Three Perfect Vape Gifts!

Hey guys! It’s that season again and, as it does every year, it’s bound to sneak up on you before you even know it. So, before you have to go running around town searching for anything you can possibly find on Christmas Eve, go ahead and check out our three perfect vape gifts! Below I’ll be listing what we here at Vapor Puffs would die to find wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree. So, don’t fret and don’t procrastinate, get that holiday shopping done now and shipped right to your door, as we all know leaving the house in December is a loss in itself. So then, let us get to it! These are our top three perfect vape gifts!

1. The Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Bundle (Vapor Puffs Exclusive)


The Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Bundle (A Vapor Puffs Exclusive) is our number one perfect gift this holiday season! This starter bundle comes with absolutely everything you need, even two bottles of high quality Keystone Vapor e-juice in the flavors of your choice! So go ahead and help you friend who’s still puffing on their old disposables and huge upgrade with this baby! The kit itself is ultra easy to use (anyone who can manage an EVOD can manage the SUBOX Mini) but also allows for more advanced vapers to have some fun with it’s RDA option. The bundle itself comes with the full kit (the Kbox Mini, the matching Subtank Mini, and all the bits and pieces you need), a two pack of Samsung 18650-25R 2500mAh Batteries, and 2 (absolutely delicious) 15 ml bottles of american made and sources Keystone Vapor E-Juice. This bundle is just one of the best gifts to give or get for under $100!

Happy Holiday Vaping!

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