Is Vaping Safe?

Is vaping safe? In almost every conversation that comes up about vaping, that is a common question that seems to be provoked. Or, alternatively, is vaping safer than smoking? Although there has yet to be conclusive evidence that can be presented to state that vaping is safer than smoking, there are many case studies, scientific findings, and reports that suggest vaping can be a healthier option than smoking. It is widely recognized across the scientific vaping community that vaping can be up to 95% safer than traditional cigarettes and has demonstrated to be a useful instrument in ending addictions to tobacco. However, because of vaping’s relatively recent debut to the world, there is still much more analysis of eCigarettes that needs to be done.

The greatest factor behind why it is believed that vaping can be safer than smoking standard cigarettes is based off the knowledge that there is no smoke or combustion involved in the process of vaping (hence the name). There are also many other observations that speculate vaping is safer for you. Jonathan Foulds, PhD., professor of public health sciences and psychiatry at Penn State University’s College of Medicine and Cancer Institute, informed Yahoo Health, “…cigarettes create 7,000 different chemicals into your body. But with e-cigarettes, there’s no combustion. The good news is that you’re inhaling a vapor that’s got four to five things as opposed to 7,000 things.”

Another fact to take into account of vaping safe are the regulations on vaping products and eLiquid. This is ordinarily overlooked when one sets out to find a new set up. The simple fact is, however, not all vapes are created equal. Hundreds of new vaping products have been released since 2003 when vaping was invented, that range from very simple products to more high end, superior vapes. The FDA has many times found discrepancies with eLiquids, such as eLiquids containing nicotine when marked “nicotine free” as well as varying qualities of eLiquid. At this point in vaping history, the FDA has not been officially regulating eCigaretts on the market. The FDA is currently looking to begin a formal regulation of vapes and eLiquid to continue to work to make vaping safer for the new growing community.

On the topic of vaping safe, it is pertinent to remember that vaping of any form while pregnant can cause many complications throughout the pregnancy and can harm the baby as well. Research has consistently shown that vaping while pregnant can hinder the development of the baby’s lungs, heart, and brain. Not only can vaping while pregnant negatively affect the baby’s health, it can also cause premature births, low birth weight, and your chance at having a stillbirth increase drastically.

Even though vaping has been introduced to our world fairly recently there has been a lot of positive feedback regarding how much healthier vaping can be than smoking a conventional cigarette. It is important to also take into consideration the fact that because of how new vaping is, the lack of knowledge can also be dangerous. The most important thing is to remember to keep vaping safe! Try to take every precaution to find good quality vaporizers and eLiquids. Talk to your physician about health risks that could be involved with vaping for your own unique medical history. Most importantly, find a vape that fits you!

Happy (Safe) Vaping!

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