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  • Guide: How To Use The K800 Vaporizer

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the K800 Vaporizer! We’re going to start by looking at the individual parts of the Kamry K800 and then move onto showing you how to use the K800 Vaporizer.

    What Is The K800 Vaporizer?

    The K800 is a bullet shaped eliquid vaporizer with a rebuildable tank. Let’s take a look at the parts.

    How To Use The K800 Vaporizer

    From Left to right, Mouthpiece (under cap), Atomizer, Coil Unit (inside Atomizer), Airflow Ring, Battery, and Power Button (under cap).

    • Mouthpiece – This part is hidden underneath the cap at the top of the K800. You’ll be putting your mouth on it.
    • Atomizer – The eliquid will go in here.
    • Coil Unit – Hidden inside the Atomizer, this unit is connected to the bottom ring of the Atomizer. This part is heating element in the vaporization process.
    • Airflow Ring – This gold ring has two vent holes and is found right below the atomizer.
    • Battery – This is the biggest part of the K800 and the only part you can’t access. That’s alright though, as it’s a very strong battery.
    • Power Switch – This is hidden underneath the cap at the bottom of the K800.

    How To Turn On The K800 Vaporizer

    This is sometimes a confusing part for first timers. You’ll begin by removing the cap at the bottom of the k800 and then you’ll press the button 5 consecutive times to turn it on. If you want to turn it off, you’ll press it 5 consecutive times again. When you’re ready to begin vaping, you’ll turn it on and hold down the button to begin the vaporizing process.

    A lot of people ask us why would the vaporizer require you to press the button 5 times to turn it on/off? There’s two answers, one is that it allows the vaporizer to heat up to higher temperatures at a faster rate. Second, it’s a safety feature so that you aren’t accidentally turning it on in your pocket.

    How To Use The K800 Vaporizer

    • Fill the Atomizer with eLiquid

    You’ll begin this step by removing the Atomizer from the Battery. This is done by turning the Atomizer counter clockwise to the battery. Once that’s removed, you have to remove the bottom ring of atomizer too, with it you should see a Coil Unit come out. Now, fill up the K800 Atomizer but do not get eLiquid inside the tube in the center, as that goes to the mouthpiece. Instead, pour your eLiquid outside of that tube, until you are slightly less than halfway filled. Then, re-attach the Coil Unit and the bottom part by lining it up to the tube inside of the atomizer and turning it clockwise. Then, reattach it to the battery.

    • Begin Vaping

    Now, now remove the caps at both ends of the K800 by pulling them off (not twisting) and turn on the K800 using the steps above. Just hold down the button when your ready and you should be able to begin vaping with no issue.

    Thanks for Reading Our Guide On How To Use The K800 Vaporizer!

    We hope you have a clear understanding on how the K800 works and how to make it work for you.

    Buy it Here: K800 Vaporizer

    Happy Vaping!


  • Proposed FDA Regulation Could Kill eCigs

    A proposed FDA regulation that will drastically change how eCigarettes and eLiquid are handled is currently available for public discussion. While a lot of what goes on around tobacco legislation is not accessible to us common folk, this is different. The FDA is specifically asking for comments. They especially want input from users of eCigarettes to help them make this decision. Although the rule was first proposed several months ago, the time period allowed for commenting has been extended twice. However, this upcoming Friday, public comments will be permanently closed.

    Effects of the Law

    This new law will lump eCigarettes and eLiquid in with actual, burnable tobacco. By making ecigs subject to the regulations for cigarettes, it will create an unnecessary and costly approval process that will force smaller manufacturers out of the market, leaving our lovely vapes in the hands of major tobacco companies. Whatever the intent of the law may be, it is sure to destroy the variety and accessibility we all cherish. Now is the time to act, before this community we’ve all built gets destroyed.

    What Can I Do?

    Thanks to the dedicated support of vapers like you, we still have time to bring the benefits of eCigs to the FDA’s attention! Either follow the link above, and click on “Comment”, or click here to give your input. We all want to keep vaping, and it won’t take more than a couple of moments to make your opinion known.

    Voice your opinion on the proposed FDA regulation

    Time is running out to make yourself heard!

    There is so little reliable information regarding the possible benefits and dangers of vaporizing. Even personal stories, such as how eCigarettes helped you while quitting smoking, could be crucial to this decision! Thank you for doing what you can to ensure a future where vapes are accessible, whether for those who want them as a better alternative to burning tobacco, or for those who simply appreciate them on their own merits. Happy vaping!

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Electronic Cigarettes ($) vs Tobacco Cigarettes ($$$)

    Electronic Cigarettes have been growing in popularity in recent years and there is plenty of reason why. While we can go into numerous reasons why vaping is better than smoking, we are only going to look at one reason in this article. Here, we are going to be looking at cost. Plain and simple. What is more cost effective? Electronic Cigarettes or Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Comparison Criteria

    First, let me start out by saying that the “whats cheaper?” question is a loaded one. Anyone can pick and choose sample data that shows validates the message they want to convey. This is not what we want to do here. We cannot say with absolute certainty that one is more or less expensive than the other. What we can tell you, however, is what exactly we will be using to do our price comparison. So, with no further delay, here is our criteria:

    • We will use our prices for Eson Electronic Cigarettes.
    • We will use the average cigarette price of three States: New York, New Jersey & California.
    • We will assume that the average smoker smokes 2.5 packs per week.
    • We will compare costs over the course of one year.
    • We will accept that one Eson Cartomizer is the equivalent of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.


    Cost Breakdown

    Ok, lets get to down to the fun stuff.



    [section_title]Initial Cost (cost of 2 packs):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $29.95

    Cigarettes, New York: $25

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $16

    Cigarettes, California: $12.90



    [section_title]Cost Per Pack (after initial cost):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $2.60

    Cigarettes, New York: $12.50

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $8

    Cigarettes, California: $6.45



    Initially, when we look at the up-front cost, the Eson Electronic Cigarettes look more expensive. However, we also see that buying additional “packs” of Eson Electronic Cigarettes is significantly cheaper than buying regular packs of cigarettes.

    Let us now apply the cost over the course of a year.


    Cost Comparison Results

    Electronic Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes


    • By week 2, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in New York
    • By week 3, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in California and New Jersey
    • By week 12, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $267.75, the New Jersey smoker $135, and the California smoker $89
    • By week 52, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $1257.75, the New Jersey smoker $675, and the California smoker $474.28

    Here is the total cost after 52 weeks:

    • Eson Electronic Cigarettes: $361
    • New York Cigarettes: $1618.75
    • New Jersey Cigarettes: $1036.00
    • California Cigarettes: $835.28


    We have compared the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes in three States versus the cost of vaping anywhere with Eson Electronic Cigarettes. We chose these three States because we felt that they represent the most common cost of cigarettes per State in the US. When reading this article, you must remember that this is just a straight cost comparison assuming each smoker continues on the same path for a full year. We realize there are many other factors to consider when choosing what to smoke or vaporize, but we will talk more about that another time. Here we learned that you could be saving an extraordinary amount of money by choosing Eson Electronic Cigarettes over traditional tobacco smokes.

    You can purchase an Eson Electronic Cigarette Kit here.

    We hope this was helpful information!