Review Aurora Vaporizer Kit by Dr.Dabber

Review Dr.Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Today we’re gonna review the Aurora Vaporizer Kit by Dr. Dabber, it comes in a very nice packaging, in the Box comes with the Aurora Pen a Dual Quartz Coil and a Dual Ceramic Rods and the Ceramic as well, also you get a nice Dr. Dabber keychain a three milliliter silicone jar a nice dab tool, that you can even put on your keychain ring if you’d like, scooped on one end then it is rounded with the hole at the other, an extra mouthpiece and the charger all you need to do is plug this into a USB cable.




To charge it I would recommend the very first time it’s only gonna come right around a fifty percent charge but you’re gonna separate it from right above the button and it’s just magnetic and it pops in and then you have a stand there, you also got an instruction booklet on how to use the device how to maintain it, assembly and temperatures of the device.

To lock/unlock the device you press it five times as wellย  so five rapid clicks.


You are able to change the temperatures. The Pink Led indicates a higher heat, Blue Led means medium heat and then the lowest heat is a Green Led and to switch between them you have click it three times every time that you need to adjust it. Also it as Led at the bottom of the Pen, very nice!



The mouthpiece, the heating chamber and the battery are all magnetics so there are no threads. They just fit together. Very nice, it’s a light pen.


How it Works

To load your Aurora by Dr.Dabber.

Just remove the mouthpiece and airflow shaft from the atomizer so you can see the heating coil.

Using the loading tool included in your kit apply a small amount of solid concentrate to the spoon tip of the tool and carefully apply it directly onto the heating coil.

Once you’ve loaded your atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece and the shaft, and you are ready to go!

Put the mouthpiece to your lips, press the button 5 times to activate the device, then press and hold to draw.

With the 10-second safety shutoff, your device will turn off automatically at 10 seconds.




Change coils as needed, approximately every 2-4 weeks, depending on the frequency of usage.


A powerful magnetic connection between the battery, atomizers and mouthpiece makes the Dr.Dabber x AHOL Aurora a uniquely satisfying experience.

This is a nice pen you can’t go wrong with this this is you know pretty much has a big following and I highly recommend it.


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