Guide: How To Use The Vamo V5

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Vamo V5! We’re going to begin by breaking down the components of the Vamo V5 and then move onto showing you how to use it.

What is The Vamo V5?

The Vamo V5 is a Vaporizer Battery with an accessible battery chamber, extension tubes, and a LCD Screen that allows you to adjust Voltage and Wattage.



  • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the Vamo V5, this part connects to the Threading Connection that’s found at the end of an atomizer. The Vamo V5 has a second Threading Connection that can be found by removing the ring at the top of the Vamo V5.
  • LCD Screen – This Screen is used to change the Voltage and Wattage of the Vamo V5. The two buttons found under screen will change the values.
  • Power Button – Underneath the LCD Screen, this turns the Battery on, off and begins the vaporization process.
  • Extension Tubes – The Vamo V5 comes with two small tubes that can be connected together in order to allow a bigger battery to be placed inside. The tubes are followed by a small cap.

How To Turn On The Vamo V5

The standard method for turning these kinds of vaporizers on or off is to press the power button 5 times consecutively and rapidly. You’ll know it’s been turned on because the power button will flash. The reasoning for this method is to allow a greater temperature output from the Vamo V5 Vaporizer and as a safety function to keep it from turning on without your knowledge.

How To Use The Vamo V5

  • Insert the Battery

Remove the extension tubes from the part with the LCD Screen and Power Button. Insert your batteries into the tube and then reattach it to the Vamo main part.

  • Turn On The Vamo V5

Using the method above, turn on the Vamo V5. You should see the light on the power button flash once it’s on.

  • Attach Atomizer

Once all that’s done, attach the Atomizer to the Vamo V5 and hold the power button when you’re ready to begin vaping. Everything should come naturally from here.

Happy Vaping!

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Originally published April 23 2013, updated August 23 2017

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