The Vaping Bandwagon: The Ins and Outs Part II

On the last blog post about the ins and outs of vaping we took a look into the makeup of the bottom part of the common Kanger EMOW Vape Pen model. It is easier to understand how to vape and what exactly is happening when you vape when the products you are using are broken down and explained. Today I will be continuing to break down the rest of the vape pen for you so there will be a full and complete understanding of the vape pen. Again, I will let you know that the type of vape pen we are looking at are the basic models for most beginning vapers.

The next part of the pen that I will be informing you of is called the atomizer. The atomizer is a small metal tube casing that typically has a male threading at the bottom to be attached to an electronic cigarette. Found at the top of the atomizer is an opening to allow the use of eLiquid. The eLiquid will drip down to fill the chamber of an atomizer, in order for the eLiquid to be vaporized. A cartomizer, which is much like the atomizer, except for the fact that the metal tubing is a bit longer. Inside the metal tubing of a cartomizer is a filler material, such as organic cotton. This filler material acts as a wicking system. An atomizer or cartomizer is also used inside of tank systems.

One of the most well-known and widely liked features of these types of vape pens is the tank system or also known as a clearomizer. The tank system is being more commonly used today with atomizers for its convenience. It is also designed to hold more eLiquid than many of the outdated atomizers that were once leading the market. The tank system is a tube that is usually made from either a plastic or a Pyrex glass material.  When you are filling the tanks system it is very important to make sure that the eLiquid is only going into the clear part of the tank to ensure the coils will not be ruined.

The last, and quite possibly the most important part of the vape pen is called the drip tip. A drip tip, also known as the mouth piece, is the part that is connected to the top of the atomizer or clearomizer. While vaping at high temperatures the casing of the atomizer or clearomizer is known to sometimes become very hot to the touch. Therefore, the drip tip has been introduced to us and is used so that your lip does not come into direct contact with the heat that is produced from the batteries and coil. For some models the drip tip was also designed so that you could easily drip e-liquid into your atomizer without taking off the mouth piece. This is done by pouring your drops of e-liquid into the center hole of the drip tip. However, this can be a bit risky to perform and is not usually recommended because it has been known to ruin many a vape pen.

Happy Vaping!

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2 replies on “The Vaping Bandwagon: The Ins and Outs Part II

  • stepannie

    I jut got of these, a subox Nano purple edition, how do I charge the batteries. Can i use my phone charger? Or do i use my computer? Can’t read instrusion to small. HELP

    • Alexa L.

      Hello Stephanie,

      You can either use a separate charger made for you 18650 batteries or you can charge in the unit. The SUBOX Nano does come with a charger, simply put your battery into the unit and plug it in.

      Thanks for the great question!


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