• Its March Madness on Reddit this month!

    Contest Guidelines

    Each week in March, Vapor Puffs will be giving away 2 different prizes on Reddit! We’ll be giving these away on VaporEnts subreddit and the Electronic Cigarette subreddit. To enter the contests simply post a comment in the contest thread. Details for contest entry rules can be found below. Each contest will be held from Monday to Friday during each week in “Freebie February.” Make sure to keep checking on this blog post throughout the month, as we will be adding links to the current running contest!
    We wish you luck and hope you have fun!

    Week One

    This first week we’re giving away a G Pen Vaporizer Kit and a KTS Special Edition Mechanical Mod Vaporizer Kit!


    Vapor Ents

    1-DSC06915 (2)


    Electronic Cigarette




    Week Two

    The Second week of March Mayhem we’ll be giving away an E Smart Vaporizer Kit and a Matrix S Vaporizer!


    Vapor Ents



    Electronic Cigarette




    Week 3

    During week 3 we’ll be giving away an Ago G5 Jr. Vaporizer Kit and an X6 Special Edition Vaporizer Kit!


    Vapor Ents

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    Electronic Cigarette




    Week 4


    Week 4 is your choice!

    During the week three posts we will be asking YOU what you’d like us to giveaway during week 4. The most upvoted suggestion on each week 3 contest post will become the prize for this week!

  • Freebie February: Weekly giveaways all month!

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    Each week in February, Vapor Puffs will be giving away a different prize on our Facebook page! To enter the contests, all you have to do is simply like us on Facebook or follow us Twitter. Details for contest entry rules can be found below. Each contest will be held from Monday to Friday during each week in “Freebie February.” Keep your eye on this blog post throughout the month, as we will be adding links to the current running contest!

    We wish you luck and hope you have fun!

    Week One

     Ago-Vaporizer-1 (2)

    This first week we’re giving away an Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit to one lucky winner!

    • Contest Starts: February 3rd
    • Winner Chosen: February 7th at 11:59 EST
    • Prize: Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit
    • How to enter via Facebook: “Like” our Facebook page and “Like” our Week 1 contest post
    • How to enter via Twitter: “Follow” us on Twitter and “Retweet” our Week 1 contest post
    • Winner: To be Announced!

    Week 2

    X6-vaporizer-1 (1)

    This second week of February we will be giving away one X6 Vaporizer Special Edition Kit!

    • Contest Starts: February 10th
    • Winner Chosen: February 14th at 11:59 EST
    • Prize: X6 Vaporizer Special Edition Starter Kit
    • How to enter via Facebook: “Comment” on our Week 2 contest post and Like our Facebook page
    • How to enter via Twitter: “Follow” us on Twitter and Retweet our Week 2 contest post 
    • Winner: To be announced!

    Week 3


    Week 3 of Freebie February we’ll be giving away a $50 Vapor Puffs E-Gift Code!

    • Contest Starts: February 17th
    • Winner Chosen: February 21st
    • Prize: A $50 Vapor Puffs E-Gift Code to use on the Vapor Puffs site
    • How to enter via Facebook: “Share” our Week 3 contest post and Like our Facebook page
    • How to enter via twitter: “Follow” us on Twitter and Retweet our Week 3 contest post
    • Winner: To be Announced!

    Week 4

    its-a-mystery-500x325 (1)

    Week 4 is not only our mystery week, its also the week we’re giving away our biggest prize! To find out just what the grand prize and contest will be, “like” our page on Facebook and make sure to keep up to date! The final week contest will be announced on Facebook on February 24th!

  • Guide: Vaporizers For Beginners (a.k.a. Vaping 101)

    Over the past few months, we have received a ton of emails from customers about how to use herbal vaporizers properly. We quickly realized that a lot of you are new to vaporizers and do not really know what to expect. We also realized that many of you that visit our site may be interested in trying a vaporizer but don’t really know what to do with one. So for those of you who fall into those categories, this guide is for you!

    One quick note before we start: I know the title says Vaporizers For Beginners, but we will be specifically talking about portable style vaporizers only and limiting our guide to that. We will not be going over Volcano Vaporizers or any vaporizer of that sort in this post.

    What is a Vaporizer?

    An herbal vaporizer acts as a device to extract the active ingredients of herb material for inhalation. More specifically, a portable vaporizer device will heat up herbs over time to release those active ingredients without burning the herbs. This process is an alternative to smoking that allows the user to avoid all of the negative effects on your health from smoking (i.e. carcinogens, toxins, ash, etc). Vaporizers come in many different types, but this post solely focuses on portable types. Portable vaporizers may be used for dry herbs, wax, essential oil, and even eLiquid.

    Examples of such portable herbal vaporizer devices can be found here:

    Atmos Jump Vaporizer

    Cloud Vaporizer G20

    G Pen Ground Material Vaporizer

    Cloud Vaporizer g20Cloud Vaporizer G20

     Vaporizing vs. Smoking

    The question many of you often have is “Why should I vaporize my herb rather than smoke it?”. Well first, let’s start with the obvious reason: Health. We have all seen the anti-smoking ads on TV, the Internet, and wherever else. Yes, they usually use tobacco as an example but smoking in general (regardless of what you are smoking) has similar detrimental effects on your health. I won’t cite any health studies because you can simply find them on your own with a very quick Google search. But talking about health is not fun or sexy for most, so let’s move on to other benefits.

    There are also many short-term and immediate benefits to using a vaporizer. Namely, with a vaporizer, you need FAR less herb material than you would smoking to get the same effect. The effect in the end is roughly the same but you used a fraction of the herb you would have used had you smoked instead of vaping. This obviously leads to more monetary value from your herb. But that is not the best part…

    The biggest benefit, in my opinion, to vaping over smoking is that after you are done vaping, you can use the remains in edibles. The remains will activate once again after baking them. This means you have effectively used the same herb twice. You simply cannot beat that bang for your buck…

    How To Use a Vaporizer And What To Expect

    Prior to using your vaporizer, you must first grind up your herbs. In fact, the finer you grind them, the better your vaping experience will be. Your vaporizer will have a compartment of where your herbs should go. Place your herbs in that compartment. It is VERY important not to over-pack your herbs. You really need a very small amount of herbs. An example of an herb compartment can be seen here:


    A steel mesh screen acts as a buffer in the Ago G5 heating chamber.

    This compartment will heat up as you activate your vaporizer. As you activate the vaporizer, the compartment and your herbs will get hotter and hotter. This is typically the part that is tricky for beginners.

    Many beginners will think that they should be seeing some sort of visible vapor when they exhale. This is simply not the case. In fact, any visible “vapor” you see will actually be smoke, which is not a good thing. Smoke means combustion is occurring, which defeats the entire purpose of using a vaporizer. When you exhale, you will likely see nothing. This causes many new users to think that nothing is happening, and therefore, their vaporizer is not working. Be assured that just because you see no visible vapor, this does not mean your vaporizer is not working.

    Here is what you should expect: The first several hits (5-10 depending on your tolerance), you will likely get some taste but you will not feel much. You may or may not feel a bit of a throat hit depending on how sensitive your lungs are. After those initial 5-10 hits, you eventually start feeling a light buzz. After you get that initial buzz, each hit will become incrementally stronger as will your “buzz”. You will then for sure know your vaporizer is working!

    If you followed this guide and did not get the end results you were looking for, it is possible that your vaporizer is not producing enough heat or you may just simply be over-packing (very common problem).


    In the end, vaping or smoking is a personal preference. I will not sit here and tell you one is better than the other because that’s simply a matter of opinion. If you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you vaping is better 10 out of 10 times. It saves you money, it has far fewer negative health effects, and your herb can be used and re-used.

    If this guide helped you in any way, please give us a shout-out, share with your friends, or post a comment below!

    If you need a private recommendation on which vaporizer would fit you best, feel free to email us at service@vaporpuffs.com!

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Electronic Cigarettes ($) vs Tobacco Cigarettes ($$$)

    Electronic Cigarettes have been growing in popularity in recent years and there is plenty of reason why. While we can go into numerous reasons why vaping is better than smoking, we are only going to look at one reason in this article. Here, we are going to be looking at cost. Plain and simple. What is more cost effective? Electronic Cigarettes or Tobacco Cigarettes?

    Comparison Criteria

    First, let me start out by saying that the “whats cheaper?” question is a loaded one. Anyone can pick and choose sample data that shows validates the message they want to convey. This is not what we want to do here. We cannot say with absolute certainty that one is more or less expensive than the other. What we can tell you, however, is what exactly we will be using to do our price comparison. So, with no further delay, here is our criteria:

    • We will use our prices for Eson Electronic Cigarettes.
    • We will use the average cigarette price of three States: New York, New Jersey & California.
    • We will assume that the average smoker smokes 2.5 packs per week.
    • We will compare costs over the course of one year.
    • We will accept that one Eson Cartomizer is the equivalent of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.


    Cost Breakdown

    Ok, lets get to down to the fun stuff.



    [section_title]Initial Cost (cost of 2 packs):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $29.95

    Cigarettes, New York: $25

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $16

    Cigarettes, California: $12.90



    [section_title]Cost Per Pack (after initial cost):[/section_title]

    Eson Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: $2.60

    Cigarettes, New York: $12.50

    Cigarettes, New Jersey: $8

    Cigarettes, California: $6.45



    Initially, when we look at the up-front cost, the Eson Electronic Cigarettes look more expensive. However, we also see that buying additional “packs” of Eson Electronic Cigarettes is significantly cheaper than buying regular packs of cigarettes.

    Let us now apply the cost over the course of a year.


    Cost Comparison Results

    Electronic Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes


    • By week 2, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in New York
    • By week 3, Eson Electronic Cigarettes were cheaper than smoking cigarettes in California and New Jersey
    • By week 12, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $267.75, the New Jersey smoker $135, and the California smoker $89
    • By week 52, Eson Electronic Cigarettes saved the New York smoker $1257.75, the New Jersey smoker $675, and the California smoker $474.28

    Here is the total cost after 52 weeks:

    • Eson Electronic Cigarettes: $361
    • New York Cigarettes: $1618.75
    • New Jersey Cigarettes: $1036.00
    • California Cigarettes: $835.28


    We have compared the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes in three States versus the cost of vaping anywhere with Eson Electronic Cigarettes. We chose these three States because we felt that they represent the most common cost of cigarettes per State in the US. When reading this article, you must remember that this is just a straight cost comparison assuming each smoker continues on the same path for a full year. We realize there are many other factors to consider when choosing what to smoke or vaporize, but we will talk more about that another time. Here we learned that you could be saving an extraordinary amount of money by choosing Eson Electronic Cigarettes over traditional tobacco smokes.

    You can purchase an Eson Electronic Cigarette Kit here.

    We hope this was helpful information!