Exploding eCigarettes

With vaping being a new and relatively uncharted territory in the tobacco world, it is fairly common that people do not quite understand proper care and maintenance of their different mods, atomizers, coils, and batteries. It is understandable that with experience comes a better grasp on how vaping works, however, you should always take it upon yourself to find the best quality vape products and learn how to properly use and take care of them regardless of your experience level of vaping. Being a vaper that does not learn proper care of their set ups could quite possibly end with your vape pen in a disastrous explosion. Thus being said, please educate yourself about your mods and accessories!

A new story seems to come out almost every month about the horrors of exploding eCigarettes and vape mods. There have been cases of vape pens exploding and setting people on fire, knocking out teeth, blowing off tongues, and many more horrendous scenarios. With all of these crazy stories, you would think that people would learn to go about vaping with more caution and attentiveness to what products they are using with what, but unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. What seems to be causing the most danger is that people are not aware of the fact that these little pieces of plastic and metal can cause a serious situation.

Having the safety issue being brought to attention is the first step to take in the direction of vaping safely and avoiding exploding vaporizers. The second step to take would be to actually understand what it is that is causing the explosion of eCigarettes. One of the biggest causes of vape pens exploding is improper charging methods. Whether it be using a laptop or Ipad to charge your pen, using an unbranded charger, or just using the incorrect charger altogether, these are all common variables in cases where eCigarettes have exploded. Another common mistake that is made that could cause your vape pen to explode is not using a Sub-Ohm reader while Sub-Ohming and completely overloading your pen. The last of the main reasons why vaping can lead to such a terrible outcome is vaping with damaged batteries.

All of these scenarios that lead to vape pens exploding could have easily been avoided if vaping instructions were followed and if they took the time to learn how to properly care for their products. Do not use faulty chargers or plug your vape pen into outlets that will give off far more power than a vape pen can handle at one time. Learn about Sub-Ohm vaping before you put yourself into a precarious predicament that could lead to serious injury or death. Make sure that the batteries you are using are compatible with your set-up, there is no type of corrosion anywhere on the battery, and that the batteries are being checked on during charging. The best way to avoid a bad situation and an exploding eCigarette is to be educated about what could go wrong and how to prevent it.

Happy Vaping!

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