New D.C. Vape Tax Aims to Stifle Local Business

Despite all reason, yet another governmental body is going ahead with vape taxes that are parallel to those put onto tobacco products. Recently, the Washington D.C. Council approved The Vapor Product Amendment Act of 2015. This act will almost certainly completely wipe out 1000 plus small vaping businesses in the Washington D.C. area when it goes into effect on October 1st, 2015.

Previously, vaping products were subject to a 5.75% sales tax in the Washington D.C. area. While this may seem a bit steep to begin with seeing as how there is no proof that vaping has negative effects on ones health, it is absolutely nothing compared to the tax put into effect by this Act. Starting on October 1st this 5.75% sales tax with have an additional  70% wholesale tax. This means that the business owner will have to pay a 70% tax on all products they bring in, which will inevitably skyrocket the price.

Considering there are absolutely no extra taxes put onto online retailer of vaping products its almost completely certain businesses will close. People love to support small local businesses, businesses that really do thrive within the vaping community, but near no one will be willing to pay a 70% mark up. Essentially, all this act will do is kill small local businesses. It will not prevent anyone from vaping. It will not even deter anyone from vaping, ordering online is already the easier option for most every vaper out there.

Despite those easy to deduce facts, the Washington D.C. council stands firm on that this act is a vaping deterrent. Even if that were the case, these council men and women have the flimsiest of arguments to back up. Yvette Alexander, the head of the Committee on Health and Human Services, told D.C Curbed “I don’t want any tax to shut a business down. I support businesses. However … if the popularity is so great that he has a business there, than his profits should well exceed whatever business tax or sales tax he pays. If they’re not popular, then I would question how safe are these products.” Since when is popularity a directly related to health? Can I then deduce the same safety issues with 4 year old children consuming broccoli?

We can only hope that the public will wise up when it comes to vaping and demand the same of their government. Research should be kind rather than hysteria. Most of all, small businesses should be prioritized over the illogical arguments of yuppie D.C. council men and women.

As always, happy vaping.

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