The Vaping Bandwagon: The Ins and Outs Part I

Even though, in theory, the electronic cigarette is a relatively simple little piece of machinery, there are a plethora of different components that all come together to make up the complete vaporizer. There are numerous different types of electronic cigarettes on the market and even more options for accessories to go along with them. The type of electronic cigarette we are going to be looking at today are going to be vaporizer models that are similar to the Kanger EMOW Vape Pen. These pens are generally a favorite for being used by beginners because of their ease of use and straightforward design. Let’s get to know the ins and outs of your vape pens.

The best way to learn about the ins and outs of vape pens is to start from the bottom up! That being said, I’ll start by explaining the battery or tube part of the vaporizer pen. The tube is the housing to the battery for the electronic cigarette. There are various tubes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes to accommodate certain battery sizes and internal electronics. This part of the device will typically be found at the bottom part of the electronic cigarette. When learning about this part with any different type of vape pen it is important to be conscious of battery safety. The battery is obviously going to be the component of the pen that gives it the power to vaporize the eLiquid.

Working our way up from the tube of the vape pen, we will move onto the next part which is the power button. The power button is what activates the battery, which will then deliver its power to the heating element of the pen known as the ‘atomizer’ or ‘cartomizer’. There are some buttons have multiple use functions for the vape pen. The physical button is referred to as a ‘manual’ electronic cigarette. The other form is known as an ‘automatic’ electronic cigarette and has no button. This type of vaporizer is activated by a sensor that detects when you’re pulling vapor from the device. So in other words, the sensor acts as the button of the eCigarette. Many vapers have shown to tend to lean in favor more towards the manual eCigarette design because an automatic electronic cigarette can be triggered to activate at times when it is not actually in use, which will deplete the battery life and sometimes ruin the battery altogether.

The third and last part of the vape pen that I will be explaining in this post is called the connector. The connector is the part of the vape pen that sits at the top of the electronic cigarette and is used to attach the atomizer to the battery tube. The connector typically will have female threading to make the connection the male threading on the atomizer. The connector can range in various styles such as 510, 801 and 901. The 510 threading is the most common and easy to come across as opposed to the 801 and 901. Making sure you have the same threading connections for you battery tube and atomizer is a key component to properly setting up your vape pen.

Happy Vaping!

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