gets stuck and causes the heating function of the chamber to stop working. Unless you clean excessively after non-coil use, you face the risk of having them stop working in time (which is why we always provide free screens with any exposed coil vaporizer purchase). Using screens will help keep your heating chambers alive for longer.

    Titan-I Mouthpiece


    One of the most popular vaporizers we have is the Titan-I, a low cost option for those looking to get an experience like the Pax vaporizer and other more expensive vaporizers with similar functions. Over time, the screens on the mouthpieces can get dirty or, if you’re not careful, dropping the Titan from a significant height can cause the Mouthpiece to crack. After a long wait and many many many requests to get Titan-I mouthpieces from well over a hundred customers, we managed to finally get the creators to send them so we could get them to you.


  • Any Color Vaporizer You Like

    We’ve got many vaporizer options but some of you out there might be looking for something with a bit more colorful presence. We’ve got you covered.

    Kanger EVOD Vaporizer

    EVOD Color


    Amongst our collection of colorful vaporizers is the Kanger EVOD. It’s an eLiquid vaporizer that comes with two vaporizer pens in each box and has three colors currently available: Green, Black and Red. If those colors aren’t your thing, keep an eye out for the blue EVOD that we’ll be adding to our store soon.

    Vision Spinner 2

    Vision Spinner 2 Color

    Another available option is for the crowd that likes to use their own atomizers. The Vision Spinner 2 is a variable voltage battery that allows you to manually adjust the voltage output to your atomizer to fit your needs. We’ve got it up on the site in three colors: White, Blue and Black. We’ll be adding a Grey version of the Vision Spinner in the near future for those of you that want a color with a bit less loud to it.

    Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

    Atmos Jewel Color

    The Atmos Jewel is a Wax and Dry Herb vaporizer that uses the same heating chamber for both. It’s dual usage and discrete look has helped make it a relevant part of the vaporizing world. Despite our image only showing the black version, we sell it in Black, White, and Red.

    X6 Vaporizer

    X6 Color

    The X6 is another eLiquid vaporizer that makes use of the variable voltage system. Amongst it’s best features is it’s very long battery life to keep you ready for use on the go. It’s built with high quality materials and has an almost indestructible feel to it (emphasis on feel, it is actually destructible). It comes in three colors: Gold, Black, and Silver.

    If you’re looking for more, we’ve got more colors coming and we’re always willing to take suggestions on colors to get. Look out in the near future for two new colors of the iTaste MVP 2.0 too.

    Happy Vaping!

  • To quit or not to quit? Vaping Continues To Be Backed By Research To Reduce Tobacco Cravings

    While governments at the local level continue to argue about E-Cigarette ethics, the researchers at KU Leuven have been conducting a study over an 8 month period as to whether it can help with the addiction. To make a long story short, yes, it did. Their research found that 60% of their the cases they studied (all amongst people who had ‘no plans to quit’ according to their words) the users managed to either cut Tobacco cigarettes out of their life entirely or severely reduce the amount used. As more of these studies and research comes to light it’s going to be hard for governments to legitimize bans or restrictions on Vaporizers and their like.

    It’s been a tedious grind watching the ebb and flow between each planned restrictive measure and the scientific and social studies that refute their claims but slowly the truth is become more clear. A 60% decrease in Tobacco usage can not be ignored and with more studies like these paving way to what is expected to be the (way) future official announcement that E-Cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, the constant push for legislation against them will finally end.

    Alongside this study, and helping to prove the positive influence of Vaping as a smoking alternative, is a statistic brought up by the head researcher on this study Professor Frank Baeyuns. He says:

    “of all the smokers who quit using nothing but willpower, only 3 to 5% remain smoke-free for 6 to 12 months after quitting”

    Which is another statistic that will hugely benefit the Vaping community when the eventual judgement day comes (I’m assuming that somehow this will reach the federal level). With all the benefits available from making the move from Tobacco to E-Liquid becoming more public with each study, the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly becoming brighter.

  • Vapor Puffs Is Proud To Announce: Titan-I Mouthpieces For Sale!

    Titan-I Mouthpieces For Sale!

    That’s right, after months of emails and calls to the manufacturers of the Titan-I, we at Vapor Puffs finally managed to get them to agree to send us individual Titan-I Mouthpieces. It took a lot of effort, cunning, and tension filled old west styled stare downs but eventually, they caved into the consumer demand and allowed us to put them out on the market. Now all the users out there looking for an almost literal breath of fresh air from their mouthpiece don’t have to look further than their friendly internet-neighborhood Vape Shop, Vapor Puffs. All of those looking for a second mouthpiece because of damages sustained from that one time you let your friend borrow your Titan-I and they dropped it, stepped on it, or had an inexplicable Titan-I Mouthpiece shaped bruise on their walls can find a replacement mouthpiece to purchase at the same place they’ve purchased their original Titan-I. Germaphobic and generous Titan-I users can rejoice because now you can share your Titan-I with your friends, but have a separate mouthpiece for their use only! The possibilities are endless!

    You might be asking “but how do I replace my mouthpiece?” It’s simple, just take off the mouthpiece you already have on your Titan-I the same way as usual, and just pop the new one right in. That’s right, no assembly required. It’s really an overly joyous moment for everyone.

    Some of you Titan-I users out there might not have immediate need to replace your mouthpiece but as with all things, time will wear anything down. A new mouthpiece will give you a better quality pull and re-sanitize your entire Titan-I operation. It’s an old addage, but it’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. You’ll be happy you have it when the time comes.

    Buy it here: Titan-I Mouthpiece