Five Must Try E-Juice Flavors!

Hey there guys! So, we are are looking for that perfect e-juice flavor pretty much all of the time. I know I am, at least, so I’m probably sure I am not alone. In that pursuit we here at Vapor Puffs have found some pretty amazing flavors and have brought them together for you to try! Below I’ll be listing my top five current flavors that I think are absolute must tries for any vaper around. So let’s get to it!

1. Spice Trader E-Juice By The Pale Whale


This flavor is an absolute must try for anyone dying to taste some tasty cinnamon appley goodness. And I, for one, am always up to taste some tasty cinnamon appley goodness. The Pale Whale also have only released a grand total of 3 e-juice flavors over the years. They take the pain staking time to get every flavor just perfectly right, no matter how long it takes! Now that, is something to get your paws on!

2. Slevin E-Juice By Carpe Diem Vapor


Now, I know, I just started with another apple cinnamon flavor but honestly, you’ve got to try both of these! These apple cinnamon flavors are usually not the best around when it comes to most e-juice brands. Both Spice Trader and Slevin break this rule though. Carpe Diem Vapor’s Slevin is not only award winning it’s also one of the most unique and tasty juices around. Slevin walks that fine line between deliciously sweet and obnoxiously sweet, teetering right on the fence giving you the most insane blast of sweet goodness. Trust me, you’ve just got to try it.

3. War Pig E-Juice By Keystone Vapor


Keystone Vapor is known for some great all natural american made and sourced e-juices that pack some serious flavor! War Pig is no exception. It’s like sucking up a delicious taste of island life through your vape at any time you’d like. You get real fruit flavor, berries mixed with coconut and just a hint of delightful watermelon. I know I say it a lot, but this e-juice really is something you just have to have, and have to have a lot of. I vape this baby all day long!

Happy vaping!


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