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  • Which Vaporizer is Right for you?


    Vaporizer come in a few different types, each designed for a specific lifestyle. Whether you’re a homebody, commuter, dry herb enthusiast, or occasional user, there are thousands of units to choose from that match your preferences. There are three main types: portable, vape pen, and desktop. These types break down into subcategories based on the material they are compatible with, whether it be:

    • Dry herb, wax, liquid or all three.


    Portable Vaporizer

    Portable vapes are handheld, battery powered units that enable on-the-go consumption of dry herb, wax, or e-liquid. Usually compact, portable devices won’t burden your pocket, and will generally hide in your hand during use. But despite the stealthy size of these units, they often feature powerful heating systems that deliver:

    • clean, smooth, and flavorful vapor.

    You get excellent draws and discretion with a portable unit.

    Some of the most innovative devices in the industry are portable. The Firefly 2, hailed by the media as “the iPhone of vaporizers,” is one such landmark device. With touch sensor controls, convection heating, and mobile app control, the Firefly 2 paved the way for a generation of advanced dry herb vaporizers that emerged in its wake.

    Today the portable vaporizer is one of the most popular devices in the industry, accommodating the commuter lifestyle, producing great tasting hits, and providing the most convenient experience possible.


    Portable vaporizers are generally pocket-friendly. Devices like the DaVinci are incredibly compact yet powerful. You can carry them around wherever you go, take a hit with the unit concealed in your hand, then pocket it and go about your day. Like vaporizer pens, portable units are usually charged via USB, ensuring that you can power up from anywhere with a USB outlet or AC outlet (using a wall adapter).



    Vape Pen

    This type is one of the most discreet vaporizers in the world. Slim, pen-shaped, and lightweight, vape pens allow you to take stealthy sips from just about anywhere. Generally speaking, this device is designed for waxy oil or liquid concentrates, though some herb pens exist. Usually ranging from $10 to $200, these units are designed for on-the-fly use, making them the ideal choice for commuters.

    Whether you’re a commuter, pedestrian, or want a discreet way to take a hit around the house, this device is geared for quick, easy, and stealthy hits. Most pens are about five inches long and very thin. Some units are as thin as a #2 pencil. This means you can easily hide the device in your hand during use. Likewise the unit will not burden your pocket.A major advantage of using a vaporizer pen is ease-of-use. Rather than toggle temperatures to the degree, most of these units feature preset temperatures so you simply click the control button to change temperature. Once your temperature is chosen, the average pen takes only a few seconds to heat up. Simple controls and rapid heating ensures you can take quick hits on-the-go when you have an opportunity.

    Making this vape a very discreet choice.

    Desktop Vaporizer

    Portable units are exceptional for on-the-go use. But their small size leaves less room for advanced heating systems, and their wireless power sources limit the degree to which they can efficiently vaporize materials. Desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, are plugged into wall outlets, giving them much more power than smaller devices. Desktop units are also larger. Leaving more room for the heating system.These devices deliver the smoothest, cleanest, best tasting hits possible.

    This vaporizer type features three ways to inhale: Whip-style, balloon-bag, or steamrolling. Whip-style units deliver hits through a rubber tube. Balloon-bags are high grade plastic bags that fill up with clouds, making them easy to share. And steamrolling involves taking hits through a water bubbler attachment that moisturizes and further purifies vapor. Some desktop units are limited to one inhalation method, while others feature multiple ways to take a hit.

    Desktop vaporizers often feature a forced-air system, which pushes vapor through the air path to help the user take a hit. These units feature high powered fans. Which in some models can be shut off to create more draw resistance, or modulated to adjust the speed of the fan. It’s ideal for those who want the purest draws possible, whether you’re a medicinal or recreational user.




  • Smoking or Vaping?


    Smoking or Vaping. It is common knowledge that millions of long-term smokers have developed diseases that have caused them to die early. It is also well understood that these diseases are caused almost exclusively from the products of combustion.

    For every death caused by smoking, 20 smokers are suffering with a smoking related disease.

    Vapor products like electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, do not combust any material and so, do not produce the smoke that causes smoking related disease.

    When a person draws on the mouthpiece a sensor detects airflow that activates a battery-powered heating element to heat a solution so that it evaporates, heating this solution creates a vapor that the user inhales.

    Vapor products are an alternative low risk product that many find useful for a number of reasons. Many people choose to use them exclusively instead of smoking, while others find themselves smoking far fewer cigarettes.

    They’ve become very popular among smokers as pleasurable safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes and evidence shows that vapor products can be effective in helping people to quit smoking completely.

    How is this good for the population?

    As a society we do things in general to help people live healthier lives and vaping is one of those things. Best estimates suggest that e-cigarettes are at least 95 percent less harmful than regular cigarettes. This is because when a person switches from smoking cigarettes to vaping an e-cigarette, that person gets a clean source of satisfying nicotine without exposure to the toxic smoke that causes disease and an early death. Most of the chemicals that cause smoking related diseases are absent from a e-cigarette vapor and those that are present, are present at levels that pose limited harm to health. Smokers can therefore dramatically improve their life expectancy and health quality by switching to a smoke-free source of nicotine such as vapor products.

    Additionally, there are no known harms to bystanders from inhaling secondhand vapor.

    Isn’t Nicotine Dangerous?

    Nicotine use can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, but there is zero evidence that nicotine causes cancer.

    There is plenty of evidence that smoking does cause cancer due to the byproducts of combustion. In e-cigarettes aerosol these byproducts are either non-existent or our present and amounts well below levels that are known to cause harm to humans.


    Isn’t Nicotine Addictive?

    Nicotine replacement therapy or NRT is used daily by millions in the form of nicotine patches and gums.

    Five-year studies by the FDA on nicotine replacement therapies showed no harmful effects. Tthose results were convincing enough that the FDA changed its guidance on NRT use, such that it can be used indefinitely and was approved to be used concurrent with smoking in quit attempt.

    E-cigarette are a less risky way to enjoy smoking related behaviors that are also leading people away from smoking combusted cigarettes.


    Millions of people around the world have been successful in quitting smoking completely. Ssince they started using vapor products even if they didn’t intend to quit smoking when they started using the vapor product.


    Even when consumers alternate between electronic cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes, studies show these people typically smoke far fewer cigarettes each day as a result of using an e-cigarette and that they gradually cut down on their cigarette consumption, more and more over time as they get used to using and enjoying their e-cigarette instead.

    But it is always important to remember that vapor products like a e-cigarette are less risky alternatives to the death and disease caused by combusted cigarettes.

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    Consumers Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association. for more information

  • yocan_evolve_plus_vaporpuffs_com How to use Yocan Evolve Plus

    How to use Yocan Evolve Plus

    How to use Yocan Evolve Plus. Inside the box you’ll find: one Evolve atomizer, one Evolve battery, one extra dual quartz coil, one tool, and one USB charger.


    To load the Yocan Evolve plus, unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber. Unscrew the chamber cap and use your wax tool to load a small amount of wax right onto the coil.

    Replace the chamber cap and mouthpiece, click the power button five times to unlock the device, and you’re ready to vaporize!

    The Yocan Evolve plus doesn’t have any temperature control beyond how long you hold down the power button. The device will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of holding down the button, but the dual quartz coils hit hard so you likely won’t have to wait long to get a nice tasty cloud.

    To wrap things up!  Let’s talk about some of the key features of the Yocan Evolve Plus which make it such a stellar device.


    The overall build quality of the Yocan Evolve Plus; this is a wax pen designed to hold up to a fair amount of travel and use, and the coils have been working great for us even after extended use.


    Easy it is to use; this unit features one-button operation and doesn’t use any temperature control, so it’s super easy to get big cloud production.


    The built-in silicone container at the bottom of the Yocan Evolve Plus.

    This is a clever idea! Which allows you to easily transport concentrate material along with the device and help simplify loading on the go.


    The Yocan Evolve Plus is an excellent unit for those seeking a convenient, high-value wax pen which is easy to use and offers efficient satisfying vapor.

    For all you connoisseurs out there, keep´on vapin! 🙂

  • atmosjump_gold_vaporpuffs_com How to use Atmos Jump Vaporizer

    Hi Guys,

    Today we’re going to show you How to use Atmos Jump Vaporizer. We are going to start by looking at the device and how to charge it.


    When you receive the unit your initial charge will be for six hours. This condition is a must to the battery for future lifespan. we recommend using a laptop or computer to charge or a standar wall adapter.

    When the Atmos Jump battery is running low the Led indicator light will flash 8 times. After three low battery notifications the Jump will shut off to recharge.

    To recharge the Atmos Jump, can be charged through the micro USB connection located at the bottom of the device.


    When attached to the charger, the charging indicator light will shine red to indicate the devices accepting a charge.

    This light will stop shining when the device is fully charged. Regularly the Atmos Jump will take up to four hours to fully charge, but only charged the Atmos Jump until the red light turns off.

    Now let’s load the Atmos Jump with our product!

    Turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise, take off the mouthpiece revealing the heating chamber.

    When placing your product into the chamber break it up with your hands fill the chamber to the top and pack it down lightly. Then turn the mouthpiece clockwise to secure it back over the heating chamber.




    Once your dry herbs are packed into the heating chamber press the power button three times very quickly, the indicator light will shine yellow to show the unit is heating.

    Once the temperature reaches about 400ºF/204ºC,  the indicator light will shine green.

    Now it’s time to inhale slowly!

    The Atmos Jump will automatically shut off after four minutes, this is the device’s safety duration to reactivate the heating element simply click the power button three times very quickly and that’s all there is to keep using the Atmos Jump.


    Happy Vaping! 🙂