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  • 5 Tips for Helping Others Love Vaping Just as Much as You!

    As we all know electronic cigarettes often times get a bad rap. The media spews lies, the public panics, and even legislation seems to be going wild. We here at Vapor Puffs believe that, as vapers, it is our responsibility to change that narrative.

    We’ve put together 5 tips for new vapers that we hope will help others love vaping just as much as you!

    1. Don’t vape in indoor public places

    It doesn’t matter whether there is a sign posted or not; vaping in a restaurant or store generally comes off as very inconsiderate and rude. A good rule of thumb is to only vape where you would feel comfortable smoking.

    2. Ask before you vape

    A lot of vapers will just pull out their ecig around friends assuming no one will mind- its just vapor after all. Even if that is the case, its always better to ask. Not only will everyone around you appreciate it, its also a great way to start a positive conversation about vaping.

    3. Don’t drown people in your cloud

    We, too, think our vapor clouds are kind of super cool. That being said, many people find it very rude to be blowing huge clouds even after giving you the go ahead to vape around them. Most everyone will appreciate your being discreet with your ecig.

    4. Talk about it

    Just be open about vaping with the people around you. Ask them about their opinions on the subject and go from there. Just make sure to not come off too preachy.

    5. Know when to let go

    We’ve all been there. A mother-in-law, great uncle, or that friend that always has to be on the other side of an issue rants on and on at you about vaping and just won’t stop. These people are always extremely frustrating and oh so rarely even have reasons for thinking what they think. Despite that learn to let them go. Arguing with them will probably just make you seem aggressive or defensive. Engaging silly folks almost always doesn’t end well no matter how right you are. As the old adage goes, haters gonna hate!

    We hope these tips are as helpful for you as they were for us in the beginning. Thanks for reading!