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  • KTS Mechanical Mod Guide: How To Use The KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer! In this guide we’ll be giving you a basic introduction to the KTS Mechanical Mod parts as well as a step by step guide on how to assemble and use the KTS Mechanical Mod.

    What is the KTS Mechanical Mod?

    The KTS Mechanical Mod is a telescopic mechanical body that connects to your battery and atomizer of choice. You might be asking, what does that mean? Well, to start the term ‘telescopic’ means that the body has the ability to extend or retract, allowing you to use almost any battery size available. The term ‘mechanical’ tells you that there are no electronic components in the vaporizer, it’s entirely analog.

    “So, what are the parts?”

    • KTS Body – The first part is the body itself, a large shell that will contain your battery.
    • Ignition – Sticking out from the body is the ignition, this is the part you will push down in order to start the heating element. Attached to it is the safety, which, when spun counter-clockwise, will stop you from being able to push down the ignition. Just spin it clockwise to unlock when you’re ready to vape!
    • Telescopic Tool – Above that you’ll find a detachable silver piece that you can turn clockwise and counter-clockwise to adjust the size of the vaporizer. Spinning it counter-clockwise will lengthen the KTS and reveal another layer underneath. That layer can also be spun to extend the size of the body.
    • Airflow Control – This piece is where the air will be coming through, the three holes you see on it are vents that allow air to pass through when you’re taking a pull from the mouthpiece.
    • Heating Element – This piece looks like a tube inside the atomizer you attach to the KTS. You should notice a little hole on the tube, inside of which are wicks that allow the heating element to vaporize the eLiquid it touches. The KTS also comes with a backup heating element.
    • Mouthpiece – You’re going to put your mouth here.
    How To Use The KTS Mechanical Mod

    The KTS Mechanical Mod and X8 Atomizer fully put together.

    If you bought the special edition of the KTS Vaporizer, you’ll find an X8 Atomizer as well that wasn’t covered in the above breakdown. We’ll explain how to use it further below as we get into our next section.

    How to Use the KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer

    Okay, so you’ve got your KTS Mechanical Mod. For simplicities sake, i’m going to assume you’ve got the X8 atomizer that came along with it, which looks like the atomizer you’ll see below.

    How To Use The KTS Mechanical Mod

    The X8 Atomizer is connected to the top of the KTS Mechanical Mod.

    But first, before we can get to the atomizer- we need to place the battery into the KTS body.

    • Placing the Battery Inside the KTS

    Like the assumption i’m making with the atomizer, i’m going to assume you’re using the 18650 batteries that came with the KTS.

    How To Use The KTS Mechanical Mod

    KTS Mechanical Mod Specal Edition Contents

    We recommend you make sure the safety is tightened counter-clockwise so that you can not push down the ignition.

    First, you’re going to disconnect the airflow connection from the KTS body. Next, place the battery inside the KTS body (make sure you place it with the negative side going into the KTS body, and the positive side sticking out on top). Now, if you hold it sideways with the ignition on the left side and the opening for the battery on the right, you’ll notice that on the right side of the body there is a small piece you can spin. Spinning this piece will extend the size of the KTS body, allowing you to reconnect the airflow control. If extending that piece isn’t enough, you can also spin the layer underneath it to further extend the body, which you will have to do if you’re using the 18650 batteries that came with the KTS. You don’t have to be precise when you’re extending the telescopic tool because after you reattach the airflow chamber you can go ahead and retract it as much as you need to tighten it up to your preference.

    If you’re using a battery that didn’t come with the KTS, the process is the exact same, the only thing that will change is the size of the KTS body after you’re done using the telescoping tool.

    • Reattach the Airflow Chamber

    This part is pretty self explanatory, just reconnect the airflow chamber back onto the KTS body over the battery. Feel free to tighten the KTS to your liking. If you took apart any of the other attached pieces (such as the heating element, mouthpiece, or atomizer) reattach them as well. The heating element connects into the airflow chamber, and the mouthpiece attaches to the heating chamber with the side containing the black ring going into the heating element.

    • Make Sure the Atomizer is Firmly Attached

    Assuming you’re using the X8 Atomizer, there is a little screw that should now be sticking out of the side of the atomizer, above the airflow chamber. Make sure this is attached tightly so that you can’t easily pull off the atomizer and have your eLiquid spill out everywhere, like all over your favorite shirt.

    • Fill The Atomizer with eLiquid

    On the X8 Atomizer, you’ll be filling the eLiquid by loosening the screw on the top of the atomizer and dripping your eLiquid into the hole hidden underneath. You don’t need to remove the mouthpiece in order to fill the atomizer if you’re using the X8. Be aware that the capacity for the X8 atomizer is 2.5ml.

    After you’ve finished filling the atomizer, put the screw back on and tighten it firmly.

    • Begin Vaping

    With everything put together, loosen the safety to allow for the ignition to go as far down as the safety will allow. Put the mouthpiece to your mouth, take a pull while holding down the ignition, and there you have it. The vaporizing process should begin and you should be vaping with ease.

    Thanks For Reading Our Guide on How to Use the KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer!

    We hope you found our guide helpful and informative. We love the KTS Mechanical Mod and we hope you’ll love it too.

    Buy it here: KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer (Special Edition)

    Happy Vaping!

  • Guide: How To Use The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit

    Welcome to our Guide on how to use the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit! In this post we will go into detail about the specific parts of the Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer, along with showing you how to use it properly and efficiently.

    What is the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit?

    Before delving into how to use the Snoop Dogg G Pen, we’ll start off by defining it’s important parts. Of course there are more parts than we list, but having a bit of knowledge about the few we highlight will prove to be quite helpful when using your pen and understand the “how to” portion of this post.

    • Mouthpiece –  This part is pretty self explanatory. The mouthpiece is where you put your mouth. This piece can be unscrewed by twisting the tip in a counter-clockwise direction.
    • Ceramic Filter – The Ceramic Filter is a piece inside of the mouth piece that filters the vapor before exiting through the tip. It keeps particles of your dry herb inside of the heating chamber and out of your mouth.
    • Spring – The spring is connected to the bottom of the mouth piece. It keeps your dry herb pushed down and compacted on top of your screen.
    • Heating Chamber Shell – The shell covers the outside of the heating chamber and is adorned with a super cool design of a map of Long Beach, California. This piece also serves to protect your heating chamber from damage.
    • Heating Chamber – This is the part of vaporizer that will heat your herbs via a spiral coil on a risen platform. The Snoop Dogg G Pen heating chamber is specially made with heat resistant glass.
    • Battery – The battery powers the Vaporizer and can be recharged using the USB Cable that comes with each Snoop Dogg G Pen.

    Snoop Dogg G Pen Guide

    How to Turn On The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

    The Snoop Dogg G Pen uses a simple 5-Click to turn on or off system. This system is commonplace in vaporizers because it keeps your battery from losing charge and allows for the vaporizer to heat to a higher temperature. You will know the pen has turned on when the blue light at the base of the battery flashes on and off 3-4 times.

    The Snoop Dogg G Pen does not immediately begin heating once turned on though. In order to begin the heating process, simply hold down the power button after it’s been turned on. This feature is great because not only does it save battery life, it also makes sure your herb is only vaporizing during each hit.

    How to Use the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

    Lets move on to what you most likely came here for, how exactly to actually use the Snoop Dogg G Pen.

    • Remove the Shell of the Heating Chamber

    This is done by just pulling on the shell, revealing a translucent hardened glass surrounding the exposed heating component.

    Note: There is an extra translucent hardened glass that comes inside the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit. In some cases it can be hidden inside of the Heating Chamber shell which comes attached to the mouthpiece in an unopened box.

    • Place a Steel Mesh Screen inside the Heating Chamber

    This step is extremely important. Placing your herbs directly onto the heating coil will cause them to combust (to burn) rather than vaporize.  Not only does this negate the point of vaporizing your herbs rather than smoking them, it actually will cause the heating chamber to break down much quicker over time. You can purchase additional screens directly from us.

    You can buy a 5-pack of the mesh screens here: Steel Mesh Screens (5 pack)

    There is also a 20-pack available here: Steel Mesh Screens (20 pack)

    To insert your screen simply take your packing tool and push it about 2/3s of the way down the chamber so it’s floating just above the coil. This allows your herbs to float above the coil, therefore being vaporized rather than burned.

    • Place your Dry Herbs on Top of the Steel Mesh Screen

    After finely grinding your herbs, place a bit on top of the Steel Mesh Screen. We recommend placing a very small amount. Over packing one’s herbs can prevent the pen from working correctly and efficiently.

    • Reattach the Shell and Turn On the Vaporizer

    Now you’re ready to go! Just turn on your vaporizer and hold down the button for each hit. For more detail on this part refer to the “How to Turn on the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer” section above.


    Thanks For Reading Our Guide on How to Use the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Kit!

    We hope you found our guide both helpful and informative. Ultimately we think this vaporizer is ultra cool and super user friendly, a real must buy for both newbies and those looking to add some cool factor to their vaping collection.

    Happy Vaping!

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  • Guide: How To Use The Titan-I Vaporizer

    Welcome, everyone, to our instruction guide on how to use one of the most exciting new vaporizers on the market, the Titan-I Vaporizer! This post will also be the first of many “How to’s” we’ll be posting, so don’t fret if we have yet to make one about the product you have your eye on.

    What is the Titan-I Vaporizer?

    Before we tell you just how to use the Titan-I Vaporizer, you’ll need to know what it exactly is. The Titan-I vaporizer is exactly what the name says it is, a vaporizer made for a titan. More particularly, for a titan’s amount of dry herb. It’s an all in one heating chamber and battery with the ability to change the temperature of the heating chamber at a moments notice. You can break down the Titan-I into five parts.

    • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece on the Titan-I is where you put your mouth. Crazy, right?
    • Mesh Filter – Inside of the mouthpiece is a small replaceable mesh filter to keep any dry herb residue from getting into the users mouth.
    • Heating Chamber – The area where you put in your dry herbs. Be careful, it gets pretty hot in there.
    • Battery – You can’t actually see the  battery at all but it’s there at the back end of the vaporizer. It’s just one of those things you have to know is there. Like oxygen or gravity or stuff like that.
    • Micro USB Connector – On the bottom of the Titan-I, you’ll find the micro USB connector for charging the battery. You may already own a micro USB Connector for your smart phone. Its great for charging whenever where ever!


    How To Turn On The Titan-I Vaporizer

    “Well this should be obvious right, you just grab the vaporizer and press this big silver button here and it should be on. I mean, it should be on. It’s not turning on. Is this thing broken?”

    Thankfully, imaginary inquirer, it is not. In order to turn on the Titan-I Vaporizer just press the power button 5 consecutive times. We, too, were annoyed by this design at first. Why not just make it a simple push to start? It turns out it’s actually a pretty ingenious system. It not only prevents the vaporizer from accidentally turning on and draining the battery, it also allows the vaporizer to heat to a higher temperature.

    How To Use The Titan-I Vaporizer

    Alright, so here we are at the crux of the matter: the Titan-I Guide.

    • Remove The Mouthpiece

    This can be done by rotating the Titan-I so that the slit of the mouthpiece is vertical, then pushing your thumb up below the bottom corner (if you were looking at it from above). Apply some force and you should have the mouthpiece pop off, similar to opening a box of Tic-Tacs. It can be a little difficult sometimes to get it off, but once you’ve got it you’ll figure out how to get it every time. Make sure to apply pressure closer to the tip of the mouthpiece, it makes the job a lot easier.

    • Pack the Titan-I with Dry Herbs

    When packing your dry herbs we recommend only filling the chamber about half way at most. At little goes a long way with this vaporizer and overpacking can lower the quality of your vaping experience. The Titan-I also comes with a 5 pack of steel mesh screens. These are totally optional though.  One option we recommend is to place one at the bottom of your heating chamber for easy clean up (read: little to no residue to try to scrape off the bottom of your chamber if you forget to clean it immediately after use). You can also use one of these screens as an extra filter by placing it at the very top of your chamber. Don’t forget, there is already a mesh screen attached to the mouthpiece, but if you’re the type who likes to play it extra safe then there’s nothing stopping you here.


    • Re-Attach the Mouthpiece

    I had some trouble with this part. You probably won’t. Just pop that sucker back on, you should hear a click when its back in place.

    • Turn On The Titan-I

    As noted above, just press the big silver button 5 consecutive times. As soon as the vaporizer is on, the heating chamber will begin to heat and your herbs will begin to vaporize. The chamber heats automatically, so there is no need to hold down the power button to keep it heating.

    • Adjust the Temperature to Your Liking

    The Titan-I offers 3 heating modes. You can tell which heating mode you’re using by the colored light below the on button. To change modes simply hold the on button until the light changes color, it should take about 3 seconds.

    The first, least hot, mode is the red mode. It heats at 360F.



    The green mode is the second mode. It heats at the Titan-I medium heat of 380F.



    The final, hottest, mode is the blue mode, which heats at 420F.



    We recommend you test out all the modes, which mode is “best” is really all about personal preference. Just know that the hotter the temperature the quicker your dry herb will be vaporizer, the faster you’ll feel the buzz, and the speedier your herb will brown.


    Thanks for reading our Titan-I Guide!

    We hope you found our Titan-I guide helpful and informative!

    We really believe this vaporizer is the biggest bang for your buck out there. We couldn’t recommend it more!

    Buy it here: Titan I Vaporizer Kit

    Happy Vaping!

  • Guide: Vaporizers For Beginners (a.k.a. Vaping 101)

    Over the past few months, we have received a ton of emails from customers about how to use herbal vaporizers properly. We quickly realized that a lot of you are new to vaporizers and do not really know what to expect. We also realized that many of you that visit our site may be interested in trying a vaporizer but don’t really know what to do with one. So for those of you who fall into those categories, this guide is for you!

    One quick note before we start: I know the title says Vaporizers For Beginners, but we will be specifically talking about portable style vaporizers only and limiting our guide to that. We will not be going over Volcano Vaporizers or any vaporizer of that sort in this post.

    What is a Vaporizer?

    An herbal vaporizer acts as a device to extract the active ingredients of herb material for inhalation. More specifically, a portable vaporizer device will heat up herbs over time to release those active ingredients without burning the herbs. This process is an alternative to smoking that allows the user to avoid all of the negative effects on your health from smoking (i.e. carcinogens, toxins, ash, etc). Vaporizers come in many different types, but this post solely focuses on portable types. Portable vaporizers may be used for dry herbs, wax, essential oil, and even eLiquid.

    Examples of such portable herbal vaporizer devices can be found here:

    Atmos Jump Vaporizer

    Cloud Vaporizer G20

    G Pen Ground Material Vaporizer

    Cloud Vaporizer g20Cloud Vaporizer G20

     Vaporizing vs. Smoking

    The question many of you often have is “Why should I vaporize my herb rather than smoke it?”. Well first, let’s start with the obvious reason: Health. We have all seen the anti-smoking ads on TV, the Internet, and wherever else. Yes, they usually use tobacco as an example but smoking in general (regardless of what you are smoking) has similar detrimental effects on your health. I won’t cite any health studies because you can simply find them on your own with a very quick Google search. But talking about health is not fun or sexy for most, so let’s move on to other benefits.

    There are also many short-term and immediate benefits to using a vaporizer. Namely, with a vaporizer, you need FAR less herb material than you would smoking to get the same effect. The effect in the end is roughly the same but you used a fraction of the herb you would have used had you smoked instead of vaping. This obviously leads to more monetary value from your herb. But that is not the best part…

    The biggest benefit, in my opinion, to vaping over smoking is that after you are done vaping, you can use the remains in edibles. The remains will activate once again after baking them. This means you have effectively used the same herb twice. You simply cannot beat that bang for your buck…

    How To Use a Vaporizer And What To Expect

    Prior to using your vaporizer, you must first grind up your herbs. In fact, the finer you grind them, the better your vaping experience will be. Your vaporizer will have a compartment of where your herbs should go. Place your herbs in that compartment. It is VERY important not to over-pack your herbs. You really need a very small amount of herbs. An example of an herb compartment can be seen here:


    A steel mesh screen acts as a buffer in the Ago G5 heating chamber.

    This compartment will heat up as you activate your vaporizer. As you activate the vaporizer, the compartment and your herbs will get hotter and hotter. This is typically the part that is tricky for beginners.

    Many beginners will think that they should be seeing some sort of visible vapor when they exhale. This is simply not the case. In fact, any visible “vapor” you see will actually be smoke, which is not a good thing. Smoke means combustion is occurring, which defeats the entire purpose of using a vaporizer. When you exhale, you will likely see nothing. This causes many new users to think that nothing is happening, and therefore, their vaporizer is not working. Be assured that just because you see no visible vapor, this does not mean your vaporizer is not working.

    Here is what you should expect: The first several hits (5-10 depending on your tolerance), you will likely get some taste but you will not feel much. You may or may not feel a bit of a throat hit depending on how sensitive your lungs are. After those initial 5-10 hits, you eventually start feeling a light buzz. After you get that initial buzz, each hit will become incrementally stronger as will your “buzz”. You will then for sure know your vaporizer is working!

    If you followed this guide and did not get the end results you were looking for, it is possible that your vaporizer is not producing enough heat or you may just simply be over-packing (very common problem).


    In the end, vaping or smoking is a personal preference. I will not sit here and tell you one is better than the other because that’s simply a matter of opinion. If you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you vaping is better 10 out of 10 times. It saves you money, it has far fewer negative health effects, and your herb can be used and re-used.

    If this guide helped you in any way, please give us a shout-out, share with your friends, or post a comment below!

    If you need a private recommendation on which vaporizer would fit you best, feel free to email us at!