• Guide: How to use Hydrology9

    One of Best Hi-Tech Products in the market Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

    Hydrology9 only has one button press it three times to turn it on, you then push it 1 more time and it will start heating up. To change the temperature of the device, it needs to be on. It can be heating up or held at a set temperature. Each time you press it will rise upwards to the next highest setting. The temperature for the 5 preset settings are as followed. Cloudious9 intentionally has the highest setting set to above the point of combustion for those who want a bigger hit.


    Lights on Hydrology9 and Temp Settings

    Blue – 200C– 392F

    Greenish Yellow – 210C – 410F

    Orange – 220C – 428F

    Purple – 230C – 446F

    Red – 240C – 464F



    The Hydrology9 has five preset temperatures that are indicated by 5 different colored flashing lights. Blue is the lowest temperature setting and red is the highest. In order to turn the device on you need to push the power button quickly three times. Then to choose a heat setting you press the power button again once. This will activate the Hydrology9 and begin heating it to the previously set temperature.

    If you want to switch through to a different heat setting you just push the power button again, each time your press it, it will flash a different color. The Hydrology9 will continue to flash one of the five colors until the temperature has reached the current setting. After about 50 seconds the LED lights will stop flashing and will turn solid green. Solid green means the Hydrology9 is ready and you should begin inhalation.

    It is recommended that users leave for 3 to 5 seconds in between each inhalation. This, to allow the oven to get back to the desired temperature. Each session will last 2 minutes, followed by a 60 second cool down. The solid green light will turn flashing blue then solid blue for 60 seconds. After, the blue light turns off you can press the power button to start a new session.

    In case, you are a vaporizer geek that wishes to have the cutting-edge-day and best unit on the market. You’ll want to get your fingers on the Hydrology9.



    The Hydrology9 is built with an internal 2000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery that lasts around 11-15 sessions it 2 minutes per average session, takes two to three hours to get back up to full charge.

    The vaporizer industry become starting to get boring, besides a few mentions. Furthermore, this guys rock the industry with innovation, pushing the boundaries.

    It´s definitely a must! So, pack your favorite Herbs, adjust the vents and temperature. Yes! you are ready to Puff! A big round of applause to the designer of this well-made vaporizer!

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Review: FireFly 2 Vaporizer

    The New Firefly 2; Does It Burn As Brightly As The Original?


    Firefly has now released the sequel to its popular Firefly portable convection vaporizer. The previous version had a dedicated fan base, which is missing from the new model. Is the new Firefly 2 a puff or a pass?

    As first glance, the Firefly 2 seems to be the total package. People often keep a big vaporizer at home and have a portable vape for when they go out. But these days, you don’t need to plug anything into the wall to get that perfect hit after a long day. You can get quicker, better hits out of a Firefly 2 than most stationary units. It’s surprising because most portable dry herb vaporizers don’t stand up to home vaporizers like the Volcano. But the Firefly is unique in that it quickly heats up the herb to the perfect temperature and it goes straight down the hatch, into your lungs. It’s just tastier than having to suck the vapor out of a plastic bag, or a long silicon whip. You could get great hits from the original Firefly as well, but it required some skill to do, and it would sometimes combust! Not cool. It was amazing but had issues, like a crazy ex-girlfriend. She was fun as hell, but when she combusted, you would ask yourself if it is all worth it. The original Firefly was like a beautiful classic Italian sports car; great when it was all dialed in, but a total pain in the ass the rest of the time. The new Firefly 2 is like a modern supercar, just press down on the gas… and fly.

    The new 2017 version takes the old Firefly design and perfects it. You get beautiful, milky hits that give you that heavy, deep punch in the lungs that you might miss from smoking. No more spending hours online to find tips on the best way to hit it. The Firefly 2 vaporizer is idiot proof – just push the button (ok two buttons). Once you update the software to fine-tune the power settings, you get complete control over the temperature, so that you can adjust it to your exact preferred temp. Also new, is the ability to use concentrates. The Firefly 2 is great for concentrates. It’s discreet, easy to load, and gives great dabs without having to heat up a nail.

    Firefly listened to their customers, and the complaints that people had with the old one have all been addressed. It now comes with two batteries instead of one for endless sessions. It’s half the size, and lighter than the original. The old metal body was great but it was bulky and heavy. The new version has a more natural feel in the hand. With such great design, it’s not something you want to stick in a drawer, and you might just end up showing it off. Overall, the construction of the Firefly 2 is marvelous, with good build-quality and great overall aesthetics. It’s solid and feels well made, but also comes with a warranty, just in case it does have any issues. Firefly is known for having good customer service, so even if there’s a problem, they quickly make things right.

    In one word, The Firefly 2 is… Amazing! It takes what was already good about the original Firefly, and makes it perfection. The new Firefly 2 handles everything you can throw at it, to the point that you might not need to use any other vaporizer. You’ll start using it exclusively; it’s so versatile and hits so well. Worth every penny, it’s easy to see why it is often lauded as the best vaporizer on the market, period. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Guide: How to Use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

    How to use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

    A step by step on how to use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer, and to get the perfect hit from one of the Best vaporizers in the market.

    Well, the answer to that, is right here!

    Indeed, opening your new Firefly 2 vaporizer is an aesthetic delight – but how do you get the most out of your gorgeous new purchase? Here are some tips and tricks that get your new Firefly 2 working for you just how it should. It’s not difficult; just follow this how-to guide to get that massive, delicious hit you’ve been searching for…

    Before using your Firefly 2 you may want to install and update the software from your phone. This is not necessary, but it is advisable. The process is quick, and it will give you more control over the temperature. You can find instructions on how to install the software at the end of this guide.

    How to use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

    1. To use the Firefly 2 vaporizer, lift off the top cover – it’s magnetized and should pull off easily. Your favorite dried herbs will be put into the circular heating chamber.

    2. How much you pack in, and how finely ground it is, greatly affects how the Firefly hits. I would recommend grinding it up very coarse, coarser than you would think.

    3. Sprinkle it into the heating chamber loosely, then gently tamp down with your finger, but do not push it in hard. Be careful not to over pack the chamber. Packing it in this way helps deliver a smoother and more intense hit. Having said that, it also works really well if you are lazy and decide to just shove an unground up nug in there, when you don’t feel like or can’t use a grinder.

    4. After loading it, place the top back on the Firefly 2. You should feel the magnets pull it into place with a satisfying snap.

    Now, Ready to Go!

    5. YES! You are now ready to hit your Firefly 2! Pick the vaporizer up in the palm of your hand and place your index fingers on both of the two capacitive buttons on the sides. Hold your fingers there, until you see the LED on top turn solid green. Keep holding the buttons, put your lips on the mouthpiece and start to draw the air in. Many convective vaporizers require you to pull very softly to get the best hit, making them difficult to use, as they only have a small margin of error. However, the Firefly 2 requires a very natural, effortless draw. Not too hard, not too soft – imagine you are smoking a pipe. It’s easy to get the perfect draw – especially if you don’t overthink it.

    6. As you hit it, you will notice the flavor change after a few draws. Once you begin to taste burnt popcorn, it’s almost done, and you need to reload the bowl soon. Opening up the Firefly 2 vaporizer, and giving the heating chamber a little stir will let you get a few more draws out of it. If you don’t have anything available to stir it with, give it a few light smacks on your palm to move what’s inside around a bit.

    7. While you are using your Firefly 2, make sure you are always charging the extra battery! The Firefly 2 comes with two, so if you charge one while using the other, you’ll never have to prematurely end your session because the battery ran out.

    8. After using the Firefly 2 vaporizer, make sure to clean it thoroughly according to the instructions in the box. Cleaning the Firefly 2 is easy, and even easier if you do it right after finishing your session. If you neglect it, the heating chamber can get sticky over time. Every once in a while, lightly dampen some lint-free cloth or paper with rubbing alcohol. Then gently wipe clean the inside to keep it in great condition so you can use it for years to come.

    Installing The Firefly 2 Vaporizer Software Onto Your Device

    The Firefly 2 vaporizer has an available software update, which gives you additional ways to adjust your device. The software is available on either Android or iOS, and the process is simple and quick:

    • Install the “Firefly Vapor” app on your smartphone from the iTunes app store or Google Play.
    • Make sure your phone has Bluetooth on, turn on the app, and follow the instructions on screen.
    • You now have access to settings that allow you to completely fine-tune your Firefly 2 vaporizer.
    • After selecting a temperature setting, you can now adjust the power curve to modify the heating profile. A hotter setting will hit harder, and a lower one will be tastier longer. But be careful, as the hottest setting with the power curve on max is just about hot enough to cause combustion, and too low a temperature will not give satisfying draws.
    • Play around with it to find your preferred sweet spot.

    Happy Vaping! 🙂

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  • Guide: How To Use The Vamo V5

    Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Vamo V5! We’re going to begin by breaking down the components of the Vamo V5 and then move onto showing you how to use it.

    What is The Vamo V5?

    The Vamo V5 is a Vaporizer Battery with an accessible battery chamber, extension tubes, and a LCD Screen that allows you to adjust Voltage and Wattage.



    • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the Vamo V5, this part connects to the Threading Connection that’s found at the end of an atomizer. The Vamo V5 has a second Threading Connection that can be found by removing the ring at the top of the Vamo V5.
    • LCD Screen – This Screen is used to change the Voltage and Wattage of the Vamo V5. The two buttons found under screen will change the values.
    • Power Button – Underneath the LCD Screen, this turns the Battery on, off and begins the vaporization process.
    • Extension Tubes – The Vamo V5 comes with two small tubes that can be connected together in order to allow a bigger battery to be placed inside. The tubes are followed by a small cap.

    How To Turn On The Vamo V5

    The standard method for turning these kinds of vaporizers on or off is to press the power button 5 times consecutively and rapidly. You’ll know it’s been turned on because the power button will flash. The reasoning for this method is to allow a greater temperature output from the Vamo V5 Vaporizer and as a safety function to keep it from turning on without your knowledge.

    How To Use The Vamo V5

    • Insert the Battery

    Remove the extension tubes from the part with the LCD Screen and Power Button. Insert your batteries into the tube and then reattach it to the Vamo main part.

    • Turn On The Vamo V5

    Using the method above, turn on the Vamo V5. You should see the light on the power button flash once it’s on.

    • Attach Atomizer

    Once all that’s done, attach the Atomizer to the Vamo V5 and hold the power button when you’re ready to begin vaping. Everything should come naturally from here.

    Happy Vaping!

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    Originally published April 23 2013, updated August 23 2017