The FDA’s Unhealthy Regulations for eCigs

It seems to be more and more common that all over the country many lawmakers and public officials are forcefully pushing to enforce a plethora of unhealthy regulations onto the electronic cigarette industry and its numerous products. The FDA and various other health organizations are working hard to make the usage of electronic cigarettes illegal in public and private spaces. There have been certain states that have already gone and decided to make vaping in restaurants illegal, as well as other privately owned establishments. Even after thousands of voices from the vaping world cry out ‘injustice’, lawmakers still intend on moving onward with their unhealthy regulations and detrimental plans for the electronic cigarette industry.

Already in Washington D.C., legislative administrators have imposed a 67% excise sin tax on eCigarettes. Initially, this tax would have never been imposed until electronic cigarettes were redefined as a tobacco product even though there is no tobacco involved with vaping. These lawmakers have been standing behind the false pretense of insinuating the newly established laws are more beneficial and in the best interest for the overall health of everybody in the country. However, these laws are proving to actually decrease public health as well as reduce people’s freedoms.

Laws and regulations treating two completely different products as if they were the same is not only illogical but dangerous. In his 1914 acceptance speech, U.S. President Calvin Coolidge said, “Ultimately, property rights and personal rights are the same thing. The one cannot be preserved if the other be violated.” By the government enacting regulations to ban electronic cigarette use in privately owned places, such as patio spaces at restaurants, governments infringe on business owners’ property rights. The fact that these “one-size-fits-all” policies are not based on science only proves the point that these laws were not well thought out in the first place. Nor were they interested in benefiting anybody but themselves in imposing these new regulations.

It is very obvious to just about everybody who vapes and/or smokes, that these two activities are nowhere near the same despite from some physical appearance similarities. One of the biggest differences between the two products is what is emitted after taking a puff. Traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products produce burnt particulate matter and gasses such as carbon monoxide, amongst thousands upon thousands of other toxins. Whereas eCigarettes produce a water-like vapor when a hit is being taken. Knowing that, many doctors and physicians state that there is no solid scientific evidence to document that vaping poses any substantial public health risk for bystanders. Therefore, with that information and the knowledge that electronic cigarettes are not actually a tobacco product, there is no real basis for why these unhealthy regulations are being imposed on the vaping industry.

Vaping is proving to be a far more effective way to go about quitting smoking. Studies have proven that vaping is almost twice as effective as government-sanctioned products such as the nicotine patch or nicotine gum. By making electronic cigarettes more expensive, less obtainable, and restricting where they can and cannot be used, lawmakers, using public health rationales that are not actually based on any sort of scientific finding, are discouraging self-improvement and inadvertently promoting the unhealthy side effects of the tobacco industry.

Happy Vaping!

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